easy fleece + bias tape blanket tutorial (with rounded corners!)

I don’t know what has gotten into me, I normally HATE fleece. But this year something changed! Maybe it was this plaid fleece I saw at Hobby Lobby:

Buffalo plaid gets me every time. I snatched it up to make a new blanket for Cohen’s bed this winter. He’s still using tiny baby blankets and his little legs are stretching out the ends of them. It’s cute seeing his little toes poke out, but it’s time. Plus winter is coming and a fleecy blanket will be just right!

I bound the edges of this blanket to give it a little punch! I  have never been a fan of those fleece blanket crafts, the ones where you cut and tie. Total sewing copout! It had to touch the sewing machine for me to call it handmade. I think those tie blankets may have tainted my opinion of fleece, but I’m totally loving it this year.

I showed you how to use the binding foot yesterday. It made this project take all of 15 minutes.

Materials:(for toddler size blanket)

*1 1/4 yard plaid fleece
*2 packs of double fold bias tape quilt binding 7/8″
    OR 6 yards of handmade binding
*a mixing bowl or plate, for rounding the corners
*binding foot

First lay out your piece of fleece and trim off the selvedge edges (the ones with the holes on them are the selvedge edges, one is probably really curled up.). Trim it up so the edges are nice and straight.  Then put your plate or bowl on the corner and trim the edges in a curve.

Next, sew the two lengths of binding together. Load up your binding foot with the binding and sandwich the fabric in between. For a full tutorial of using the binding foot, click here.

Sew all the way around. Fold under the end of the binding and finish it off!

Add a little label if you want, and you’re done! I told you, easy!
Now you have a custom fleece blanket to keep little toes warm all winter!

Cohen loves this blanket. I told him I made it just for him and he’s been dragging it everywhere since. It’s so cute and really fulfilling! 

My husband got jealous and requested that I make him one for the couch. Hah! You got it. I found this neat print at Joann and got two yards(50% off sale!) and three packs of binding for a couch size. 
They definitely don’t look like traditional fleece blankets and I totally love these!

How do you feel about fleece?


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    I like fleece. I made a super cute fleece hat last year for my girl, and one for a family members’ daughter for Christmas, complete with little ears on top and everything. I’ve also made finished off some Scooby Doo fleece for my son’s bed. He loves his fleece blankets. I have other fleece projects I want to do, but time has not been on my side in the creativity department. Cute blankets.

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    I’m totally with you on the fleece no-sew blankets…..much prefer your version! I was thinking of making a blanket for my dad’s family for Christmas….these would be perfect. Love the prints you chose too. I think some of the cheezy prints had turned me off from fleece too :)

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    I love these prints, but fleece seems to funk up my machine with lint, and we have short haired dogs, and the hair is impossible to get out. Thus, we are a no fleece household. Too bad because these blankets are great!

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    oh awesome prints, love the bright bias with the buffalo plaid especially! way cool.

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    The one thing I like about the tie blankets is the double thickness, which is so cozy! Would this method work with two layers of fleece? Because these are way better looking.

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      I make all my blankets with two layers of fleece. I haven’t tried this method. I put right sides together and sew three and half sides. Then I turn it right sides out and sew the opening closes. I top sew a line of stitching about 1 to 2 inches from the edge to give it a more finished look and to help the blanket keep its shape. I have been making mine with two yards of fleece but I am going to up that to two and a half yards when I make the next batch. My friends that received them for Christmas said that they would like them a little longer to wrap around their toes.

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    Great blanket! Love the two prints:) l have to make this for my upcoming baby. Well as soon as we find out the sex in 3 wks:) Great job! btw: I have a new sewing blog if you’d love to check it out! Trying to get the word out to fellow sewers!

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    you are totally right about those cut and tie blankets…but these are cute, we just started using/needing our blankets here and its pretty nice.

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    isn’t it funny how one day we won’t give something the time of day and then all of a sudden we love that thing, I’m the same way. Very cute by just adding the trim. Great for Christmas gifts. Last year after Christmas Walmart had some really cute fleece at a to die for price. Looks like this might be a project for next year. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.
    Patty V

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    this is a great idea for fleece! I love the prints they have in fleece, but never am sure what to do with them that would look good.

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    Those are awesome prints!! I might have to make one of these with a microfleece. The plasticy feel of the other fleece keeps catching on my dry fingers. I know, I’m weird.

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    I love fleece! It is so easy to work with and come in so many cute patterns. I found a robot pattern last year and made a blanket for a friend but I think I may be getting some more to make one for my little man and for my daughter. I am also gonna try my hand at making fleece jammies (at least pants). My mom made a double fleece butterfly blanket for my daughter and used satin edging and she loves it. Sleeps with it every night (even in the middle of the summer)!

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    I stopped at the fleece sale today at Hancock to get some Christmas fleece. I’m going to use this tutorial to make a Christmas blanket for my daughter to use during the holidays! I would like to see the complete tutorial on using the binding foot but the link is broken! Could you send it to me if you have a moment? diehl.aw@gmail.com

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    Love this! You inspired me to make a gigantic one for my living room… I found a zebra print at Joann’s and used a beautiful deep green bias tape. It was my first time working with bias tape and I don’t have the foot either so it took me a lot longer… maybe I need to get one because I totally want to make more of these!

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    i’ve tried to do this so many times using my bias foot since i first saw your tutorial, but everytime i try the fleece ends up goine wavy and distorted, ive changed the stitch length and the tension, any ideas what i’m doing wrong?!

    please help !!! =]

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      hmm…I haven’t had that problem! Did you cut off the weird rolled edge of the fleece? I would try stuffing it in a little farther and maybe pin one it to start (take the pins out before they hit the foot). Good luck! Wish I could help more :)

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      yeah I cut all the salvages, I think its because the fleece I have is really stretchy, i’m going to cut it down and try again, i’m thinking if i get someone to hold it level with the machine whilst i do it to take the weight off and stop it stretching that may help, so far my christmas presents to people aren’t working out :( sob!

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      oh sorry to hear that!! Maybe if you get it started without the binding foot and then shove it all in?? Good luck!

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    How did I now know about the binding foot?! You have made my quilt projects go so much faster! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So glad I found you through craftgawker :)

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    I 100% agree with your sentiments about fleece. I hate traditional fleece blankets – with the cut & tie method. But I love these! Fleece really is comfy.

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    Very cute! I’m so glad I found you through craftgawker. I’m a new follower. I also love sewing and am always looking for inspiration, especially for my boys. And love your blog name…my daughter is Kate also.

    Jessica @ ahumblecreation.com

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    I have one question. Fleece is a stretch material that doesn’t shrink. Bias tape is usually 100% cotton and it does shrink. In addition, cotton bias tape does not shrink. Does this cause a problem when you wash it and dry it in the dryer? I am wondering if the edges will ripple up after washing.