meet Melody! Baby Lock Melody Sewing Machine Review

Baby Lock Melody Sewing Machine Review. 

babylock melody!I’m pretty excited to tell you about my new sewing machine today-the Baby Lock Melody! I have been sewing on what I would call starter machines for way too long and it was finally time to upgrade to something more professional. After sewing with this machine for over a month, here are a few details about why I love this machine!

Since my primary focus is apparel sewing, I didn’t want something with too many bells and whistles, but just enough bells and whistles, you know? I just wanted a solid machine with enough stitches and abilities for my main purpose. I really didn’t want an embroidery function because I would never use it and would just feel guilty about not using it the whole time (but they do have a ton of great embroidery machines, if you’re into that!) But I really did want lots of stitches.

I was debating between the Elizabeth and the Melody, but the main selling point for me was that the Melody has 3 whole alphabets in upper and lowercase! Just enough embroidery to write “see kate sew” on everything I ever make! I have totally been doing that, too. It is really fun! It could also be useful to embroider a little size tag inside your garment lining or something so you know what size it is. I’ll share a tutorial for this soon!

Besides that, the Melody has ever stitch I will ever need, an automatic threader, the ability to sew without the foot pedal (a function I thought I would never need, but have actually been using frequently), and super even and clean stitching. It’s a great machine!

One of the main reasons I wanted a Baby Lock was because I love sewing machine feet (you might remember my love affair with the ruffler, binding foot, piping foot, rolled hem foot…). Some of the other fancy machine brands required expensive exclusive machine feet, but my entire collection of feet still work on this machine! I also love that all Baby Lock machines come pre-named! Isn’t Melody an adorable name for a sewing machine?

I have a tutorial coming up tomorrow using some of the decorative stitches, they are so fun!

Have you ever sewn on a Baby Lock?




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    I bought Melody almost a year ago and I still love her! I agree she has just the right amount of bells and whistles. I really like the built in thread-cutter, it makes me feel spoiled. haha

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    Ooooh! Melody looks wonderful! I can’t wait to hear more about her! I’m on a Brother CS6000i and would love to upgrade in the next year sometime. I just got the Baby Lock Evolution serger, so a new sewing machine is going to take awhile while I save my pennies! :)

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    I love your Melody! The lid on top is nice. I have sewn a lot on the Audrey–and carted it all over, too. The portability with Audrey is great.

    The letter embroidery function is so cool! I’m super jealous of the fact that you can make your own tags.

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    She is fabulous!! I have the Baby Lock Tempo – after starting on a entry level Brother – I love it!! So nice to have a heavier duty machine! I am using my Mom’s really old Baby Lock serger (no self threading) – looking forward to upgrading that someday!

  5. Kim says

    I have a Baby Lock Symphony, and she is my 3rd baby. I try not to put her before my first two REAL babies, but she’s pretty dang special, particularly because she whips up things for my two adorable girls. My machine has the alphabet function – why have I never thought of sewing something from momma on there? Thanks for the great idea!

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    Not using a presser foot to sew..? I have always wondered how that worked. Can you show us?

  7. Ellen says

    I grew up sewing on an Elna. Switching to baby lock was like trading in my junker for a Ferrari and thinking I’d been driving one all along. Save up you cash or buy used but I tell everyone to go baby lock!

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    GOOOOD choice!!! The Elizabeth is a good machine, but you always need to buy a little more than what you think you need. The melody is awesome and I’m so happy for you!!!

  9. Andrea says

    I have a baby lock crafters choice and a baby lock Diana as back up. I also have A baby lock Diana Serger/cover stitch, I’ve yet to try the cover stitch option though.

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    Elizabeth and i have been sewing partners for a year now and our friend ship has really blossomed. She is so easy to get along with and purrs like a kitten …we two are a real match….