how to wear a crop top when you’re not 17

Did I even wear crop tops when I was 17? No. But hey, now they are IN! I think you might have been wondering why my new ZIPPY top pattern has a crop top variation.  The ZIPPY top worked so well as a crop top, I just had to make it an option in the pattern. Two kids and way too much ice cream isn’t going to stop me from wearing them! I think they look super cute paired with high waisted skirts.

The Zippy top has two variations: the regular top or crop top. This post is all about the crop top, but check out yesterday’s release post for more information about the pattern! I was heavily inspired by Zooey’s Golden Globes look from last year! (source) I love how formal and playful this crop top is with her tulle skirt. I mean I already had a girlcrush on Zooey, but this outfit sealed the deal.



My favorite way to wear it is to pair it with a maxi skirt. It’s the comfiest outfit ever! This maxi skirt is from Forever 21.


It also pairs well with my striped skirt from eShakti.






And finally, the crop top looks super cute over a strappy dress! The blue skirt is this dress from Forever 21. crop-top

Floral goes with everything! So that’s how I wear my crop tops! Get the pattern here and make your own! I’d love to see how you style them!


  1. says

    I happen to love that cropped shirt, and have been wondering how I can wear one lately. I came up with the solution of high waisted pants :) :) :)

  2. says

    I don’t know that I could rock a crop top, but I love the inspiration! and the Zippy top looks like a great piece to fill a closet with!

  3. Anna says

    You are a freaking gorgeous girl, but that top/skirt combo could not be more unflattering for your shape. You have hips and a these skirts just make you look top heavy with little bird legs. A skirt that fits better in the hips and waist and flares out would balance this much better and flatter your beautiful hourglass shape. Also consider a skirt with a big waist band or a large belt to draw attention to your waist and give you some definition. The band or belt should show under the top.

    • kate says

      haha, thank you Anna! Maybe I will go skirt shopping with your advice! I am still working off a little baby weight, so I’m nervous about fitted things, but thanks for the push!

  4. calinai says

    i love seeing pictures of kate on see kate sew…super cute!