animal pun valentines

mouse pun valentines - you're a gouda one

Two more animal pun valentines printables! The first one is for a mouse toy, the valentine says “You’re a gouda one!” Hahah, get it, mice like cheese? Okay, maybe a tiny stretch. Mouse puns are hard, do you have any?
you’re a gouda one valentine see kate sew

mouse pun valentines - you're a gouda onemouse-valentines

I found these Calico Critters mice at Toys R Us on clearance, $1.50 for two, had to buy them! mouse-valentines2

And one more that works for any tiger, lion or cat toy, “We’re PURR-fect together”.

we’re purr-fect together valentines see kate sew

tiger valentines tiger2

Hope you have a purrfect and gouda weekend! (hah hah.)


  1. says

    So cute and fun! Is that weird that i found the cheese part super funny? if i got it i’d probably laugh for 5 minutes straight haha

  2. Liz says

    Sooooo very cute! Like the Purrrr-fect one best, but both are gouda.

  3. says

    These are so cute! What a great idea. These are really gouda! LOL. But thanks for such an entertaining post, I enjoyed reading it!