Ann Kelle Fabrics Giveaway // Win 10 yards!!

Today’s giveaway is from Ann Kelle fabrics. Ann Kelle has so many bright and colorful prints in themes that are great for anything from apparel to kids crafts and everything in between.

Some of my favorites are these metallic chevrons! The gold is sparkly!

Ann Kelle Metallics

1. Smoke + Gold
2. Teal + Gold
3. Ebony + Gold

I love using her black and white prints. I’ve used the triangle one quite a few times

Black and Whites

1. Houndstooth
2. Triangles
3. Cross
4. Chevron
5. Dots
6. Ovals


Ann Kelle also has knits coming soon in awesome patterns like anchors and houndstooth! I’m pretty excited about those!

Here are some of my projects with Ann Kelle fabrics (click photo for projects):

fabric toy bucket tutorial - see kate sewaztec hooded vest pdf pattern


envelope-clutch-cover2statement necklace tutorial

This giveaway will be for a 10 yard bundle! You’ll get each of these prints shown below, plus one more!

Ann Kelle Giveaway

1 Yellow Ovals
2 Chevrons Surf
3 Triangles
4 Red Chevron
5 Black Cross
6 Blue Dots
7 Red Hearts
8 Bright Houndstooth
9 Summer Cross


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  1. Kate says

    So many of the chevron color combos are fabulous, but I think my favorites are the navy circles. Classic and classy!

  2. Jennie says

    I really like the triangles, especially the celebration colors.

  3. JoAnn Marie says

    Wow! I am in heaven looking at these wonderful prints!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway Kate!

  4. JoAnn Marie says

    Forgot to say my favourites! I love SO many – the little crosses in different colours (especially the yellow), the hearts, and love those black triangles! Hard to pick just one as a favourite!

  5. sarah says

    love the smoke and gold just begging to be used in some fabulous summer dress or top.

  6. Michelle E says

    I’ve used the slicker fabrics before. They are so supple. I really love these geometrics.

  7. says

    some of the cords are absolutely gorgeous!!! they’d make cute jumpers (my daughter will not wear pants :p )

  8. Tine says

    Love those fabrics! The smoke and gold chevron is my favourite, some of the remix collection as well!

  9. Brooke R. says

    Love the Superkids fabric. I recently made a superhero cape out of the boys primary color fabric. I didn’t know there was a girls print too!

  10. says

    Definitely the This and That slicker fabric! Or maybe the Remix! No wait, it’s the urban zoology collection!

  11. Alex says

    I really like the whole “Remix” collection! The “BeatBox” Collection is also really fun!!

  12. Diann Cornell says

    I like the two color Remix fabrics, especially the dots and pluses. And I like the Laguna Jersey anchors in multicolors on white.

  13. Émilie says

    Love those patterns and colors! A great discovery for me!

  14. says

    I love just about everything but the black and red houndstooth would be perfect for my game day shirt. Roll Tide!

  15. Kimberly S says

    I love the blue dots, bright houndstooth, and all the chevron prints!

  16. Rana says

    I love the rainbow and unicorn fabrics in the Wonder collection. My daughter would love a skirt in those patterns.

  17. Kathleen Stone says

    New to me! LOVE her designs. I think my favorite is the b&w triangles. So many possibilities!

  18. April says

    I really like those black and white triangles. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. says

    Definitely love all the black and whites, but my favorite favorites are the plus and triangle designs!!

  20. says

    Love the black and white triangles, and the summer cross and the tangerine cross!

  21. Kimberly says

    So fun! I am excited for the black and white houndstooth to be available in a knit.

  22. Randi says

    Love the Girlfriends line! Also digging all the projects you have done with the triangles. She has such good color lines :)

  23. Amanda says

    THanks for the chance! This is one of my favorites
    AAK-13765-268 NATURE by Ann Kelle from Woodland Pals

  24. All Set says

    My Cart: 0 items AAK-14740-246 WATER by Ann Kelle from Remix

  25. Julie says

    I have a thing for polka dots, so I’m especially fond of all the spotty fabric options :)

  26. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter) says

    My favorites are the hearts and plus sign prints from Remix. (I also love the Woodland racoon!)

