BOY SEWING // cotton + steel hooded vest with fur


This is a hack of my Aztec Hooded Vest pattern! I’m showing you how to add an amazing faux fur trim to the hood. It’s fairly simple but there are a few things you have to do to adjust the pattern to make this method work!

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I love how the back of this hood looks:

aztec hooded vest pattern

I lined this vest with a bright yellow knit fabric, from a Target sheet set. The open welt pockets are lined with a similar color of cotton.

aztec hooded vest pattern

I added quilt batting to the middle of this vest, for warmth. And then I quilted the top layer to the batting with a diagonal stitch pattern. I think that boy sewing can be so fun, you just have to think of ways beyond a ruffle to make your items more interesting. And stitching lines is one of those things!

aztec hooded vest pattern


I made one for my daughter, too. I will show you that tomorrow! Her’s doesn’t have fur, but it is reversible!

aztec hooded vest pattern aztec hooded vest pattern    aztec hooded vest pattern

aztec hooded vest pattern

Hooded Vest with Fur Trim Tutorial

-Aztec Vest Pattern, or other hooded item
-Faux Fur
-Walking Foot for sewing machine (optional but very handy)


To add the faux fur, cut out both the hood main and hood lining pieces on the LINING piece line.

Sew the hood main together around the curve with right sides together. I recommend a walking foot when sewing the faux fur since the layers will get very thick. The walking foot will help your machine “walk” over them with ease.

Repeat with lining.

Measure fur fabric against the length of the hood opening and cut a piece as long as the opening and 4″ wide.

Sandwich the folded fur in between the hood main and hood lining with the right sides together.

Sew it up.



The only other modification you need to do is to add two small pleats to each side of the hood so that it matches up with the neckline correctly. Since you added a bunch of fur, the pleats will take in some of the excess fabric without reducing the hood size. This pattern is all about the oversized hood!




aztec hooded vest pattern

And you’re done! All ready for a freezing cold winter!



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aztec hooded vest pattern


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STYLED BY VIVIAN // the dreamer top

I’m excited to introduce a new feature post today! Vivian has been a contributor for a year now and she’s got the cutest personal style. So for the next few months she will be sewing up some patterns and showing us all how to style them for everyday wear. I hope you enjoy! -Kate


Written by Vivian of Vivileen.
dreamer top 1

dreamer top 2

dreamer top 3

Pattern: The Dreamer Top
Fabric: Hacci Sweater knit c/o Girl Charlee


For my first “styled by” post I sewed up the Dreamer top.  This is one of my favorite patterns of Kate’s.  I picked this top because I love the simple loose style.  I don’t make clothes for myself very often, and when I do I usually stick to skirts.  They just seem less intimidating to me.  This was a great top to start with!

The pattern instructions are simple and easy to follow.  This top is also perfect if you’re new to knits.  I’ve never sewn with knits before and I didn’t find this pattern too difficult.  (It’s only 4 pieces!)  The most difficult part for me was making sure I didn’t stretch the fabric as I sewed.  I think I did stretch some in the neckline and sleeves, and they both ended up a little looser than I wanted, but I still love it.  I already want to sew this again in a different thicker fabric or use the lace yoke pattern hack!

I’ll probably wear this most often with leggings and flats for a cute comfortable look, and with heels and a statement necklace if I want to look a little more dressed up.

dreamer top 4

dreamer top 5

dreamer top 6

pattern fusion// DIY Peplum Dress


I’m really excited about this Pattern Fusion post! I used my Penelope Peplum pattern with Delia’s Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern to make a dress! And I made two! These are both quick patterns so this project will only set you back an afternoon. And the result is a super cute waist defining dress that flatters and accentuates the hips. It feels very professional to me, like something you’d wear to something important. And you can dress is up or down for the occasion, add thick tights and boots for cold weather. It’s fun! I made this with long sleeves, but I’m excited to try it with short sleeves soon!

Penelope Peplum Dress!

Penelope Peplum

Penelope Peplum Dress!

But one is not actually a dress, it just looks like a dress. I kept the two pieces separate so I can mix and match them into different outfits. So much wardrobe versatility!

Penelope Peplum

Pencil Skirt Penelope Peplum Penelope Peplum Penelope Peplum peplum-top Penelope Peplum Dress

This blue dress is really 2 pieces, which gives you a top, a skirt and a dress for your wardrobe. All in one!

Peplum Dress

After making this one, I was just itching to make another with this buffalo plaid knit I’ve had laying around. It paired perfectly with my trapper hat pattern for a little lumberjack glam.

Buffalo Plaid Peplum Dress

For this one, I attached the top to the skirt so it truly is a peplum DRESS! Fun, right!

Buffalo Plaid Peplum Dress

This is also my first attempt at plaid matching, but it is impossible to do with a knit, I have to get a true plaid and try again.

