DIY clothing labels with the Melody alphabet

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DIY clothing labels

A few years ago I posted about my DIY clothing labels using custom fabric.

It’s always fun to find new ways to make clothing labels, so I was excited about the Melody’s alphabet function. It actually has three different alphabets in upper and lowercase. So I’ve just been embroidering “see kate sew” on everything lately. You can do it directly onto the fabric, or make labels to sew on.

To just embroider directly onto the fabric, I like to fuse some interfacing to the back to make the fabric a little more sturdy.

To make little labels, I used bias tape cut into strips.





Interface the bias tape by cutting thin strips of fusible interfacing and ironing them to the inside of the tape.labels-13


Then your strips are ready to embroider. labels-14


Machine set up

To set up your machine press the big “A” button.


Then replace the regular presser foot with the N presser foot that comes with the machine.


Pull out your instruction manual. alphabet-3

The manual shows all three alphabets and the number you press to write out your words. So since I wrote “see kate sew” I pressed “74, 60, 60, 66, 56, 75, 60, 74, 60, 78”. You can just code them all in all at once.


Then the top of the screen says “see kate sew”! Cool, huh!


Now you can just start sewing. The machine will stop when it is done. This is the first time I used the hand start function. I unplugged my foot pedal, pressed the green button and the machine just wrote out “see kate sew” while I watched it.

Then, fold over the two edges of your label, pin it on and you’ve got a sweet little label.


Now you can stick them on a recess raglan


Sew one to the back of a ruffle zip pouchpouch-label

Or just stitch directly onto a ruffled apron strap!apron-label


There is SO much you can do with this function, I’m really excited about it. I might even try out the other alphabets soon!



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    Awesome idea. I have an embroidery machine but I have never thought to embroider my own labels. A few years back I purchased labels…I just always forget to put them in my garments!