cobalt suede + gold leather cosmetic case tutorial with custom brushes

Don’t Fear the Fabric: Oilcloth + Leather continues today here and at MADE! I have a gift idea for you:


Cobalt and GOLD! Hearts in eyes! I love these two leathers together. The gold is super metallic and nice and thin. The cobalt is a thick suede. Both are from Tandy Leather and I love them together.



Leather Cosmetic Case Tutorial

Materials //

For the cosmetic case:
-colored suede
-shiny gold leather
-10″ zipper
-free pattern download

For the brushes:
-e.l.f. Cosmetics 12 Piece Brush Set
-all-purpose paint
-glossy Mod Podge
-paint brush (not to be confused with the makeup brush ;) )

DIY cosmetic case



Print out your pattern and cut out the pieces from leather. You will have:
-2 Zipper Tab Pieces
-1 Bottom Piece  (Gold)
-1 Below Zipper Piece (Smaller Blue)
-1 Top Piece (Larger Blue)


Trim zipper to fit width of pouch. Measure it up against your “below zipper” piece. Trim off the zipper stop at the bottom of the zipper so you don’t accidentally sew through it. Be sure to not unzip your zipper once you have trimmed the zipper stop off!


This is how you’ll be piecing everything together:


First place zipper tab piece 1/4″ from the edge of your zipper and clip it on. Stitch 3/8″ from end of leather. Then fold the piece over and clip again. Topstitch 1/8″ from zipper fold.


Repeat on the other side.

costmetic-case-7 costmetic-case-8

Place the zipper face down on the “below zipper” piece and sew it on.


Fold over and press it down with your hands. Use double stick tape to keep the seam allowance in place if you want to. costmetic-case-10

Now sew the other side of the zipper to the “top” piece.


Flip it out and press down with your hands.


Now sew the bottom, or gold piece to the both ends of the blue pieces with right sides together.

costmetic-case-13 costmetic-case-14

Your case will look like this:


Now trim all the threads and make sure your edges line up. Match the gold seam allowances on the edges and clip it together.



Tuck the strap into the side seam then topstitch both side seams. Backstitch at each end.




And you’re done!

costmetic-case-18 costmetic-case-19 costmetic-case-20 costmetic-case-21


To make the brushes, paint the white ends with paint. Let it dry and repeat until covered.


Let all the paint dry and coat with a layer of glossy mod podge. This will make them easier to clean.


That’s it!


Now fill it up and you’re ready to give (or keep!) this functional pouch!






Dana has a GIVEAWAY going on today, so head over and enter!



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leather fringe cuff bracelet + leather snap tutorial



More Oilcloth + Leather today and over at MADE! I hope by now you have internalized the series title Don’t Fear the Fabric and are ready to try your hands at some oilcloth and/or leather!

This was a total spur-of-the-moment project. Inspiration came from materials I had bought with different intentions. I used snaps, faux leather cord and leather scraps. This is a perfect gift! You can whip up a bunch inexpensively and they are CUTE! I love the sort of boho meets gladiator feel I get from it.



Leather Fringe Cuff Bracelet Tutorial///


-Leather Cord (mine is from Tandy Leather) OR
Faux Leather Cord, mine is a shiny rose gold color from Joann
OR cut pieces of leather into 1/8″ strips
-2 or 3 Steel Snaps
-Snap Setter + hammer or mallot
-2 leather scraps (2 3/4″ by 3 3/4″)
-doublestick tape
-holepunch, I use a Crop-A-Dile



1. Cut cord into 8 strips measuring about 7″ long. Length will vary by wrist size.

2. Stick a strip of doublestick tape on the edge of your leather scrap.


3. Stick pieces of leather cord on the tape, 1/4″ apart. leather-fringe-cuff4leather-fringe-cuff5

4. Line them all up.


5. Fold over the leather piece on top of itself and press down.


6. Stitch around leaving a 1/8″-1/4″ at the edges. Backstitch at each end.


7. Use a hole punch to make 2 or 3 holes in the leather.



8. Now grab your snaps.leather-fringe-cuff-2

9. Make sure you have a front and back for each snap placement.


10. Stick the fronts in the holes.


11. And place the backs on the other side. Then use the snap setter to attach them. Hammer the top of the snap setter. This will smash the metal and “set” the snap. leather-fringe-cuff12leather-fringe-cuff13

12. Repeat on the other side with the backs.


Then snap them together! And you’re done!