Here is the tutorial! It’s fast and easy, especially if you have already sewn any of the patterns. My knit fabric is from Girl Charlee, you only need about 2 yards! The cobalt fabric is still available and so is the buffalo plaid!

DIY Peplum Dress Tutorial ///


Penelope Peplum pattern
Add-on for the Penelope Peplum (circle top)
Free long sleeve pattern for the Penelope Peplum
The Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern by Delia Creates with her knit hack
2 yards of knit fabric

DIY peplum dress //

1. Sew up Delia’s Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern with her knit remix instructions. Omit the elastic at the top. Hem the bottom but leave the waist raw.

2. Sew up a long sleeve Penelope Peplum but don’t add the skirt and don’t finish the bottom.

3. Sew a circle skirt from the add-on pattern. Finish the hem.

4. Baste the circle skirt piece to the pencil skirt. The wrong side of the circle skirt will be touching the right side of the pencil skirt. Stretch the circle skirt to match the pencil skirt as needed.

5. Flip the skirt pieces up and match the waists of the top. Sew together using a knit stitch.

6. Remove any baste stitching that is showing and you’re done! Enjoy your new classy dress!

Buffalo Plaid Peplum Dress Buffalo Plaid Peplum Dress

Buffalo Plaid Peplum Dress  buffalo-plaid-dress Buffalo Plaid Peplum Dress

It was cold and windy when we took these photos so I had to hold on to my hat!



Source List
Buffalo Plaid Knit c/o Girl Charlee
Royal Blue Knit c/o Girl Charlee
Trapper Hat pattern HERE or with more sizes HERE
Leather Clutch c/o OASAP
Slouch Purse c/o OASAP
cobalt blue t-strap flats: Sole Society
Black Wedge Booties: Blowfish



Photos copyright Megan Weaver

round zipper case tutorial


round-pouch-6round-pouch-4 round-pouch-5  round-pouch-7 round-pouch-8

I made this during the oilcloth + leather series, but I had a little SD card fiasco. I lost all my photos! But then I found my card and all is well. So here is an encore project ;).

One fun thing about leather is that it can be pretty sturdy. Some types are thicker or less pliable than others which makes for a challenge when sewing. This project uses that stability to it’s advantage! This rounded leather zipper pouch is nice and sturdy and makes a cute little holder that stands up on it’s own. Which is nice for little hands who need a place for crayons and things. I also made one of them into a nail polish pouch for myself. Obviously, I have gifts on the mind since it is December, and this one is very versatile in that way! Stuff it with a gift card, tiny toys or candy!

My favorite part about these pouches is the zippers! I just cut a hole in the leather and sewed right around it—the easiest zipper I have ever installed! This might be a good project if you are currently scared of zippers, but want to use them in your sewing! I love the extra pop of color a bright zipper can add.

I also added a secret material to this pouch to make the side circles really stiff. It’s thin cardboard glued inside. I don’t often mix sewing and papercrafts, but it worked well in this project and gave me the stability I wanted. It’s sorta like a mini duffle bag.

We quickly turned these into crayon cases, they are the perfect size!





Round Zipper Case Tutorial //

-contrast fabric
-thin cardboard (cereal box, back of an art paper pad, toy packaging etc)
-one 7″ zipper with wide tape
-scotch tape
-double stick tape
-glue gun

-template download


Cut out the following:
1 main piece from leather
1 tab piece from leather 4″ by 1″
2 circles from fabric
2 circles from interfacing
2 circles from cardboard (use inner dashed line)


Trace the zipper opening on to the main piece using a pencil.


Snip into the leather and cut out the oval.



Open up the zipper about 1″.


Position the zipper into the oval opening. Make sure the open ends of the zipper tape stay close together.


Use scotch tape to tape the zipper in place.


Sew around the zipper opening at about 1/8″.


Clip the ends of the zipper off and remove tape.


Clip the short edges of the main piece together.


Sew along the edge.


Use double stick tape to hold the seam allowance down. Press the seam allowance into the double stick tape and smooth it out.


tutorial-18 tutorial-15

Fold the tab in half.


And clip it over the zipper.


Fuse interfacing to the back of the circle end pieces. Stitch around the circle at 3/8″ using a baste stitch.


Pull the stitching to give the circle some shape.


Clip the circle into the cylinder. The right sides will be inside.




Sew around.


Repeat on other side. Make sure zipper is open.



Push a cardboard circle into the ends of the tube. This is a little tricky, but just shove it in there and it will look great! Use a glue gun to glue the seam allowance down to the cardboard.

You may be able to put one cardboard piece in before turning. Glue it in and turn the cylinder through the zipper. Then put the other one in. It is a little tricky to maneuver.





And you’re done!

tutorial-28 tutorial-29 tutorial-30

Now fill it all up!

Round Pouch with Zipper

round zipper case tutorial //