miss matatabi fabric giveaway!


I know I’ve been taunting you with all the gorgeous Japanese fabric from Miss Matatabi fabric this week! There are just so many great fabrics at Miss Matatabi that are perfect for the zippy top! So today is your chance to WIN some for yourself!

I picked out some of my favorites from Miss Matatabi that would work well with the Zippy Top!


FLORALS! // These are all florals in lightweight cotton fabrics. Aren’t they gorgeous? I have a top made with the fabric forest fabric to show you next week!

1. Monotone woodland purple
2. Fabric forest cotton lawn
3. nani iro sen ritsu double gauze
4. kei vintage time cotton/linen
5. Melimba tiny dancer cotton 
6. Monotone woodland pink


DOUBLE GAUZE // Double Gauze is SUCH a nice fabric to sew with! I’ve only sewn with it a handful of times because it is hard to source. But Miss Matatabi has a lot of options, even a whole section of them! Trust me, you need to try this fabric!

1. white on minty blue
2. white on off white
3. Pink solid double gauze
4. Reversible dots and gingham
5. Chartreuse double gauze
6. beige with silver dots


FUN PRINTS // You can find some really unique and fun prints from Miss Matatabi. I love tiny little animals and fun shapes.

1. Watercolor Heart Cats cotton lawn
2. Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho double gauze
3. Geese linen voile
4. Hungry Polar bear seersucker
5. Nani Iro shine double gauze
6. Elephant seersucker


OTHER // This is a random selection that aren’t necessarily the best fabrics for the Zippy Top, but they are super cute! These include unique knits, a few twills and some more gauze! The Zippy Top does work with knits though and I used another colorway of the twill here, a little boxy but it’s my new favorite top!

1. Quilted Polka Dot Knit

2. Japanese fabric flower garden

3. Neon floral stretch twill 

4. Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra double guaze

5. Corsage Kosa-jyu double guaze

6. Herringbone painting knit fabric

Enter to win a $30 gift card to Miss Matatabi in the rafflecopter widget below!

Miss Matatabi fabric giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. cal says

    Japanese Fabric – cotton dobby birds – mint and cream on pink
    Is one of my favorites, but she has such a large selection to choose from!

  2. Michelle says

    My favourite fabric is Japanese Fabric – linen blend pears – natural on pink.

  3. Anna Smith says

    I would love to win! I love the Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra fabric!

  4. says

    I would love to win. All Miss Matatabi frabrics are gorgeous but maybe Nani Iro are my favorites

  5. Megan says

    I would love a room full of those beautiful fabrics…beautiful!

  6. Mallory says

    So many great options for spring! Already picturing a closet full of warm weather zippy tops

  7. Kathy Davis says

    My favorite…. Kokka Japanese Fabric Folk Modern Ellen Luckett Baker – Tulips – purple.

  8. says

    I absolutely love double gauze but can’t seem to find it often in the States. Since I live in SC, it is super humid in the summer time. I would love to win!!!

  9. Candice Lane says

    The butterflies on gray is my favorite! How pretty! And she has bias tape, how great is that??

  10. Jenny W H says

    I love Japanese fabric! One that caught my eye is Kokka Nani Iro sen ritsu double gauze

  11. Charlotte L says

    Cotton Dobby Darhuma. Love the navy and red!

  12. bumbliwa says

    All of the fabric is tantalizing…but I really like the Japanese Fabric Reversible double gauze – dots and gingham – mauve!!!

  13. Nancy W says

    Oh my!!!! Such a collection! Who in their right mind would choose one? nOt ME! Lol. Monotone woodland (AnY color way ), melimba tiny dancer and neon stretch twill :)

  14. Michele Timms says

    Ooooh so many lovely selections, my eye fell on the wild Flower and Friend bundle… Which would be perfect for a low volume quilt and I promised myself to make one of those!!!

  15. Elizabeth H says

    I like the double gauze reversible fabric. Checks on one side, dots on the other. How cute is that!

  16. Cara says

    Wow! Such great fabric! What a fun giveaway. It’s so nice to find fun fabric that isn’t quilting cotton

  17. says

    How have I never come across this shop before??? So many pretty fabrics!! I love the white polka dots on minty blue double gauze!

