how to shorten a zipper

how to shorten a zipper
I have so many zippers I don’t know what to do. And most of them are pretty long, which is great! But zipper pouches call for shorter zippers so this is how you shorten them.

First, decide how long you want your zipper. Then go 3/4″ down from that and that is your sewing point.
Make a new zipper stop by whipstitching across the zipper teeth a few times. A whipstitch is just a swoop all the way around.
Now you have a new zipper stop, replacing the metal one that comes on the zipper.
Cut off the excess and you’re done! (Don’t throw away the extra, you can use it to make these flowers)

Easy, right? 

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    This is one of the few things I payed attention to in my sewing class. It is such a helpful trick. Thanks!

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    Also if you’re too lazy to sew this by hand, you can set it to zig-zag on your machine, then set the stitch length to 0. Move your wheel by hand at first to make sure it clears the teeth (if it doesn’t, make your stitch width wider) and sew it fast. You can set it with clear nail polish if you like.