  27. carla bynum says

    Hi!!! I love the black and white prints!!!! I love the give away bundle too!!! Very pretty!!! Thank You

  28. Allison D says

    Her Girlfriends line is my favorite – so adorable!

  29. Elinor says

    I love those simple graphic prints – especially in black and white – they’re so useful and go with everything!

  30. says

    black and white houndstooth + remix stickers black and white Ann Kelle fabrics perfect combination for my new studio, classy, cool and contemporary at the same time.

  31. Amanda C says

    That cross fabric is just what I am looking for.

  32. says

    I am crazy about the plus pattern on black called “Cross” so so funky!thanks for he chance to win Kate!!

  33. Brianne Wagner says

    Love Super Kids and Ready Set Go!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. Jennifer says

    I love her chevrons and crosses! Would love to win!

  35. alyssa p says

    I love the remix collection — the crosses and the triangles!

  36. says

    Love the fabric. What a great giveaway. Love all your projects on your blog. Thanks again.

  37. Michelle Olsen says

    The Urban Zoologie Owls are my favorite. I used multiple colorways of them in an all owls quilt I made.

  38. Courtney says

    I love the scattered/random placement of the polka dots on the Remix Slicker prints. All those black and white prints are so good! Thanks fo the giveaway!

  39. says

    Love her work and have many of her designs! Can’t wait to get some BEATBOX! :) Thanks!

  40. Debra Kay Neiman says

    I just love her “Cool Cords” for making little girl clothes. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  41. Michele T says

    So many awesome prints!!! I have my eye on Remix Black and Remix Grey; Woodland Pals Bermuda; and This and That Sunshine!!

  42. Natasha Renstead says

    The chevrons with a bit of gold shimmer…who can go past a bit of shimmer. Plus the Cool Cords look awesome. I can see quite a few outfits I need to make up in these fabrics for my daughter!

  43. Rachel says

    That bright houndstooth would make an adorable sun hat for my toddler!

  44. Shalise says

    I love the black chevron with gold in it. The gold really pops against the black. Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. Joyce Mitchell says

    Remix and Urban Zoologie are my favorites – thanks for the chance to win.

  46. Heidi says

    Jersey prints are great – esp the anchors and dots

  47. Janie says

    Love the hounds tooth design. Thanks for the generous giveaway. Thanks for your free patterns.

  48. diana says

    I love the black triangles it’s all great. Love to create some new things with this all!

  49. britt says

    I love houndstooth, and that multi color is to die for

  50. Katie P says

    Love the whale print in the garden color scheme!

  51. Janice says

    I love the This and That collection…especially the shoes and flip flop fabrics in it. Thank you!!

  52. Cecilia says

    I love all of her prints, especially the black and whites. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  53. Helen says

    I really like the aqua on aqua dots and the coordinating chevron.

  54. Sandy K says

    I am liking all the fabrics in the Cool Cord Collection.

  55. Teresa S says

    I love all the examples you give on what to create with the fabric. I always need a little inspiration.

    • Teresa S says

      Oops, I forgot to mention which is my favorite. AAK-14567-256 RETRO by Ann Kelle from Beatbox but I love all from this category.

  56. Christi Pike says

    I love the red hearts!!! I have little girls and that would be so fun to have!

  57. Heather Williams-Nadeau says

    Hearts and houndstooth and ovals, oh my! :)

  58. kourtt says

    I have little boys so the ready set go collection caught my eye.

  59. Sara says

    The beatbox is my favorite, my music loving daughter would love it!

  60. Penny G says

    Love the basics, the ovals and the triangles are amazing.

  61. Barbara P. says

    I love the girl friends mermaid fabric… so cute. All are very lovely though.

  62. Crystal Babcock says

    I love the bold patterns of this set – I can just see them running around on my girls!

  63. Amy York says

    I especially love all the chevrons and the blue dots!

  64. sabina says

    holy crap are these fabrics cute. i would make so much stuff with those triangles.

