metallic thread round-up



Even though I’m wrapping up this series, I have a feeling I will have more metallic thread projects coming. Whenever I put together a little mini-series, I am always left with even MORE ideas than when I started, so I hope this series was fun and inspiring for you, too!

This post is a wrap-up of all the tutorials and posts from the series so you can easily find them.

Sewing 101: How to sew with Metallic Thread


DIY Cloud Coasters with a silver “lining”


DIY Hexagon Tee with Free Template


DIY gem pouches with free pattern


Striped Hair Bow//quilted fabric technique

hair bow with metallic thread

A special thanks to Babylock, Klasse and Madeirafor producing top quality sewing supplies for me to enjoy ;) !


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this series!


sewing machine graphic tees!

I’m so excited to launch a new product today! TSHIRTS! So now the whole world can know that you like sewing without even asking! They probably already know, but now you can wear your love of sewing on your sleeve…or shirt.

Anyways, introducing the SEWING MACHINE GRAPHIC TEE! For you, for your sewing friend, for your mom!  This is a 2-color screen print with a super cool off-white sewing machine printed on your choice of a Seafoam or Light Pink 100% cotton American Apparel Tee (the softest!). You will be SEW ready to sew with this tee! (ha. ha.)

I had my lovely friend Katie model this for me so I could take the photos! Sizing is men’s sizing, so check out the size chart when ordering.

These are in my Big Cartel shop!

seafoam7pink8 pink7

Purchase HERE!


striped metallic hair bow

Today I’m sharing the last project of the Metallic Thread Mini-Series. It has been so fun playing with a new sewing supply!
hair bow with metallic thread

This project is another very simple project, a bow with a striped metallic touch. I used Gold Heavy Metal thread from Maderia. It’s really fine and nice and sleek to sew with.

For the bow piece, reference one of these tutorials:

Date Night Double Bow
Knot Bow Tutorial

-Scrap of chambray
-Madeira Heavy Metal Thread
-hair clip
-glue gun

Before sewing up the bow, sew stripes of metallic thread across the front bow piece.

I used glue to finish the bow with the center piece and then I glued it to the clip.


hair bow with metallic thread  hair-bow-4 hair bow with metallic thread

Easy! You can do this technique to anything really! It gives the fabric a slight “quilted” look and a little bit of shine. I’d love to try it on clothing!

Metallic Stipe Fabric Technique


FREE PATTERN // metallic gem zipper pouch

DIY gem pouches

This thread is inspiring all sorts of projects. Today I’m sharing this metallic gem zipper pouch project. It has a free pattern download and these are just so cute! You can really use them for anything! I’m going to hoard them for the holidays, probably stuff them with lipgloss for friends. This is my Christmas in July prep, a little late obviously! It will be nice to have a few gifts ready to go!

DIY gem pouches DIY gem pouches DIY gem pouches

Something about the sparkly, shiny thread got me thinking about gems and jewels. This geometric take on the standard zipper pouch is very easy to make and packs a punch with shiny thread on the front. You can use a fun print for the back of the pouch if you want. All you need is a fat quarter or two!

DIY gem pouches

-2 fat quarters
-lightweight fusible interfacing
-metallic thread of choice
-one 7″ zipper
-free gem zipper pouch pattern


There are a few others tutorials you will need to reference during this tutorial:
-Sewing 101: how to sew with metallic thread
-basic zipper pouch tutorial

Let’s start! The first few steps are prepping fabric.



[Read more...]

little zippy top with hexagons

Today’s shiny, sparkly project is a little zippy top! I customized the fabric of this top before sewing it up. That is one of the best parts of sewing for me, making something totally custom!


Hexagons are a fun shape and the best part is all the sides are straight so it’s easy to stitch them on. I used a Glamour thread for this.

It’s easy and fun to do! The stitching isn’t perfect on this project, it was my first go at metallic thread. I worked through learning by using all the steps mentioned in my sewing 101 post. By the time I was finished, my thread was looking good!


Here is the tutorial:


-the little zippy top
-Free hexagon templates
-solid fabric
-metallic thread
-disappearing ink fabric pen


Ready to make your own? Here’s the simple tutorial!


It was my first time using disappearing ink pen for fabric and it was pretty fun! The ink really does disappear. The package says it takes up to 72 hours but I found the thicker splotches of ink took more like 5 days to completely disappear. You can use water to speed up the process. This marker gives you a really great line to follow when sewing. I can tell this is going to be a fun supply!
Print out the hexagon and cut it out. Place it on your fabric and trace around it with the ruler and disappearing ink pen.

Add more and more until you like the look of it. I recommend cutting out your pattern piece before drawing the shapes on so you know exactly where they will go.hexagons2 hexagons3


And then trace over them with your machine and thread! Backstitch at each end and make sure to put your needle in the thread and pivot the fabric under the presser foot for each corner.