zippy top hack: front zipper tutorial

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

Happy Monday Friends! If you participated in ZIPPY TOP WEEKEND, you have a brand new top to wear today! If not, there is still time to sew up this seriously fast top for yourself! The sewalong goes until April 30. This week and next I’ll be sharing inspiration and and easy hacks to customize your Zippy Top even more! I’ll be featuring lots of fabrics from Miss Matatabi fabrics. You might not know this but I have a serious weakness for Japanese design. The colors, the patterns, the prints, everything is just so cute! So I’m excited to share some this week! Miss Matatabi has a lot of great lightweight fabrics that are perfect for the Zippy Top.

Today I’m sharing this front zippy top hack! I made it with this Japanese neon floral stretch twill. This fabric is a little thicker than the fabric I recommend for the Zippy Top. I just loved it too much to not make myself a top with. Isn’t it pretty? Since it is a little bit sturdier, I switched the zipper feature to the front of the shirt, so I can wear the top over a tank and wear it unzipped a little. It’s just a fun way to switch it up!

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

Thanks for helping me decide which color zipper to use, by the way! (I posted a few options on instagram.) I think the final tally winner was pink…but I went with white. I thought white would look really cute with white pants. I’ve never had white pants before, this is kinda monumental! How long do you think they will stay white?

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

The tutorial for this hack is very simple, it’s all in the patternwork. First, cut off the bottom portion of of the back facing, rounding off the facing. Then, take the portion you just cut off and tape it to the front facing. There will be a little extra at the top that you can clip off, but you just need the basic shape. Now the facing is all ready for your front zipper! Follow the rest of the instructions as written.



the ZIPPY top // front zipper hack instructions


I’m loving my front zipper top! Having the zipper in the front really changes the whole thing.

The Zippy Top is still on sale for 15% off, use code ZIPPY.

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

zippy top weekend day 3: finish the top!


Last day! You are almost done with your Zippy Top! Today is the last day of zippy top weekend. If you missed DAY 1 or DAY 2, check those out.

Today we will finish the top in 3 steps:

1. Finish armscye (step 3-4)

2. Sew side seams (step 5-6)

3. Hem bottom (step 15)

Good work! Be sure to share your zippy top with hashtag #zippy top on instagram, post it to my facebook wall, or add it to my flickr group!

See you tomorrow for a zippy hack!


ZIPPY TOP WEEKEND DAY 2: neckline and zipper

tips for sewing with chiffon

Welcome to Day 2 of ZIPPY TOP WEEKEND! Today we will be doing 3 steps

1. Sew shoulder seams (steps 1-2)

2. Finish neckline facing (steps 7-12)

3. Insert Zipper (steps 13-14)

This should take you about 20 minutes to complete! We’re going out of order so that today is the hardest day and tomorrow will be super fast. So you’re almost done!

Tomorrow we’ll finish the top and you’ll be ready to wear it on Monday! See you then.


If you missed the details of ZIPPY TOP WEEKEND, this weekend we’re kicking off the Zippy Top Sewalong with 3 short days of sewing. I have broken down the Zippy Top instructions so you’ll have a completed top by the end of the weekend. Buy the top here (ZIPPY for 15% off) and see Day 1 here. Use hashtag #zippytop on instagram, post to my facebook wall, or add your pictures to my flickr group.

ZIPPY TOP WEEKEND: collect materials


the ZIPPY TOP sewalongfloral-top tips for working with chiffon

Zippy Top Weekend starts today! To kick off the Zippy Top Sewalong, I’ll be breaking the Zippy Top steps into 3 days worth of sewing for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will be about a 20 minute commitment each day, this top is, well, ZIPPY! The Sewalong ends April 30, so you have lots of time to finish and share your top! Share on instagram with the hashtag #zippytop (tag me! @seekatesew), post it to my Facebook wall, or add it to the flickr group. I’ve already seen some and I will be featuring them soon! Buy the top here if you haven’t already! Use code ZIPPY for 15% off.

This post will get you all ready to sew. We’re doing three things today, printing the pattern, gathering materials and cutting out our fabric. Easy, right!

1. Print off PDF pattern and tape together. Use this post if you need some tips

2. Collect Materials:
-1-1.5 yards of fabric
-5″ or 8″ zipper
-lightweight fusible interfacing

Fabric selection

I recommend lightweight fabric for the Zippy Top. Anything with a nice drape is perfect! Some suggestions are cotton lawn, cotton voile, gauze or double gauze, chiffon, crepe de chine, georgette and anything similar. You can certainly make it with quilter’s cotton if you want!

If you’re making the crop top version you only need 1 yard! In fact you can probably make it with less than that…or even scraps you have laying around!

Zipper Selection

The Zippy Top pattern includes instructions for a 5″ or 8″ zipper. Zippers with wider tape are best. I like to choose a bright zipper that contrasts with my fabric for a little color pop! The zipper is exposed, which is really fun!


3. Cut out fabric. Cut 1 front, 1 back, 1 front facing and 1 back facing.

That’s all for today! You can finish now or wait until tomorrow for the next steps!

I’ve made quite a few Zippys and I am excited to share even more of them next week! I have some fun surprises….so stay tuned!

See you tomorrow for Day 2 of Zippy Top Weekend. We’ll be finishing the neckline and zipper!



striped nightstand ikea hack

ikea nightstand hack

Yesterday I shared the floral nightstand tutorial and today I’m sharing the other half. This is a tutorial for this black and white striped nightstand, also made with a SELJE nightstand from ikea. I really wanted some fun nightstands that went together. Since they have the same shape, why no do a floral and a stripe? Pattern mixing is cool in home decor, too, right?

striped ikea nightstand


-SELJE nightstand
-1/2″ electrical tape
-spray paint for metalstriped ikea nightstand

BEFORE AND AFTER // striped nightstand

The method for this nightstand is really simple. First, assemble the nightstand. Then tape off the whole thing with electrical tape. The spaces in between should be about 1/2″.

striped-nightstand tape-off-stripes

Press the tape down really well then spray paint. Let it dry and peel off the tape.


ikea hack striped nightstand



Click here for floral hack!