  18. Sara Tomlinson says

    Oooooh! They are all so pretty!!! It would be so hard to choose!

  19. Kate says

    I love all of the double gauze polka dots!!!! They are adorable!

  20. Karen Chatters says

    I’ve been eyeing that Kei Vintage in the purple and green for a while now and have been wondering how that’d be in a summer tank.

  21. Ali Stewart says

    I’ve been wanting to try out some double gauze for a top for ages. I love the Japanese Fabric Reversible double gauze – dots and gingham in purple at Mss Matatabi. Gorgeous.

  22. Katie P says

    I LOVE the eggplant and yellow dots! Really, I love almost all the fabrics she has!

  23. Rachel says

    So many great choices! The one that stood out to me this time was the Japanese cotton dobby hourglass print.

  24. Barbara J says

    Good heavens, those are ALL beautiful! I would love to have a chance to sew some double gauze.

  25. Karen says

    I love the funny funny numbers fabrics. Especially the pink!

  26. Mariette says

    So hard to choose! Such fabulous colors and patterns! Sawtooth flowers is awesome!

  27. Shannon says

    I’m curious about the goose print in linen voile blend. My favorite patterns are the kukko furo designed by Ito

  28. Emi says

    There are so many pretty fabrics to choose from in her shop!! I think my favorite at the moment is the Nani Iro Joy Flower double gauze – A – Love.

  29. Brie says

    Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Joy Flower double gauze – B – Smile is my favorite!!!

  30. Flavia says

    love love the cotton twills: Japanese Fabric flower garden – orange, pink, green and neon flowers on beige stretch twill.

  31. Daniela D says

    Love the Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho Metallic Canvas!

  32. Lisa L says

    There are so many great fabrics that I couldn’t possibly choose a favorite!

  33. Raychel says

    I love all of it!!! The double gauzes are my favorite!

  34. jenifer farrell says

    This is an easy comment : I was just stalking that cute cat print that you posted above earlier this week !! :) Thx for the chance to win!

  35. Donna says

    I will be ordering some of this beautiful fabric this week!

  36. lisa annette lee says

    i love the reversible double gauze. gingham and dots, who knew? thanks for the offer of winning some!

  37. says

    Choosing a favorite is completely impossible! But a current favorite is the triple gauze. I’m thinking it would make fabulous layette!

  38. says

    Kokka Nani Iro Japanese Fabric Herring Bone Painting Knit is gorgeous and simple!

  39. Meg Hamel says

    The seersucker elephants and the Pierre Pochi fabrics are in my cart, just waiting for me to calculate yardage for tops for both me and my kiddo. We love the Pocho dots.

  40. Annette says

    oh my, such beautiful fabric! my to three faves are Nesshome Korean Fabric Blue Secret Garden, Nesshome Korean Fabric Scandinavian Triangles and Japanese Fabric – linen blend animal world – mint green on natural.

  41. Karen McAdams says

    Ive never sewn with double gauze before, I’d love to try it on the light gray solid or the polka dots. And I love any and all knits. I could never have enough of them. I want the pink stripe terry for some adorable kids clothes…

  42. says

    I think my favorite fabric in the Miss Matatabi shop is “Japanese Fabric Monotone Woodland – cotton lawn – purple.”

  43. Alyssa P says

    It’s so hard to choose! I’d love to try sewing with double gauze, and the reversible dots and gingham is right up my alley.

  44. says

    Oh my goodness! Choose a favorite fabric? Sometimes I feel like that question is akin to choosing a favorite child. Fortunately, for my son, I only have one kiddo. ;)
    LOVE the Nani Iro Kokka double gauzes: Fuccra dark purple/blue floral, Pierre Pocho teal polka dot, & Freedom Garden “Japan”.

  45. Terry says

    My favorite is Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra….thanks for the sweet giveaway :)

  46. Elise Lynch says

    oh my im loving white on minty blue!
    so many gorgeous fabrics.

  47. Jeanie Lambert says

    Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Freedom Garden double gauze – A – France!
    Beautiful Fabrics!!

  48. Lee says

    I love the Japanese Yuwa Linen – the navy is my favorite color! thanks!

