jototes camera bag giveaway!



Today we’re kicking off another week of AWESOME giveaways with a $100 gift card to Jo Totes! I am a big fan of Jo Totes camera bags, I pretty much use one every day. They are so great for keeping your camera safe and a total essential if you have a DSLR!

Read my recent review of the Abby Bag here.



1. Siena
2. Georgia
3. Gracie
4. Missy 

jototes gracie lilac

(Wearing a Penelope Peplum and the Gracie in Lilac)IMG_8759

( The Betsy in mustard)missybag1

The Missy in Mint (and a big belly from last year)

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness–I would love to own the Gracie in Magenta or the Betsy in Teal! I have an insert that I bought on Amazon that I have in a Target clearance bag currently. My DSLR would prefer this I’m sure! :)

  2. says

    Rose in Moss – they’re all beautiful bags though, it’s a difficult choice. Thanks for the chance to win one :-)

  3. sarah says

    love the betsy in mustard – gorgeous and seeing as my husband is the photographer and i am left holding the bag well it might as well be a good looking bag like this one!

  4. Tine says

    The Betsy in Mustard or Teal, the Missy in Chocolate or Mint, … Life is full of choices, but this surely is a hard one! Love them all!

  5. gracehepburn says

    I would choose either the “Gracie Mint” or the “Missy Mint”, and now you know my favorite color hahaha

  6. Lisa L says

    I’d have a difficult time choosing between the Abby, the Betsy, and the Allison. So many cute options!

  7. Madeleine says

    I would lovr the Betsy in mustard or the Sienna.. the Sienna would match just about anything, too!

  8. ingrid says

    Totally love Jo Totes! Good bags for a reasonable price.
    I have Millie and I love it. Bought it to go on a city trip.
    But I’d love something bigger, a Gracie I think :)

  9. Amie says

    I love the Missy bag, but I have no idea what colour I would commit to!

  10. Kelly Spell says

    Ooooh, the Siena bag is so sophisticated! I love that leather!

  11. says

    Ahhhh I need a camera bag so bad! I love the Abby in black, the Georgia nautical, the Allison. I’d probably pick one of those. :D

  12. Rachel says

    I’ve had my DSLR for a few months now and am OBSESSED. I would love a cute camera bag to take it everywhere I go. All of the camera bags are super cute and I’m loving Rose in Sugar Plum!

  13. Alex says

    I love the Georgia Nautical bag and the Abby Black bag!!

  14. Ashlie says

    I would choose a Gracie bag in mustard or Missy in mint

  15. Liza Ahern says

    I would love to own the Georgia – such a stylish look.

  16. Angie s. says

    I MUST have one of these bags. Most of the time I don’t need my full equiptment. These are sooo stylish and girly.

  17. Angie H. says

    I am crazy about the Siena bag…It is just beautiful!

  18. Rana says

    I would want the Missy or the Gracie. I can’t decide which color though. I love them all.

  19. alyssa p says

    I’m always attracted to the Georgia Nautical.

  20. Mihla says

    I adore them all, but I think the Gracia would be the best choice for me.

  21. says

    Oh this one is wonderful, I carry around a DSLR and/or a SLR (+ extra lenses) all the time but don’t have anything to keep it/them safe, and it is starting to show, after6 years of dragging my DSLR around. I completely adore Siena and Georgia nautical.

  22. says

    I really love the Siena bag. I’m often carrying more than one camera at a time so a camera bag is always a dilemma for me.

  23. Jennie says

    It would be hard to choose. I do like the Missy in mint.

  24. says

    I love the Missy. Not 100% sure on color. I love the chocolate, but I don’t know for sure! They’re all great!

  25. says

    The Sienna is hands down my favorite. Plus hubby could carry it without feeling weird.

  26. says

    I really love the rose and the missy… Either one in real.. But I also drawn to that Georgia Nautical.

  27. Lisa says

    I have a Jo Tote from years ago… I still love it. And I get TONS of comments on how cute it is. Its Purple… it rocks!

  28. says

    I just got my first digital SLR this year and have yet to buy a bag! This would be awesome. I LOVE the new Siena bag, but I’ve seen the black Betsy before and also really love that one!

  29. Kimberly S says

    I love the Siena bag! so chic and would go with everything!

  30. Michelle Oleary says

    I love the Rose Coral bag! Such a cute flower and perfect size for all my stuff.

  31. Laura says

    the gracie in butterscotch has been on my dream list for a looooong time now

  32. jen says

    oh the sienna for sure. Hands down the most gorgeous bag around!

  33. says

    Definitely Siena. It’s too cute and looks like the perfect size

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. Barbara P. says

    So many awesome choices but I think I would choose the Gracie.

  35. Julie says

    All of the bags are lovely, but I think my favourite is the Betsy Chocolate :)

  36. says

    I love the Abby Mint bag! I think it’s super cute and I would love to surprise my mom with it as a gift!

  37. Lee says

    I love the Gracie in black – deep enough for my long lens camera! thanks!

  38. Samantha says

    These are amazing. My favorite is the one called rose moss. Super cute

  39. Jess says

    Probably the Abby or the Georgia – I really like the black one, but it’s sold out.

  40. says

    These are seriously the cutest camera bags I’ve ever seen! If I had to pick, I’d choose the Missy Mint. Love it!

  41. lauren michele says

    lots of hard choices – i think i like the siena or the georgia best.

  42. Chantelle Walker says

    You have NO idea how much I want to win!! I’ve had my eye on the Jo Tote bag for a long time but I’ve got bills to pay more than the want for an amazing bag :( *sigh* but that’s life lol. So yeah! Fingers and toes crossed!! I’m stuck between the Abby in mint and Gracie in mint. :)

  43. Bekah M. says

    It would be so hard to pick, but I think I’d go with the Betsy!

  44. Trish says

    I’d love the Betsy in teal or the Missy in mint! I love Jo Totes!

  45. dee says

    Oh I love the Abbey or the Siena bags – think they may be going on my birthday list!

  46. says

    I LOVE the Gracie! What color? Well that will require a ton more time to decide, they’re all so pretty.

  47. Nicole U says

    I love the Missy Mint bag! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  48. Andrea S. says

    Thanks for the great giveaway! I love the Abby in Mint.

  49. Evelyn MR says

    All the bags are adorable and practical, but love the Abby the best! Thanks for the opportunity!

  50. Nicole Sender says

    I like the Gracie Mustard bag! It’s awesome.

  51. Ashley C says

    I love the Rose bag in either teal or Sugarplum


  52. Sara Cehennemden says

    I’m in love with Abby Lilac, but it’s sold out. So I wiuld choose Abby Black :)

  53. Gina Watkins says

    the missy bags are beautiful – such a fantastic giveaway! xo

  54. Sonya Mullis says

    I have been wanting to buy my daughter a JoTotes bag for a long time, and her birthday is the 25th of this month! Winning this would be PERFECT!

    • Sonya Mullis says

      Sorry! I got so excited about the giveaway that I didn’t click to see WHAT I was supposed to comment! I would love to buy the Siena bag!