gift guide: 10 best baby dolls that don’t creep me out

I’ve been shopping for my little girl’s birthday and Christmas presents recently. (She was born right after Christmas. I was timing contractions on Christmas day last year but gave the babe a break and held her in a few days. Had to get a pretzel from the mall first…)

Anyways, the baby doll market is new to me. I mean, I LOVE dolls and always have. But this is my first time purchasing a doll as a parent, which is totally thrilling. But MAN was I surprised to find that it was really hard to find a doll that wasn’t weird looking, CREEPY lifelife, lifelike monkey baby what?, or otherwise not acceptable (belly shirt??). I couldn’t even find a good list of not-creepy baby dolls, so I decided to make one. Here are 10 cute and sweet little baby dolls for your baby to love.

10 best baby dolls!

1. Lil’ Cutesies - I love how our of proportion their eyes are. The ones with hair are my favorites. And the chub! Oh my gosh, the chub is cute.

2. Corolle - Soft body and sweet plastic head and arms. A classic babydoll, I love this baby boy one!

3. Mooshka Tots Doll – Deava - These are perfectly quirky and so sweet. They are a soft doll that I spotted at Target the other day. The one with pink hair is my favorite.

4. Little Mommy - These dolls are the perfect size for a baby girl.

5. Target Circo Feed & Sleep- Leave it to Target to make a cute and sweet doll. They have a bunch of different dolls, boys and girls with different play sets.

6. Cabbage Patch Kids - These are the essence of my childhood! They are very unrealistic looking, which is what I love. And you can’t pass up their adorable birth certificates and names.

7. Baby Alive - These are a little cartoony but I love the all-plastic body and hair.

8. Melissa & Doug Jenna - Pink and classic, although this one is a thumb sucker so I guess it depends on how you feel about that! Controversial baby doll parenting, hah!

9. Kidoozie - Nothing really special about these dolls, but they are relatively inexpensive.

10. Ikea LEKKAMRAT doll- These are soft and big, like pillows. Not a classic doll, but I love that they have some boys and different ethnicities.


And if you’re not into any of these, you can definitely make your own with this list of 20 dolls and toys to sew and this list of 15 MORE dolls and toys to sew.


I’m sure I missed some good ones…what is your favorite baby doll? I grew up in Cabbage Patch Mania (thank you nineties!) so I am partial to CPK! But the new Mooshka dolls are so so fun!


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    While looking for doll clothes patterns I ran across your blog and checked out the 10 most creepiest dolls. I purchased my new great-niece who was 1 recently BABY STELLA there are a few varities however I got the STELLA doll that sucks on a pacifer,says mommy and giggles. google her. (I feel for your daughter I was born 12-28)

  2. says

    I hate when I walk down the doll aisle in a toy store and one has motion sensors and laughs as I go by. It scares me every time! Thankfully, I don’t have to spend much time in the doll aisle since I only have a little boy at this point.
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  3. says

    HAHAHAHAA! Mall Pretzels FTW!!!

    and YES, I’m a New Years Baby – I remember the relatives who tried! :D

    AND YES, YES – baby dolls are weird! I mean, COME ON, how hard is it to make a cute baby doll? She’s just going to drag it around by its foot and sit on its head anyway, I understand, but at least make it cute for the photo-op. TRY for my $9.99.

    ***This is a great list. Thank you.
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  4. says

    Personally, I think all baby dolls are creepy! My girls received Bitty Babies as gifts when they were smaller and I couldn’t look at them. Good quality and all, but seriously creepy eyes that followed me everywhere!

  5. says

    My little one carries that Circo doll from Target around everywhere. We have several others (that cost a lot more!) but she loves her Target baby! And I agree with Andrea that the Ikea one looks a bit creepy to me :)

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    We got my daughter a Baby Stella doll for Christmas when she was 18 months old and it was perfect for her at that age! Stella’s pacifier and bottles stick to her mouth with magnets so there was no frustration in getting those things to stay in her mouth while my daughter was still developing that fine motor control. I’m all for a doll that helps me avoid tantrums!
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  7. Melissa says

    We adore Bitty Baby dolls from American girl. They are amazing! The dolls are well made and truly last. They also have a doll hospital program where they will fix them if the unthinkable happens and customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered. These dolls are well worth their price.

  8. Adrienne says

    The Corolle dolls are fantastic! My daughter got one for Christmas 4 years ago, and after lots of play, it still looks new. They also have a vanilla scent that is heavenly!

  9. Bess says

    Another vote for the Corelle dolls. We’ve had one for almost 6 years and she still looks and smells great.

  10. says

    I just bought my little girl her first “real” baby doll for Christmas because we’re expecting a little sibling for her and I want her to get in some practice. ;-) I ended up choosing a Madame Alexander Huggable Huggums doll (the “Pretty Pinafore” one). Stupid name, I know, but it’s a good size (12″), high quality, has vinyl arms, legs, and head, with a stuffed body, and a very pretty vintage-style face.
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    My daughter just received a corolle doll (the all cloth version) as a gift. So sweet and nice smelling too! I grew up on gotz baby dolls, very sweet looking also, not at all creepy.

  12. says

    I don’t know, some of these still freak me out. I wish baby dolls weren’t such a frightening market! Good luck picking one!!