  49. Sarah Helene says

    LOVELY JAPANESE FABRICS . . . beautiful florals, prints, polka dots and much more! My FAVORITE is “Fabric forest cotton lawn.” THANKS for the opportunity to be a winner in your giveaway. SARAH in Minneapolis

  50. Amy C says

    I am loving the 100% linen in taupe – I love to wear tops made from linen. Yum!

  51. jamielyn says

    So pretty!
    Nani Iro Kokka Fuwari Fuwari Japanese Fabric – light grey

  52. Bethany says

    My favorite is the Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – white!

  53. Carrie says

    Oh man I love so many of those fabrics. I think the nani iro painted check is my favorite

  54. Jana says

    I’ve been stalking all of her fabrics for weeks now! Hard to pick a favorite but the Kobayashi linen blend spots in eggplant and yellow on natural is really calling my name!

  55. Amy says

    Hard to choose! I love Kokka Japanese Fabric Folk Modern Ellen Luckett Baker – Horses – green and purple

  56. says

    Japanese Fabric French Terry Knit – large dots – blue, green, yellow, pink on grey

  57. Nora Charles says

    I’ve fallen in love with the Kokka Nani Iro Freedom Garden Double Gauze-A-France. Such beautiful colours.

  58. Marie-Aude V says

    Beautiful fabrics, I am not a print person and I like most of them.

  59. Stephanie Q says

    Wow! So many gorgeous, unique fabrics!! I love the heart birds, and the linen blend with apples!

  60. Joyce Mitchell says

    My favorite is: Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho double gauze D. Thanks.

  61. Linda Nelson says

    Hard to choose, but love the Linen blended pears in lime!!

  62. Jessi Morgan says

    I can’t pick just one! I love the watercolor heart cats and the nani iro shine double gauze.

  63. Christy H says

    I love the Kokka Japanese Fabric Melimba Tiny Dancer – damask – dark blue.

  64. Shan says

    This spring I am crazy for any yellow shades especially mustard!
    Japanese Fabric – linen blend waves – white and mustard on natural
    Japanese Fabric – linen blend squares – grey and natural on mustard

  65. dianne says

    I think the polka dot triple gauzes would make the most amazing baby blankets! I’m thinking the dark gray/navy color with a bright floral trim for my soon to arrive lil girl.

  66. Carmen says

    I would love to try sewing something out of this fabric! Lovely!

  67. Helen says

    Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – dark purple / blue – beautiful

  68. Emily H. says

    They all look so pretty for summer, but I like the white dots on minty blue.

  69. Randi says

    I have been wanting Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – white since the first time I saw it. Such gorgeous fabric!

  70. Emily says

    Oh my goodness, I have been pining over that purple woodland print for a good month now!

  71. April says

    Oh gosh this is hard……monotone woodland purple

  72. Ashley says

    I love the fabric! I was just in Japan and am so sad that I missed her shop!

  73. Jessica T says

    I favorited a few of them! I love *Japanese Fabric Kei Flower Plaid – pink*.

  74. Ellen M. says

    I love the Melody Miller Ruby Star Polka Dot Handbags (in pink)! Many thanks!

  75. says

    I was so lucky to win fabric from Miss Matatabi during the winter KCW. I just finished my top with one of the fabrics and it turn out awesome! The shopping experience was wonderful too! I definitely see buying more fabric from her again!

  76. auschick says

    Love all these fabrics!Japanese Fabric Kokka JUBILEE printed matter line – dripping – blue and green is a favorite.

  77. says

    I really love their fabric stash,they always have something I must add to my wishlist ;D. By the way I like very much reversible fabric, but never know what can I make with it, any ideas? Thanks for the giveaway
    elena recently posted…Michellepatterns saleMy Profile

  78. Kristin M says

    Hard to pick just one – I’m going with Nesshome Korean Fabric Scandinavian Triangles. Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. Audrey says

    I think my favorite is “Nani Iro Kokka Fuwari Fuwari Japanese Fabric – light grey”

  80. Sara Speight says

    What beautiful fabrics. Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra double guaze would be my first choice!

  81. says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway. I love the Corsage Kosa-jyu double gauze…that shade of blue is amazing and the floral is subtle.

  82. says

    I love this just for the fabric source. It would be icing o the cake to win, but I’m excited either way :)

  83. Mary says

    I love the double gauze fabrics – my new favourite fabric!