  65. Rochelle Martin says

    Love the chevrons and hearts. Very cute. Thanks so much!

  66. Deidra says

    I love so many of these! I’m in nesting mode and love the urban zoologie collection!

  67. says

    That is the perfect dotes, as I have been searching for that.
    AAK-12136-2 BLACK by Ann Kelle from Remix

  68. says

    I’m dying over the coming soon Laguna knits- the colorful animal prints are “loud” & my girls would love them!

  69. Erin McSweeney says

    My favorite is AAK-13767-237 BERMUDA by Ann Kelle from Woodland Pals

  70. Maria says

    So nice fabrics…i love the one with the one with the dots and also with the black cross!! <3

  71. Patti McGarry says

    I love Ann Kelle’s “This and That” collection! It would be fun to use for bags and pouches!

  72. sewsuzie says

    I have always been a fan of Ready Set Go. Such a joyous range for a small boy.

  73. Sue Immel says

    She has lots of different to designs to choose from love the chevrons

  74. Geraldine Kleber says

    OMG! I love them all, such beautiful colors! I want them all!

  75. hilarie says

    I love the black and whites, the funky chevron, the remixes….so good.

  76. Audrey says

    I’m loving all these giveaways!! My favorites I founds are the ‘girl friends’ collection and ‘AAK-14741-195 BRIGHT’ from remix

  77. Kate Olson says

    I so want this fabric! Several different quilt designs come to mind, but that lil vest with the black and white triangle lining is adorable!

  78. Kirsten says

    I love all the Remix prints, especially the houndstooth and little crosses!

  79. lesley says

    i love them all but i just simply adore the “girl friends tropical”!

  80. Kate Olson says

    I love Ann Kelle’s This and That collection.

  81. jen says

    Yes i am also in on the remix collection, love me some yellow chevrons or crosses!

  82. Rachel says

    Woodland Pals is my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win!

  83. Brenda Melahn says

    I absolutely love the Super Girls!! My granddaughter would love it too!! She could wear with her Super Cali cape ;)

  84. Cindy Addy Shull says

    I love anything chevron. The remix flannel is very nice!

  85. Jess says

    Woodland Pals. I like raccoon s, even though the S.O. has spent plenty of time (and ammo a while ago!) getting rid of them.

  86. Liz says

    SUPERKIDS! I love this fabric, it’s perfect for the SuperGirl in my life :)

  87. Barbara Bradford says

    Anne Kelle’s Ready Set, Go Series is so fun.. I have new great grandchildren and grandchildren being born this year and so far they are all going to be boys… this collection is perfect

  88. Michelle Folkerts says

    I love the black crosses and triangles prints!

  89. Julie M says

    Oh I love the Woodland Pals, Remix, and Laguna Jersey Prints collections

  90. Kelly Wilson says

    Remix is great but Urban Zoologie has sooooo much variety and color.One for useful and the other for fun! Thanks for the opportunity! notwendy at gmail dot com

  91. KelleL says

    All the Remix collection are fabulous. I need a dress made out of the bright houndstooth.

  92. Melanie C says

    I love the white fabric with pink and red hearts…so adorable!

  93. Heidi K says

    I love the Confections fabrics and Urban Zoologie fabrics.

  94. says

    I LOVE all the geometric prints, especially the triangles. I also love the colored hexagons in the Laguna jersey collection.

  95. says

    So many gorgeous fabrics, but I keep coming back to yellow ovals! I think it would look super cute as a summer dress!

  96. Torrie G says

    I really love everything in her Remix line!! I’ve been leaning towards basic patterns lately and these are all awesome!

  97. Jen D. says

    I would love to make a few totes with these fabrics!

  98. Kim says

    I love the confections print with the little cakes. I’m doing my baby’s nursery in a cupcake theme so I’m drawn to anything with a sugary little confection on it.

  99. Lisa Marie says

    I’m a big fan of Urban Zoologie and Woodland Pals.

  100. says

    I love the cross and triangle fabrics! Geometric prints are so pretty

  101. says

    Made my son a pair of pajama pants with her Woodland Pals raccoons. So cute! I like the Remix multi houndstooth and argyles.

