CATOBER! the best cat products on the market


Cat stuff cracks me up. Am I just immature? I don’t know! Anyways, Catober was inspired by some of the amazing cat products on the market and the cat trend in general so I thought I should pay it forward to the Cat Revolution with some hilarious cat products. And I don’t know, maybe you have a cat aficionado friend who might need some of these. The Cat Hangers are my favorite!

1. Cat Time Necklace

2. Grumpy Cat Plush Toy

3. Cats are My Bag Bag

4.Crafting with Cat Hair Book

5. Cat Shaker Set

6. I Speak Cat Pillows

7.Cat Mug Set

8. Cat Clothes Hangers More HERE.

9. MEOW o’clock watch

10. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set


See you tomorrow for more Catober!

CATOBER! needle felted cat sweater + $4 pattern of the month


This is one of my favorite projects for Catober. I think it’s so simple and cute!  I used a Kaliedoscope Top made with this wool blend from Michael Levine. It actually matches The Dreamer Top I made for the IT GIRL lookbook, same fabric and all! (Which consequently, is probably about the size of this one now, after my model’s husband washed and dried it, oops!)

To make the cat face on this sweater, I used yarn and basic felt and needle felted it to the sweater. Needle felting is a technique that uses needles to break up and mash the fibers together. It’s a neat technique that makes the design pliable and permanent. Tutorial below.

The KALEIDOSCOPE TOP is just $4 TODAY ONLY! No code necessary, purchase HERE!













Click Through for Instructions to make the cat sweater!

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CATOBER! how to make a tshirt dress


DIY tshirt dressDIY tshirt dress

DIY tshirt dress DIY tshirt dress DIY tshirt dress DIY tshirt dress tshirt-dress-with-skirt DIY tshirt dress

(She’s mad because we took away Grumpy Cat^ :( )

Tshirt dresses are a super fast way to make a cute dress and a great project if you have a cute quilting cotton fabric that you want to use. For this one I used a pink graphic tee (with a cat of course) and some bright citron yellow cotton.  H&M is always stocking the most adorable cat tees. I picked this one up with the intention of making it into this tshirt dress, a simple half store-bought and half homemade play dress. It took about half an hour!

You’ll see Grumpy Cat in a few of these photos, he’s going to be our official CATOBER mascot! This is the first series with an official mascot, so I think that is a big thing! I just couldn’t not bring home this cat to inspire me during this series. I laugh every time I look at it. And don’t worry his new caretaker strokes him all day long. She loves this cat so much, haha!

DIY tshirt dress

How to Make a Tshirt Dress:

-1 tshirt
-1 yard of cotton
-1/4″ elastic
-rotary cutter and ruler

Tshirt Dress Tutorial:

1. To make this dress, find a tee that you want to use. Measure the hem of the shirt.

2. Cut 2 rectangles of fabric for the skirt. Use this formula:
width: hem measurement X 3
length: desired length + 1″

3. Sew side seams of skirt with right sides together and finish seam allowance.

4. Sew 2 or 3 rows of baste stitching at top of each panel of fabric, ending at the side seam. (It’s hard to gather fabric over seams, so you’ll get a better result if you gather the front and back of the skirt independently.) Pull ends of thread to gather fabric until it matches the width of the shirt.

5. Pin fabric in place with right sides of skirt matching right sides of tee. Use lots of pins and sew in place with a straight stitch, using a 1/2″ seam allowance.

6. Sew elastic over zig zag stitch. Elastic should be approximately 1″ less than child’s waist measurement. First create a circle with the elastic by sewing ends together. Then stretch it around the seam you just made and pin in place. Stitch on with a zig zag stitch. The elastic will help maintain the weight of the skirt.


And you’re done!


DIY tshirt dress

SUPER easy tshirt dress made with a graphic tee and less than 1 yard of fabric!


More cat tutorials coming tomorrow! I’m feline good about this series ;)




I have a thing for cat themed clothing, kitschy stuff, and the like. My kids are totally obsessed, too. Even if you don’t like cats, how can you not embrace the cat trend? Am I right? Anyways, I hope you’ll indulge me in a little series I put together for the rest of this month, it’s CAT-ober! We’ll be putting cats on everything for the next two weeks, a new FREE tutorial each day with a few free patterns thrown in. And don’t worry I will throw in as many cat puns as humanly(feline-ly?) possible. It will be PURR-fect! ;)

This series starts MEOW! Here are a few peeks at the projects that are coming!

DIY tshirt dress the Dreamer Top DIY CAT SWEATER

See you to-MEOW-row! (Cue the laughing/crying emoji now.)

IT GIRL // LOOKBOOK part 2 + an explanation on why I started using models

There were SO many good photos from the IT GIRL lookbook photoshoot, I just had to post a few more! I said before that this photoshoot was just so much fun. I enlisted a few of my best friends to help and I think we just had a blast. My college friend Katie was my model for this collection. I know it’s a change to see models on my blog, I’ve used a few others at times, but generally you just see photos of me (ME ME ME!). I am not a great model, obviously, but this is my blog and it just makes sense for me to model (the clothes I make for myself).

But…with my husbands work schedule (two jobs, ugh) and two kids to chase around, finding time to go take photos of an outfit I made has become really difficult. I’ve found myself sitting on projects for weeks just because getting a photoshoot in with two kids screaming in the car and my poor overworked stressed out not-quite-photographer husband is too much to think about on a Friday night.

So I finally realized that if I could take the photos myself, they would turn out exactly how I wanted them and it would be stress-free for my family. I do like a little bit of control, and since photography is one of my passions, it drives me crazy to try to explain my vision to my not-photographer husband who tries to get it right but sometimes relaying a vision effectively is just simply impossible. Run-on sentence for dramatic effect. He does a great job and I should be more grateful. But this is sometimes why I look mad in photos. JUST FOCUS ON MY EYES PLEASE ;)

These photoshoots with some of my best friends have seriously been a blast for me/us. It’s really fun to sew up a whole wardrobe for a friend that you love and think about how the colors and fabrics will look on her instead of on ME (for a change). Then I style the whole photoshoot in my head, find hairstyles and makeup for my friend Karlie to whip up. I get to be behind the camera. Then we hang out for a few hours and sometimes eat junk food afterwards. I don’t believe in doing things that aren’t FUN. I hope that by using my friends as models it also boosts their confidence in themselves and it gives us an excuse to hang out. With kids, you sometimes have to make weird excuses like “Hey, want to model for my blog??” asked a sheepish, it’s-okay-if-you’re-not-into-that kind of way, just to hang out. Most of my friends are into fashion, too, so it’s just a good time!

I just wanted to explain this because (although I have struggled with body image like everyone else), this change isn’t about bodies at all! I appreciate that some of you have come to like seeing my “normal/ate-too-many-cookies” self modeling my clothing and I will be sure to be here lots lots lots! Modeling, these new patterns, old patterns, etc, etc. When photos allow! (And when I haven’t eaten TOO many cookies, you know. ;) )  I really appreciated the feedback on the lookbook, so THANK YOU!

With that said, here are a few more of those photos I promised:



zippy peplum icon6 icon5  icon3  icon-2 dreamer


Of course, these patterns are available in my shop! The ICON paper pattern is still for presale right now. Bits and pieces of the final printed pattern are coming together and it is exciting! It will be ready in a few weeks.

I hope you’re ready for an ICON SEWALONG! I’ll announce more details soon, but I’m working on more coats right now. (For myself. I have a coat fetish…is there a number of coats that is too many?)