kicked oooout

Well folks, my CWTS career is over. We got the boot. I guess my photography covered dresser was not well received. I kinda had a feeling everyone would do dressers.

But my husband loves it, so it’s okay. Of course, plaster your child’s cute face all over anything and you’ll like it too :)

Here are some photos of it.

How to make your own photo covered dresser:
One ugly dresser
lots of black and white photographs (I used 150+ 4″ by 6″ prints)
Matte Mod Podge for the outside
Glossy Mod Podge for the drawers
A paper cutter
Foam Brush
New hardware (optional)

Step 1: Remove old hardware
Step 2: Go to town mod podging photographs all over your dresser every which way. Don’t worry if they aren’t too straight. 
Step 3: When you get to an edge, measure how much photograph you need to fill it and cut it down accordingly. I printed mulitiples of the same photograph so I could make sure each one was on there in full. 
Step 4: Mod podge under the photos and on top of them. All over. Use the foam brush to make it smooth.
Step 5: If the edges of your dresser are curved like mine, use a glue gun to glue the edges down. Mod podge isn’t strong enough to hold over the curves.
Step 6: Continue mod podging until every inch of your dresser is covered.
Step 7: Measure the inside of your drawers and cut pieces of fabric for all the sides and the bottom. 
Step 8: Paint down a layer of mod podge. 
Step 9: Lay the fabric down and adjust it.
Step 10: Cover with mod podge. Lots of mod podge. I like the way fabric looks when its a little glossy so I used glossy mod podge.
Step 11: Let it all dry and replace hardward.

I think it would be great to use some 5″ by 7″ and 8″ by 10″ prints mixed in. I was planning on it originally but since the competition is anonymous I knew it would be too hard to not see faces with larger prints. 

Again, too exciting for photos of each step, but you probably don’t need them for this anyways! Have fun!

Now, time to get back to my one million item to do list. 

Like making sure this little guy gets one hundred kisses per day. 

And not eating brownies for breakfast.

It was fun anyway! Go check out the winners, the doll house was my favorite, too!


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    Oh man, your dresser was my absolute favorite last week! I think it is so creative to use photographs on furniture, it makes it so much more meaningful, and it turned out great! Did you print the photos on cardstock, or on photo paper? Thanks for sharing, I lllooovvvvvee it!

  2. says

    I’m so sad you are out! I loved, loved, loved that pop of color in your drawers. so amazing.:)

  3. says

    aw, thanks girls! I just had the photos printed normally at wal-mart with a luster finish.

  4. says

    Let me just say that I LOVED your dresser. I totally voted for it, and some that stayed I thought were EH!.

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    Kate I saw that you didn’t make it and I was so disappointed. Your dresser was my favorite project and I didn’t even know it was yours (the dollhouse was my second favorite). How exciting though that you made it as far as you did!

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    Well, I think it’s ADORABLE! How more personal can you get than that? I’m a firm believer to surround yourself with the things that you love and have meaning…not just a piece of furniture or item that happens to be the latest trend…great job!

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    I loved your dresser! I’m sure it’s only gone cause a bunch of people did them, cuz it’s awesome. Yours was def my fave dresser :)

  8. says

    As you can see from comments here and on my blog, a lot of people loved your dresser! You did an incredible job and I’m so sad to see you go. You are awesome!! Thanks so much for being part of Season 2 Kate!

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    It is true, brownies are not for breakfast.

    I had them for lunch :)

    I was so sad to see you got eliminated, but this was a totally fun idea. And it doesn’t have to be a huge dresser, it would be fun to do that on smaller items too. Enjoy a little crafty freedom ;)

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    I don’t care if you got booted out of anywhere…I think you and your chest of drawers are amazing! Carry on Kate!

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    I’m not a follower of your blog, but I just want to say that you totally deserved to move on to the next round of CWTS!!! I’ve done my fair share of podge projects and I can’t even imagine the time and effort that went into your dresser. I looks great and I love the idea!

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    I absolutely love this! This would be a wonderful present for a grandparent! Very creative and special idea :-)

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    I saw this posted on “Mod Podge Rocks”, brilliant idea! Sorry you didn’t win…

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    This is absolutely STUNNING! How could they give you the boot? It’s beautiful!


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    this is awesome! does the piece of furniture have to be solid wood? i have a ugly, cheap dresser made out of particle board… can i modge podge on it? thanks so much!

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    I love this! I am going to do it to a side table in my living room…How much Mod Podge did you use?

  17. Anonymous says

    I absolutly love your dresser such a fab idea, I have used old sheet music of my mums to do a similar project but i love this idea, great inspiration for my next project.

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    I love love love your dresser!! What an awesome idea, fantastic change to frames on a wall – your a winner in my world! So glad I stumbled upon this and your blog! :) Michelle