alt summit business cards!

sewing business cards with buttons

A week or so ago I went to ALT summit! If you follow me on instagram (@seekatesew) you were probably overgrammed while I was there. There was just so much pretty and fun stuff going on I couldn’t help it!

I made up some new business cards for the event. I had so many ideas, but in the end the simple one won out. So I made a simple business card and sewed little buttons on them. I ordered basic business cards from (best business cards ever) and lots of little black buttons from

sewing business cards

The front has a little button graphic and some info with a real button.

The back has my blog logo on it and the knot. I think they came together nicely and represent my brand well.

I used wax thread to sew all the buttons on. I didn’t use a thimble but I should have because the business cards are pretty thick. My fingers were sore for a few days.sewing business cards sewing business cards with buttons alt summit business cards

alt summit cards see kate sew business cards see kate sew button business cards sewing business cards



I’ll share a recap of the conference tomorrow!


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    very fun! I could use some new cards now that might site has had a makeover!! Love the buttons! Emily

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    These are adorable! It’s so important to have a business card that stands out and really represents what you do, and you nailed it!