  84. Landed says

    They’re all so gorgeous! I could never pick a favorite.

  85. says

    Such pretty and fun fabrics! This isn’t helping me with my fabric addiction. ;)

  86. says

    Wow! What a great shop!
    I love the fabricforest, too, but oddly am drawn to the orange onions fabric. The Yuwa Cotorienne would be so darling for a little girl’s outfit (maybe for my neice?) Love pretty much ALL of it! Thanks for the opportunity- what a great giveaway! :)
    – Heather R., the Real Leopardstripes

  87. stephanie says

    Ooooh, loving the watercolor fabric in all those colors.

  88. Penny G says

    favorite is Kokka Japanese Fabric Study Zoo Animals – pastel on cream.

  89. says

    I have been amazed at the designs coming from Japanese textile designers – they are beautiful. Happy also that voile/gauze fabrics are becoming popular as well!

  90. Tala Kizilis says

    Love the fabrics, they are truly scrumptious!

  91. libby h says

    Nano Iro Freedom Garden double gauze. Thanks for the chance!

  92. Kelly says

    Wow, it was hard to pick one favorite! I think the number number lucky mint Japanese fabric might be the one… Thanks for the opportunity!

  93. Angela H says

    pick a favorite? ha! not possible! They are all soooo gorgeous! I think I NEED them all.

  94. Dee says

    I love the Japanese kei fabric – honeycomb dots grey on white. That with a gold zip for contrast would be lovely with my white linen trousers, my grey cords or my jeans – love the zippy top!

  95. Melanie Turbitt says

    It is hard to pick just one fabric but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cotton dobby birds – mint and cream on pink which I can see being made into a beautiful summer dress!

  96. Elizabeth says

    I love the mustard double gauze! It would make the cutest tunic or skirt!

  97. Lisa Burger says

    I love the fabric forest cotton lawn, very liberty of London ish! Hope to win!

  98. Skye says

    Beautiful fabric suggestions. I only recently ordered but will have to go back and check out the fabric you previewed. Thanks!

  99. Elena says

    I love the hungry polar bears in pink. My daughter is such an animal lover so I know she’d love to wear this =)

  100. says

    Sorry, but if you ask me to look at Japanese fabrics, you just can’t expect me to pick ONE! Here are a few:

    Japanese Fabric – linen blend waves – red orange and mustard on natural, Japanese Fabric Heart Bird – pink on white, Japanese Fabric Kei Fabric Linen Text – natural on chartreuse yellow, and one of my favorite fabric designers – Japanese Fabric Heather Ross for Kokka Nursery Versery – Piggies – pink, Nani Iro Kokka Colorful Pocho Japanese Fabric – color on light green, Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho Metallic Canvas – B

    Oy. Sorry. LOTS of pretty fabrics!
    Terry recently posted…The Best Quiche EverMy Profile

  101. michelle Marcelino says

    Looked through and so many beautiful fabrics to choose from , im in heaven

  102. Laura says

    I love the Cotton Gauze – flower medallion – teal and white.

  103. Marie says

    In love with the minty blue polka dots, and still trying to pick up the courage to cut into the amazing fabric I bought from Miss Matabi almost two years ago. Bad me….

  104. Marie says

    Whoops, that should be pluck up the courage…predictive text issues as well as being a fabric scaredy cat!!

  105. Diann Cornell says

    My favorite is cotton voile Starry Night in light blue.

  106. Sandy S says

    The Japanese Fabric Butterfly brown on light pink is gorgeous, Will be checking out the other fabric too! Thanks.

  107. darlene says

    i love ALL nani iro fabric … it’s very difficult to chose, but …. Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – white is absolutely awesome and gorgeous … top fabric, for sure …

  108. Megan says

    She always has such great fabrics! I’ve been eyeing the Watercolor Heart Cats cotton lawn for a while now, I just need to find the right pattern for it.

  109. Vicki B. says

    So many gorgeous prints! I really like the Garden by Ellen Luckett Baker for Kokka, Butterflies with gray background.

  110. Deb H. says

    I really like the Japanese Fabric – linen blend rings – yellow and pink on natural. This would make a lovely summer work skirt for my daughter.

  111. Irene Erickson says

    Love this Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Freedom Garden double gauze – A – France. I can imagine all kinds of project with it!


