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The Icon coatalong starts MONDAY! I wanted to squeeze in a quick little week of Icon stuff before Thanksgiving and the bustle of the holidays hits. You are welcome to sew up a Sign up for my newsletter for a release day discount code!

For the sewalong, I am going to go into more detail on the two trickiest techniques in this pattern: welt pockets and a bagged lining. I will also give you an alternate method of finishing the hem if you are having trouble with the bagged lining. The first post will go up Monday, all about picking fabric and materials! I will also share some inspiration with a few of the coats I have sewn for myself!

I forgot to mention here that the ICON paper patterns are in! I made a little promo video that I shared on instagram.

See you soon for some Icon inspiration!


sewing 101: marking fabric with thread


sewing 101// marking fabric with thread

Today I wanted to share how I usually mark fabric. There are so many things from patterns that need to be transferred over to the fabric to make sewing easier. Things like: pocket placement, pleat markings, ruffle markings, sleeve ease markings, etc.

I’m doing this example on a welt pocket for the Kennedy Coat (almost done!). Using thread to mark fabric is a great way to mark all layers of fabric easily without ruining your pattern! I’m using a very dark thread so it’s easy for you to see, but I actually recommend a thread that isn’t too different than your fabric just because it can leave behind tiny little fibers that are hard to get off your fabric.

So let’s get started!

Pin your pattern piece with placement onto your pieces.

how to sew a welt pocket

Then you’ll essentially be creating an “X” over each point that you want to mark. I’m marking the corners of the welt pocket placement/ I’m using the small dashed line for my guide.

how to sew a welt pocket

You can see the X shape best in this photo below. I always use double thread and try to leave extra at each end.

how to sew a welt pocket

Mark all four points. It looks a little crazy right now!

how to sew a welt pocket

Now slowly peel the paper off of the fabric. Clip the threads close to the paper so you get as much thread as you can.

how to sew a welt pocket

This will leave you with a bunch of threads creating little squares. Your (invisible) marks are in the exact middle of the threads.

how to sew a welt pocket

Slowly peel up the top layer of fabric and clip threads in the middle to pass the markings to both layers of fabric.

how to sew a welt pocket


I like to use a pencil to connect my points (which is sorta a sewing no-no, writing on fabric with a pencil, but since I know this will be hidden, it’s okay.) You can just sew the points with your machine and skip the pencil, but it helps me. And of course, using a water soluble fabric pencil or pen is another good idea. welt-10

Now sew it up!

I’ll show you how to finish this pocket next week!

+++++++++++ PLUS PLUS PLUS! +++++++++++


I introduced my first PLUS sized patterns a few weeks ago with the IT GIRL lookbook. The
ICON coat and the DREAMER top!! I’m thrilled to launch extended sizes on the ZIPPY top today! I enlisted my curvy friend Cecilia to show you how you can style these patterns this fall! We did a little retro updo for this photoshoot, I think it’s really cute! I love how flattering this top is on EVERYONE! I do have quite the collection of zippy tops of my own, with a few more hacks coming!


zippy-plus-6 zippy-plus-5


I used a pretty red and white cotton with a cobalt blue zipper. It looks awesome with acid washed jeggings and cute booties!

The updated ZIPPY is available now in my shop!

faux fur cropped jacket for GIRLS! (free pattern!)


Babies in fur! Just can’t get over how cute they are! This pattern is a mini-me version of yesterday’s Women’s Cropped Jacket pattern. It’s also super fast like yesterday’s jacket and gives an outfit so much extra! I will also say, these little jackets are WARM and cozy! I wear mine around the house when I’m cold, hah! It’s nice when a winter accessory is also functional, so bundle up your girlie with this free pattern! I bought 1 yard of faux fur to make both of the cropped jackets, and I have a little bit left over. I think with a coupon you can get the faux fur for like $10 a yard at Joann (maybe less) and it makes two jackets so that’s a deal!



 faux fur cropped jacket TUTORIAL

This is a one size pattern for sizes 18M to 3ish.

download here!



The instructions are the same as yesterday’s post, except the pattern piece is smaller. It will fit on just two pages and tape together like this:


I repasted yesterday’s instructions here to make it simple for you! :

2. Cut out 1 piece on the fold using the top neckline. This will be the back piece.

Cut out 2 front pieces (not on the fold) using the lower neckline.


3. Lay front pieces on top of back piece with right sides (furry sides) together. Pin and stitch along the shoulders and from dot on pattern piece to bottom of side seam.

Backstitch at each end.


4. Flip your jacket right sides out and you’re done! You may need to trim some of the fur to get it looking right.


Happy fur-sewing!



FREE PATTERN: faux fur cropped jacket

FREE PATTERN // faux fur cropped jacket

Every fall I buy some faux fur and let it sit in my sewing space until inspiration hits. For this yard of grey faux fur I thought a cropped jacket would be fun. Cropped jackets and sweatshirts are in style this winter and so is fur! This post includes a free pattern download for this easy jacket! It’s one-size and should fit a good range of sizes. I usually wear a Medium for reference. This is the perfect FANCY party accessory! It’s retro without being old and so classy. It’s also super warm and totally vegan. So yes!

I think this cropped jacket gives a fancy/vintage feel with hardly any effort. You can pretty much through it on over any outfit! I did a little monotone grey/black outfit for this. I’m wearing a Neptune Tee that I made and some awesome greyish/purple metallic platform wedges that I found thrifting. They are really fun but I haven’t quite learned how to walk in platform heels yet, hah!


FREE PATTERN // faux fur cropped jacket

I didn’t line my jacket since the fur won’t fray and the fluff of it covers any unfinished seams. You certainly can line it if you want! Leaving it unlined makes this project super fast and easy. It will take you about 20 minutes!


Before you start, read my post about sewing with faux fur and download the free pattern HERE!


Outfit + fabric details//
pants: Forever 21
Tee: Neptune tee in grey knit from Girl Charlee
Crop Jacket: free pattern with Faux Fur from Joann
Shoes: Dolce Vita, thrifted
Bag + Bracelet: thrifted

Click through for instructions!


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