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Today I wanted to share a resource with you that you might find valuable…if you like sewing that is! I mean, you’re here so you probably already love FREE sewing patterns! Craftsy has a database where anyone can upload their free patterns, creating an awesome resource for sewers of all types! Just click over and check it out!


You can filter the free patterns to find something specific, like a bag, clothing or a doll.

FREE patterns at Craftsy

Or just browse around!

I LOVE this Ruched Romper by Straight Line Design:


And how about this super cute Bathurst Bag?

Or Ruffled Capris?

There are thousands and thousands of patterns available on the Free Pattern Page! Go find yourself some free patterns!

the adventure tee on a really cool kid

My cool kid and I had a little adventure tee photo shoot the other day. The Adventure Tee is one of the brand new patterns available in the Pattern Anthology MAKE[BELIEVE] bundle. I made the hoodie pattern and Andrea made this tee pattern. The other patterns in the collection are a button-up and a versatile jacket!

We summer-ized this outfit with some sunglasses and a hat, but it will be a great outfit to take us into fall also!

the Adventure Tee

The Adventure Tee has lots of options including a few different necklines and fits. I chose the slim fit, which I love. I realized that I made a size too small after this photo shoot. We’ve just moved into the next size up but I am so used to sewing a 4T that I always cut a 4T. Anyways, I really love how slim fitting it is, it’s so hip!


I used the short sleeve pattern piece and front placket without a snap. I like the front open a little bit. This tee was super fast to make, it took less than an hour! I used a really nice bamboo knit in minty blue! It’s super soft and we both love it! So comfy and so useful, I know he’ll be wearing it a lot!



He protested the shoes because they were too tight on him. Hah, he has a mind of his own these days!


the Adventure Tee

the Adventure Tee

This tee is great for dancing, spinning, crawling, it’s the perfect play-time tee!


The Adventure Tee is only available in the MAKE [BELIEVE] collection!


Check out for 3 buying options and save up to 55%!

on picky eaters and motts for tots

Fruit juice has been my one saving grace as a mama to a very picky toddler. My son is not just picky, he’s REALLY picky. We are just happy when he tries something. When I first discussed my concerns with my pediatrician, he was happy that apple juice was on the very small list of things he would eat. Lots of nutrients packed into that little box!

I always buy juice without added sugar and Motts for Tots has been on our radar. It’s better than regular 100% juice because it has 40% less sugar*. The sugar is always a concern when I feed my kids juice, so this makes me feel better! They even have a variety of flavors beyond apple juice, like fruit punch. Luckily, both kids love it and I do, too!

Motts for Tots comes in different packaging, a 64oz bottle or juice boxes, so it’s convenient for on the go or at home. My kids like to have their own little juice box with straws but they also drink it from sippy cups. All of the flavors are packed with vitamins E, A and C!

Getting them to drink the juice was easier than getting photos of them drinking the juice, so I’m calling Motts for Tots a win! I also appreciate the happy little fruit guys on the packaging.

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*Mott’s Fruit Punch Rush and Wild Grape Surge have 15g sugar and the market average of 100% fruit juices and blends have 25g sugar.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Motts for Tots via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.


triangle pants elastic hack

I shared these floral triangle pants on instagram way back when the TRIANGLE PANTS pattern was released, but haven’t shared them here yet! I wanted to share them now along with this hack because you can get the Triangle pants in the Pattern Anthology MAKE [BELIEVE] bundle at a really great deal! This deal is only good for two weeks, so snag them now!

I used elastic in the triangular side pockets to give this pattern a whole new look. The triangle pockets really stick out if you don’t use elastic. Which was the point, I’m a quirky sewer! But if that is not your look, a quick elastic hack will make them more streamlined and pretty cute, if I do say so myself! A little ruching on the side never hurt any one!




I used a pinky purple spandex for the pockets, ankle cuffs, and waistband. The floral is a thin woven cotton.

elastic pocket tutorial

Ah, that belly!

The top is a Pippa Peplum, which has become a belly shirt! It’s a little too small already. I’m about to whip up a new batch in a bigger size. Cue the tears.



So this hack is really easy! When you finish off the edge of the triangular pocket, disregard the instructions given in the pattern and do this instead:

Finish raw edge at top. Fold over 1/2″ and press. Sew at 3/8″ to create a casing. Thread 1/4″ elastic through and baste on each side to hold. You can decide how much you want the pockets to gather and that will determine which length of elastic to use.

That’s it!



This is a very girly pair of Triangle Pants, but the pattern was originally designed for my boy! Buy the MAKE [BELIEVE] bundle here!

MAKE [BELIEVE] by Pattern Anthology

Pattern Anthology strikes again! We’re so excited to release our back-to-school collection for kids: MAKE [BELIEVE]! This collection includes four unreleased patterns: a knit tee, a jacket, a hoodie and a button-up shirt! We wanted this collection to represent the wonder and imagination of childhood so we also created an ebook with fun activities and additional accessory patterns! And even more…you can also purchase the collection with our 4 best-selling pants patterns to complete the outfits! These patterns include sizes 18M to 8 and are great for girls AND boys!


There are 3 ways to buy this package and 3 different prices! Buy all 4 brand-new patterns for just 19.95! Add the ebook for 24.95 and add 4 pants patterns for only 34.95 (best deal!)
Here is a closer look at the four new top patterns!


The Explorer Hoodie is my contribution, I’ll tell you lots more about this one soon!

The Bookworm Button-Up has girl and boy versions!


The Adventure Tee has so many adorable options!


And the Imagine Jacket is super cool! I love the zipper!

Check out the lookbook:

Purchase HERE! This deal will only last for 2 weeks!