  112. Katharina Hilburn says

    Japanese Fabric French Terry Knit – large stripes – pink and white, but I love them all! I just fave your shop!

  113. Erin B says

    Such a fantastic line of options! I’ll just say cotton lawn, just because it would be fun to figure out what to do with it!!

  114. Leah V says

    Ahh, Woodland Purple is so tempting! It’s just beautiful.

  115. Adrienne says

    The Herringbone painting knit fabric would be lovely with a City Girl Top!

  116. crystal says

    Nani Iro Woodblock POCHO Japanese Fabric – garland – mustard wata double gauze

  117. Alisha Hodges says

    My favorite fabric is the cotton dobby trees fabric in pink, purple, grey, and yellow on turquoise. I love the trees and the colors. Beautiful.

  118. Carly says

    So many pretty ones, but I think this is my favorite! Nani Iro Kokka Colorful Pocho Japanese Fabric – color on light green

  119. Chelle Chapman says

    OMG! What’s NOT to love?!! BUT…………..I DO love the Japanese Fabric French Terry Knit – large dots – blue, green, yellow, pink on grey & the Japanese Fabric French Terry Knit – large stripes – navy and grey!! Awesome giveaway!!

  120. Susie Gomez says

    I love the cotton dobby birds – mint and cream on pink.

  121. Steph says

    Anything nani iro! Ahhh this giveaway is awesome! Yay for the lucky winner!!!!!!!!!

  122. liz f says

    I love all of the nani iro double gauze, but the seersucker (particularly the polar bears) are adorable.

  123. Mary says

    Hard to pick one favorite! But,,,I am in love with the Nani Iro Corsage Kosa-jyu knit !

  124. Julie Jones says

    It’s almost impossible to pick a favourite, but I’d probably go for the Watercolour Cats in Blue :)

  125. SandraR says

    Geese Linen voile is my favourite. Thanks for the chance.

  126. sarah says

    i love all these fabrics and such a wide choice but i do err towards the nani iro kokka fuccra in the purple its just gorgeous.

  127. says

    Nana Iro!! Kokka Colorful Pocho – how can you not with that name. Great for girls dresses too :-)

  128. Nancy says

    I love nani iro kokka fuccra, what a great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  129. Isabel A. says

    I love Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – white

  130. Jenny says

    I love the options by Kei…the aqua dots and the brown floral the most

  131. SammieEB says

    Loving the look of French Terry Knit – stars – so cute!

  132. Sarah says

    I love the watercolor cats, the Scandinavian triangles, so many beautiful prints to choose from!

  133. Kimberlee says

    Frances has one of my favorite shops. I love the dobby bird prints!

  134. Hannah M says

    Love the nano IRO fabric…I’ve really been wanting to try some! Especially the Nani Iro Kokka Pocho Japanese Fabric in purple.

  135. Vicki H says

    I like the dots…Nani Iro Kokka Pocho Japanese Fabric

  136. Sandy K says

    I like the Sixieme Winter Wonderland Pine panel by Nesshome

  137. Sara says

    My fave at the moment: Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – dark purple / blue

  138. LiLian says

    I love…Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Joy Flower double gauze – A – Love

  139. senna says

    I love these fabrics and have never had a chance to work with them!

  140. Emilie says

    I never tried sewing with double gauze before, but I would love to try… I’ve heard great things about it.

  141. Jennifer says

    Beautiful fabric…really like the watercolour cats and the city maps!

  142. Tracey says

    I love love LOVE the Nani Iro Pierre Pocho double gauze!

  143. Carli says

    I am in love with the Herringbone painting knit fabric. There are so many things I want to make with it!

  144. kathy dizney says

    Love your blog and the fabrics are gorgeous.

  145. says

    Gosh I loved that herringbone painted knit. Such gorgeous things, thanks for introducing us to her shop!!

  146. Allison D says

    Japanese Fabric triple gauze – reversible dots – navy greyish blue

  147. sarah says

    I loved the goose fabric you featured, but I also love the Nani Iro Kokka Colorful Pocho on light green. Really all of the fabric are lovely. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  148. says

    I am in love with the 2013 Cotorienne Tour De Forest by Anyan for Yuwa Shoten. I need some woodland animals riding bicycles in my life. Talk about cuteness!

