that one day my kids spilled a whole thing of baby powder in the pink bathroom and other stories…

Some days I feel like I spend my whole life cleaning. Just following my kids around, picking things up and scrubbing things off. This was one of those days. February 6, 2014. If you follow on instagram you might have seen this picture I posted:


That’s an all the baby powder ALL OVER THE BATHROOM scene. Have you been there? By the way, I LOVED all your comments on this photo. I loved hearing your stories because it made me feel better about my parenting. I tried to respond to a few of those comments, but it was a busy day…

This happened while I was ordering a sippy cup on Amazon, by the way. It took me like 2 minutes to do and BAM. Baby powder. Baby powder is a minor offense in my mind. It smells good, it’s a little dusty, but hey! It’s CLEAN. It’s not mud or dirt or something dirty. It can be tricky to clean up, but I managed to wipe down most of the surfaces.

Right after this incident, I was understandably tired, mentally, you know. But then I walked into the other bathroom and found SHARPIE on the wall. In the grout. I’m pretty sure we will have to paint and regrout, until then we are enjoying a little colbalt blue masterpiece all over the wall. I walked in, saw it, put the kids in the car and went to the craft store. I wasn’t really mad, because I really I should have known they were up to no good when they were playing nicely. How did the Sharpie even get in the bathroom? Why do we have a 3 year old and a Sharpie in the same house? So anyways, we did a little craft store therapy and let dad clean that one up. Except it’s still there.

My kids are heavily surpervised, they are definitely a full time job and they still manage to make so many messes. It’s a lot of work!


So, anyways, 2 weeks later I got a Steam and Spray in the mail from the good people at Shark! I met them at ALT and got to play around with their Steam and Spray mop and their super lightweight vacuum (weighs 7 lbs, which I laughed at because my babies are born bigger than that!) I fell in love with the whole system. It was really easy to figure out and start using when I opened the box. First I cleaned the whole kitchen floor. It got off blueberries that were really stuck and other food items…

…Then I took to the pink bathroom and got the rest of the baby powder up. The tile goes up the wall in that bathroom, so I even used it on the wall, hah! Two weeks later, the baby powder was finally all gone and all that was left was the nice smell of the cleaning solution that came with the Steam and Spray! It won’t help me with the Sharpie problem, but we’ll figure that one out I hope.

Then I took it to the hardwood floors. It was seamless to transition between surfaces and really really fun to use!


Here is a little summary of my pros and cons of the Stark Steam and Spray:


  • The steam STERILIZES your floor with steam. Which is amazing for me, because my kids literally eat stuff off the floor everyday. I mean, I try to stop it but, come on. Not happening. You don’t even have to use chemicals to get a good clean.
  • The optional cleaner smells SO good, so in my mind it’s not really an option! I use it all the time.
  • There are 3 settings for different intensities of cleaning, which replaces my mop and my disposable duster.
  • It comes with a reusable pad as well as disposable ones.
  • It’s an adorable light purple color.
  • The cord is really long!
  • You can use it on all hard surfaces which is great because we have tile and hardwood.
  • It’s fun to use. My floors haven’t been this clean in a long time!
  • If I use this thing for like 5 minutes before my husband gets home, he thinks I’ve been cleaning all day! (HAH!)
  • It’s small to store and great for small or big spaces, big messes a little ones.
  • You don’t really have to SCRUB, the steam really loosens things that are stuck on the floor.


  • It doesn’t come with a maid.
  • It doesn’t prevent your children from making more messes. (Can someone invent a product that does that, please?)
  • The water vessel cap comes completely off, I can see it getting lost in my (toddler ridden) house. So far, it’s still where it’s supposed be though.

That’s pretty much it for cons, I really do love this thing!


The Shark Steam and Spray will pretty much replace my previous cleaning system, the manual mop for intense stuff and disposable dusters for daily upkeep. It’s nice to have just ONE awesome tool that covers all the bases. I LOVE it!

And here’s a little before and after pic, just for kicks:


Pink toilet not included.

Check out details on the Steam and Spray here!


  1. Lynnelle says

    For the Sharpie problem, I have used alcohol or nail polish remover. As for the rest I still am looking for answers. . . And energy. Hope this helps.

  2. says

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser? My mom has a story of me and my twin dumping the entire container of baby powder on the floor (carpet). It was much harder to get out, but the house smelled great for a long time. I’m not sure my mom even had a vacuum at the time, which you can’t use to clean up baby powder anyway because it just comes right back out through the exhaust.

  3. Hazel says

    Nail Varnish remover gets rid of Sharpies! I know this from bitter experience when I used a sharpie on the fridge door instead of a dry erase marker oops! In fact the cheap as chips nail varnish remover is a God Send in our house it gets rid of a whole host of bad stuff. If water or bleach can’t get rid of it out it comes! Just dont use it on any varnished/lacquered surfaces, again this is learnt from experience!

  4. Shelly says

    Love to hear real parenting stories!! Life is far more than the perfect pictures you see all over facebook! Also, I got the Oreck type vacuum/mop like you received from Shark, and I love that thing. No kids at home, but too many cats (and too soft of a heart to let a stray go hungry) means that I have a need to sterilize my floors more often than any human should have to worry about.

  5. says

    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will remove the sharpie. My daughter decorated the wall, tile, grout and granite in my kitchen with a blue sharpie. I didn’t have any trouble getting it off with a little elbow grease. I left my kids alone once and came back to find they’d removed all of the stuffing from the back of my sectional sofa. I didn’t even know it had hidden zippers where the stuffing could be accessed.

  6. says

    for the sharpie, try baby wipes! yes. good old fashioned baby wipes.

    don’t ask how i know.

    okay. i have to tell you.

    my kid is grown… nearly. he’s 14 in june,so a lot closer to grown that toddler for sure. some days.

    anyway. annual halloween sleepover. 10 teenage boys. over night. all over the living room.

    MINE decides it’ll be FUN to draw on one of the kids faces… who sleeps the hardest. so on went the hitler stashe… the star on the cheek. the curly que on the forehead. and other assorted decor meant to embarrass and mortify this poor kid.

    so i wake up and tht kid is beating the bloody heck out of my kid with a foam nerf sword. both are laughing/crying. others are yelling *get him* and *stop!!* at the top of their lungs.

    down hubbs and i go.

    after googling. and googling. and googling. we try fingernail polish remover. no dice. and it smells bad. and it’s burning his acne’d skin.

    So.. we keep googling. baby wipes. baby wipes??? baby wipes.

    less than 5 minutes later ALL marks from the sharpie were gone.,

    the marks from the foam sword lasted longer.

    the humiliation lasted even longer.

  7. says

    Jealous of your new toy! Kids are fast- I left a bottle of green fabric paint with in arms reach once- he couldn’t have been out of sight more than a few minutes, my carpet won’t ever be the same.

  8. Amanda says

    Wow. We have that SAME pink tile in our Jack and Jill bathroom (the toilet is update, though, thank god!). For sharpie/crayon/the like I swear by magic erasers (any brand!). ;-)

    • Amanda says

      And yes, we still have a Jack and Jill bathroom. Retro, man.