  102. Sarah says

    Oh the cuteness!!! Flip flops, ladybugs in multiple colors, cakes, hippos!? I really must have the crosses- fresh and fun, but grown up too. Thank you!

  103. Laura says

    Holy cow. That rainbow slicker is awesome! and the whole beatbox line. Thanks for introducing me to a new designer!

  104. terri henderson says

    love the collection, especially the crosses in black/white

  105. Stephanie says

    I’m loving that remixed Flannel. Already have some ideas for that.

  106. Ashley says

    Who wouldn’t love the super kids prints? (that is a parent I mean) Adorable!

  107. Jen B says

    I like Urban Zoologie. The white background with green turtles and red background with white and black scottie dogs are my favorites.

  108. Joan H. says

    I love the animal prints: Woodland Pals, Urban Zoologies, Urban Zoologies Slicker.

  109. Lori Morton says

    LOOOOVE the lil’ birds!! (AAKF-11507-287)….actually I loooove the whole Urban Zoology line…’Specailly the Flannels! :)

  110. Ashley says

    I love all the black and white! The triangles are very fun.

  111. Chris says

    I love all of it. Can I just have that bright houndstooth. It is calling my name.

  112. says

    The teal & gold chevrons are awesome. And I also am still secretly in love with the zoology bird print…

  113. Holly C says

    Thanks for the giveaway! The fabrics are beautiful!!! So many possibilities. . . :)

  114. allison pogany says

    love all the cords, especially the cayenne colored elephants. also love the monkeys in the laguna jersey collection!

  115. Madison Phippen says

    I love the Super Kids and the Girlfriends!

  116. Charlene McCullough says

    I love Kelli’s Cool Cords collection. All the diverse prints lend themselves to so many applications. I just love it

  117. Ellen Casper says

    Love AAKU-13480-101 FLAME by Ann Kelle from Cool Cords

  118. Julie Craven says

    I love all the black and white fabric. I’ve been using them a lot lately. Thanks for the chance to win some of them. Have a great day

  119. elena says

    Wow! Cute designs! I love the Girl Friends collection

  120. barbe says

    i’ve always been a fan of Remix, the new colors are great

  121. Rust says

    I like the colors in the fall collection, especially this one – SRKM-14597-191 AUTUMN from Shades of the Season 7

  122. Carla G says

    I like the AAK-14673-62 INDIGO & AYSBF-13944-3 RED Laguna Jersey Prints. :)

  123. Nicole Sender says

    I like the kid’s prints: Ready, Set, Go and Woodland Pets.

  124. Nicole U says

    I like the SRK-14679-268 NATURE from Laguna Jersey Prints. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  125. barbara corbitt says

    i love urban zoologie collection. of cours all of her fabrics are amazing. babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  126. Natalie F says

    Love the fabrics. I like the “Ready Set go” and “Cool Cords”. Many great options!!

  127. Laura says

    I love all of the bright, fun colors. My favorite is her Remix collection. I especially like the geometric patterns, like the ovals, triangles and the houndstooth.

  128. Crystal Dooley says

    GIRL FRIENDS! I adore all of the fabrics so hard to pick just one!

  129. Leyna says

    I really like the woodland prints, they’re so cute!

  130. says

    The ovals (mostly in black) are fantastic and of course the dots! I would LOVE these for summer dresses for my girls!!

  131. liezel says

    Lots of stoning fabrics! I love bleu jay of Ann Melle the most.

  132. Lynn H says

    Way to hard to choose just 1! Really love the chevron!

  133. Shanna Ryan says

    I really like the Ann Kelle Urban Zoologie and Woodland Pals collections, they are just so much fun and cute for the kids, from little dresses to toy bags!

  134. tiffany says

    The Superkids collection is too cute! I also like the black and white posted above.

  135. Karen A says

    I like the Urban Zoologie fabrics. So cute for kids!

  136. Colette says

    I have thinking about a project for Girlfriends – Mermaid Surf for a while. I’d love to work with it!