Head over to MADE for a simple and adorable oilcloth planter tutorial. I have to make some of these!



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FABRIC GIVEAWAY from Girl Charlee!

After teasing you with my pretty vegan leather this morning, I thought it would only be fair to give some away! TWO lucky winners will take home a $25 gift card to Girl Charlee, where you can purchase a variety of amazing fabrics. You can even choose vegan leather, enough to make a circle skirt! Of course, you can also browse their huge selection of knits and new specialty fabrics! But really, VEGAN LEATHER!  Here are a few of their pretty colors:

free skirt pattern



Metallic Copper

Metallic Silver


Grey Matte


Gold Metallic (photographed above)


Red Matte

Rose Pink (see below)

DIY pleather circle skirt pattern


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It’s another week of Oilcloth + Leather projects for Don’t Fear the Fabric here at See Kate Sew and over at MADE.

DIY pleather circle skirt pattern

I’ve been sharing leather projects so far but today I have an animal friendly post! Girl Charlee recently started stocking some unique fabrics including PLEATHER (or vegan leather). I got a little excited about it and the timing was perfect for the Don’t Fear the Fabric series Dana and I had been planning. So Girl Charlee sent me some of it (the pink one!) and I ordered some more (the gold one!) and I’m still thinking about getting some black. Need all the pleather.

DIY pleather circle skirt pattern DIY pleather circle skirt pattern

It’s a really nice pleather, thin and easy to work with! I love the way it looks and there are lots of colors to choose from. Plus, since you’ve already learned how to sew leather, transitioning to pleather is a breeze. I used a walking foot to sew this. I found that the teflon foot wasn’t enough to keep the pleather from sticking and getting stuck in my machine. The walking foot made it super easy.

And as a bonus, this vegan leather has STRETCH so you don’t need any closures on the skirt! Although, if you want to make it with another material, just insert an invisible zipper in the side seam.

Isn’t this gold pleather perfect for the holidays?

free skirt pattern  free skirt pattern



-2-3 yards vegan leather (2 yards for up to size L, 3 for larger)
-walking foot recommended
-create your own pattern below or use this size M download

free skirt pattern


1. Measure Waist.

2. Measure 5″ below waist

3. Create waistband pattern piece using the two measurements you just took.



4, Cut two waistband pieces out of fabric placing the short side on a fold.

5. Sew the pieces together at one of the size seams.

6. Fold the waistband over and topstitch in or near the seam at the side.

DIY circle skirt

7. Draw two perpendicular lines and draw in a curve at the top equal to 1/4″ of the 4″ below waist measurement.

8. The legs of the skirt will be as long as your desired length minus 4″ for the waistband.

9. Cut two pattern pieces on a fold to make two half circles.

10. Sew them together at one side seam.

11. Match the curved edge to the bottom of the waistband and sew.

12. Sew up the side seam and you’re done!

OR print off the free pattern with size M here. (Waist 30-32″// Below waist 38-40″)

DIY pleather circle skirt pattern


Head over to MADE to see Dana’s oilcloth barstools.! They are SO pretty.


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Woo! Today I have a great giveaway for you: A GORGEOUS LEATHER HIDE from The Leather Hide Store! I used their leather in my leather + fabric pouch tutorial yesterday and I’ve also used it on this polka dot foldover clutch. And I have a few more things up my sleeve with leather from The Leather Hide Store. I’ve been working on the same hide for a year! It’s a lot of leather. You can check out the remnants section, that’s where I get my pieces.

There will be 1 winner and that winner will get this gorgeous brown hide:



Here are the details of this hand selected hide: Warm Saddle is a brownn bronze colored, 50 sq feet, premium full grain, very soft with a light waxy feel natural grain upholstery cow hide.   It is approx weight 2.6 oz/ sqft  Approx Thickness 1.0-1.2 mm

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And then head over to MADE to enter the “OIL I want for Christmas” Giveaway (He He He!)