Pattern Anthology for Riley Blake!

I’m on the Riley Blake Tour today sharing my new FABRIC! I designed this triangle print fabric for the IDLEWILD collection by Pattern Anthology! This collection is a 4 piece knit collection that comes in 3 colorways! It will be available this fall and we can’t wait to make things with it!

I wanted to design a colorful and modern print that could be used for a variety of sewing projects! Since this will be a knit, I’m seeing the triangles as baby pants, baby blankets, soft couch pillows, girl’s dresses, boys sweatshirts, and on and on.

The first colorway is my favorite: it has bright yellow, bold blue, grey, pink and mint! All of my favorite colors all in one print. There is so much happy in this print and I’m so excited to pair it with other fabrics!

IDLEWILD | See Kate Sew

The second colorway is very pink and blue with a little grey thrown in! This colorway is bright, feminine and fun.


And finally a black and white! Black and white is always useful, I’m thinking I might try a pencil skirt for myself with this print!


I hope you love it! You can click over to the other Pattern Anthology sites to see their prints and the inspiration behind them! Start at Melly Sews and follow the link to the others!

Be sure to follow along as we meet our fantastic designers and get sneak peaks at their upcoming collections!

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striped soho

the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew

This might be my favorite The Soho Pattern is available in my shop! so far! It’s made with a lightweight striped shirting material from Joann. I wanted to take a few more photos of this pattern to show you the pockets and back neckline.

I sewed this up with the angled hem.

the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew

The side pocket is a tiny little pocket, perfect for chap stick, keys or other little essentials!

the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew

The back neckline has a similar V angle, but is not as deep as the front. the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew the SOHO top pattern | See Kate Sew

Light and summery, perfect with shorts!

The Soho Pattern is available in my shop! And a sewalong is coming next month!


Half Circle Zip Organizer with Color Me Fabric!


I’m excited to be a part of the Color Me Fabric tour today! This fabric was so much fun! If you haven’t seen it yet, the Color Me Fabric was designed by Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House. It’s white and black fabric that is basically a huge fabric coloring book! There are four prints to choose from and I picked out the space/alien ones called Space Adventures!

I know the idea behind this is to get your kids to color the fabric, but it was so fun I had to try it. And then I couldn’t stop…so I colored this, but my kids will love coloring it, too. It’s available at and Fat Quarter Shop if you’re interested!


I colored the fabric first, and then used it to make a half circle zip pouch with little pockets inside. I thought it could be a little coloring case but I think it is also a good size for a travel accessories bag. There is a downloadable pattern piece in this post, all you need is a little fabric and a zipper!


Half Circle Zip Pouch Organizer //

Tulip Fabric Markers
-Lining fabric
-Lightweight Fusible Interfacing
Pattern Download
-22″ separating zipper


Print the pattern and tape the two pages together like so:


Cut out 1 main piece, 1 lining and 1 interfacing (on the fold). This will make the circle pieces.

Cut out 2 pocket pieces on the fold.

Fuse interfacing to back of main fabric.


Sew the pocket organizer piece together by placing them right sides together. Sew all around the pocket leaving a 2-3″ opening. Clip the corners and turn.



Topstitch the top and bottom of the pocket, sewing up the opening as you go.6

Pin the pocket to the lining piece, centered along where the fold of the pouch will be. Stitch both sides and in the middle to create 4 little pockets.


Pin the zipper to the main piece and baste it on. Taper the ends of the zipper out so they will be enclosed in the pouch. Repeat with both sides of the zipper. You will have to separate it to do this. Leave about 1″ in between the back ends of the zippers so you can reconnect them later. Make sure the zipper faces DOWN with the edge of the tape against the edge of the fabric.



Place the main piece on top of the lining piece. Right sides will be together and everything else (zipper, pocket) will be inside. Sew around, leaving a small opening. Turn and press. Then topstitch around the pouch to finish the opening, zip it up and you’re done!




half-circle-zip-pouch color-me-fabric-2 color-me-fabric  color-me-fabric-5color-me-fabric-7color-me-fabric-6color-me-fabric-5

Half Circle Zip Organizer | See Kate Sew

Styled By Vivian // the neptune tee + two ways to wear it!

Written by Vivian of Vivian Eileen.

seekatesew neptune teeThis was my favorite pattern to sew for Kate so far! That might be because I’m getting better at sewing knits though.  I even managed to match up my stripes, which I’m pretty proud of. ;)  This was a super quick pattern to sew up and didn’t take much time at all!  The pattern instructions make setting in the sleeves super simple, and not intimidating which is great, especially if you’re a beginner seamstress.

neptune tee see kate sewI used a nice thick striped knit from Girl Charlee and I love it! My wardrobe is full of stripes and I never get tired of them.  I love how versatile a simple striped tee is too, and this one is no exception!  First I wore it with pink skinnies, grey converse, and a turquoise necklace for a pop of color.  I wear skinny jeans and striped tees constantly, and this shirt will definitely be making its way into my rotation of stripes.

neptune tee

neptune tee sks

neptune tee dressed upFor this look I dressed up the Neptune tee with a pleated skirt, a statement necklace, and heeled booties.  This outfit is great for a date night with my husband or to wear when I want to feel just a little fancy.  I love how easily this tee can be dressed up or dressed down for every day wear.

neptune tee skirt

striped neptune tee

neptune tee with necklace

colorblock OLIVE top

colorblock OLIVE top | See Kate Sew

This is a sort of a pattern hack, but it’s really just an OLIVE dress made into a top. It’s so quick to make! The only modifications I made are that I shortened the skirt and left the elastic out. I thought it would be fun to use a colorblocked color palette of all solids! Purple, dark grey and light grey. I love how it turned out!

I left the elastic out so it could be worn two ways: cinched with a belt, or left alone.

colorblock OLIVE top | See Kate Sew colorblock OLIVE top | See Kate Sew colorblock OLIVE top | See Kate Sew

Here is the second way to wear this top version of the OLIVE DRESS. Without elastic or a belt it is a loose fitting boxy top with a slightly gathered skirt. It reminds me of Japanese fashion. I like it both ways!

colorblock OLIVE top | See Kate Sew olive-top-3

Of course, you could add the elastic and make it a peplum of sorts! I saved my Britex bag from a fabric trip a few years ago, I knew it would come in handy.

Happy Sewing!