Hello, Diana! Baby Lock Diana Serger Review

baby lock diana serger I’m excited to introduce you to the other half of my sewing machine duo today- the Baby Lock Diana Serger! Baby Lock sent me the Diana (along with the Melody) to professionalize my sewing as I partner with them. I’m so excited because the Diana is a SERGER! A serger of the most fierce type. (Can machines be fierce?) And by that I mean, she serges, she hems, she coverlocks, she overlocks, she does it all!

The Diana serger can run up to 5 threads! Typical sergers can do 4, but the 5th thread is where the magic happens! I am really thrilled to be able to take my sewing to the next level with the ability to do professional coverstitching and overlock stitching. Oh coverstitch, I have been coveting you for years!!  I have tutorials in the works for these coverstitch and overlock stitches, so watch out for those!

The Diana machine came with a handy little sticker guide of all the stitches she does(lots!) and a manual that has been very easy to understand. It also has some tricky little mechanisms that help you thread it easily. Anyways, there isn’t a ton to say about this machine besides that I love it and I can’t wait to SHOW you a few things that this baby can do really soon! (baby get, it? ) You can check out the Diana specs and deets on the Baby Lock website or find a retailer to go test drive it!

Have you ever coverstitched? This feature is going to change my sewing forever!