  149. barbara corbitt says

    i lovve the japanese bird fabric babscorbitt@gmailcom

  150. heather b says

    I love this fabric! I’m super happy that I found your blog (and this giveaway) from her instagram page.

  151. Pam S says

    Swoon! What wonderful fabric in this shop! My favorite is Kokka Melinda Tiny Dancer Blue Damask. Thanks for the chance to win!

  152. Teagan says

    I love the Nani Iro fabrics I am so so happy to find a place that ships them to the US!

  153. says

    My favorite fabric is Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra : rakuen Japanese Fabric – dark purple / blue, but really I would buy anything in that shop!

  154. says

    I actually just discovered the Miss Matatabi shop earlier this week and went a bit crazy pinning all of the lovely fabrics! I think I’m most in love with the Kokka Nani Iro Freedom Garden double gauze. Lovely!

  155. mechele johnson says

    Holy cow! Love it! I especially love the Yuwa CotorienneTour De Forest! Adorable!

  156. says

    I love so many!!! My faves are Nani Iro Dear Mother’s Girlhood Japanese Fabric – grandeur, Nesshome Korean Fabric Scandinavian Triangles, and Japanese Fabric – cotton dobby trees – green, pink, and grey on mustard yellow to name a few. Thanks for hosting! :)

  157. Jess says

    Oh, sorry, forgot to say that my favorite is the blue and purple floral kei fabric.

  158. says

    I love double gauze and hope to use it more often, and now I am seeing some quilted knits that she has! Oolala!

  159. Nerissa says

    I think I may love florals. And I’ve been so curious about double gauze.

  160. says

    They are all so lovely but one that caught my eye was the heart bird pink on white :) Very bright & cheery!

  161. Patti McGarry says

    I love the Japanese Fabric Forest Cotton Lawn! Gorgeous!

  162. Sarah says

    My favorite is the Japanese Kei fabric. I had a Japanese friend named Kei growing up! Beautiful fabric,thanks for the giveaway!

  163. Shirley Cree says

    love the Japanese Fabric Monotone Woodland – cotton lawn – pink… for summer tunic….

    thanx for the opportunity…..

    s cree

  164. Sherry VF says

    So many lovely and unique fabrics to choose from. I especially like Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho Metallic Canvas – B. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  165. Jennie says

    There are so many beautiful fabrics. I like the linen blend spurs fabric and the floral bias tape.

  166. Natalie C says

    Loving the Japanese Fabric Monotone Woodland – cotton lawn – blue

  167. Veronica C. says

    LOVE the colors. In particular, I’d love to get my hands on some Nani Iro fabrics!

  168. NancyB from Many LA says

    I like the Japanese Fabric Forest – cotton lawn – B

  169. Amy Southerland says

    I love the Japanese Kei fabric natural text on grey.

  170. Janie says

    I have to go with the polka dot. Beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  171. says

    this is great fabric. she only has a fat quarter but I would love some yardage of it. thanks Kokka Japanese Fabric Melimba Tiny Dancer – damask – dark blue

  172. MommyAfa says

    This is a tough one. I love most of them! Perhaps I’d say Nani Iro range and I’d also love to try their double/triple gauze :)

  173. Ellen Barth says

    I really like Dear Mother’s Girlhood – grandeur, 2013 nani iro collection by Naomi Ito for Kokka.

  174. says

    Just ordered for the first time from her last week. Love the fabric I got! I’d love to get more.

  175. ne-knopka says

    Japanese Fabric – linen blend waves – teal green and rose on natural

  176. Jowyn Jenson says

    I love Miss Matatabi fabric shop. Thanks for the chance to win.

  177. Kelly says

    So many cute prints! I really love the 2012 Cotorienne Rain or Shine cotton sheeting.

  178. Laura says

    I about fell out of my chair at the awesomeness of that Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho double gauze. The bold colors are amazing! I’ve always wanted to try some nani iro.

  179. Marti says

    I love cotton dobby birds – mustard, green, cream on coral pink, so Springy and fun!

  180. Marilyn S says

    I love fabric! These are beautiful and I would love to make some great projects with many of the nice prints. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  181. Teresa says

    that polar bear seersucker is sooo cute…it’s not even funny how much I now want it.

  182. Quilting Tangent says

    Monotone woodland purple looks wonderful.

  183. Paloma says

    So hard to pick a favorite! I love Nani Iro’s Joy flower double gauze

  184. kyrsten says

    I love the rakuen Japanese fabric in dark purple/ blue.

  185. Lori Morton says

    Oooooh….. Has to be Nesshome Korean Fabric Spring Cheater Patch Linen Blend!!! It is my very Favorite at this Moment! lol Would use for a special surprise for my Grangirlie!!

  186. Virginia says

    SO hard to choose! Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Joy Flower double gauze – B – Smile is beautiful – so are the other colourways of this fabric.

  187. lauren michele says

    i just discovered her shop and am in serious danger of spending ALL THE MONEY! this would help out with that problem…

  188. Grace says

    Goodness! There are too many to choose from! I like just about anything floral.

  189. Kathie Craig says

    I love the Kokka Japanese Fabric Folk Modern Ellen Luckett Baker with blue and green Medallions.

  190. Fabienne says

    I just fell in love… withe the custest heart birds, just cannot decide which colors I like most.

  191. Katherine says

    Any chance to get double gauze is something I’ll jump on! Absolutely my favourite fabric!!

  192. Crystal says

    I’d love some reversible polka dot fabric – I’ve had my eye on it for a while now. but honestly, I change my mind on my favorite every time I look at her store.

  193. says

    I’ve already made things with a couple of these fabrics I bought from Miss Matatabi, and I love them.

  194. Megan says

    I like the Kobayashi geo polar bears – mint and blue on natural.

  195. Gail Reyne says

    Wow wonderful fabrics, I really like the monotone woodland purple fabric. Such bright ways to add to the wardrobe.

  196. Suzanne Winter says

    the double gauze wild bore in teal – so cute

  197. Kimberly says

    I never thought that any print with animals would appeal to me. But when I saw the Japanese Fabric Cotton Seersucker – elephants – grey and chartreuse I changed my mind. I think it will be joining my stash.

  198. Jacqueline says

    I love the range at Miss Matatabi – and have to curb my enthusiasms when I visit. Although the spotted double gauzes have been part of the MM stock for quite some time, they still attract my attention – especially the red polka dot: fresh, quirky and sooo versatile…

  199. Carolyn says

    Japanese Fabric Light – cotton lawn – neon green on black and charcoal is just one of my favorites.

  200. Jessica says

    A favorite? Are you kidding me? They are all so cute!

  201. Shirley Cree says

    love the black and white watercolor cat print….

    thanx for the opportunity……

  202. says

    I really like the Kokka Jubilee printed matter line-dripping- green and peach. It is so unique!

  203. Carol G. says

    Loving the Japanese Fabric Monotone Woodland – cotton lawn – purple. I would love to make a dress out of it or maybe a skirt and a top. Too many ideas!

  204. Unna says

    I love the woodland and cat prints!! So hard to choose…..

  205. Sorahart says

    I love the seersucker, especially with the elephants!

  206. Tatyana says

    I think that the Japanese linen blend animal world in orange and the Japanese Fabric Forest are the best!!

  207. says

    I love the cotton dobby birds, cream and mint on pink. So pretty! I love Japanese fabrics, thanks for sharing Kate! :)

  208. Rebecca says

    The Nani Iro Spring 2014 is killing me. I’ve been trying to protect my wallet for weeks now.

  209. Lauren Semerau says

    The monotone pink makes me swoon!!! Would love to play with this gorgeous fabric!

  210. Andrea S. says

    I love Nani Iro Kokka Pocho Japanese Fabric – white on minty blue. I would love to sew a top with double gauze!

  211. Margaret Hughes says

    I love Japanese Fabric Forest – cotton lawn – B

  212. Cricket says

    I lurve double gauze, but have only ever had little scraps. And I adore miss matatabi’s selection.

  213. Liza Ahern says

    Hate to pick just one but I adore Japanese Fabric Forest – cotton lawn – B, so lovely!!

  214. Kathy E. says

    I visited her site and my favorite fabric is: Japanese Fabric Watercolour heart cats – cotton lawn – pink. Such a vibrant, pretty color!