40 fat quarter projects!

40 FAT Quarter ProjectsLittle projects that you can make with a scrap of fabric are some of my favorite things to make! After sewing so many clothes, I always have large scraps to work with! So here are 40 fat quarter projects that will get you started! Hopefully you can find some weekend sewing ideas in here!


1. Velcro wallet
2. Baby bloomers
3. Easy drawstring bag
4. Ruffle bib
5. Bandana bib
6. Universal pacifier clip
7. Ruffle diaper covers
8. Silk bow headband
9. Patchwork potholder
10. Secret pocket pillow
11. Little button pouch
12. Sunglasses case
13. Basic zipper pouch
14. Zippered bow pouch
15. Nail polish kit
16. Bow makeup pouch
17. Ruffle zipper pouch with geometric stitching
18. SD card holder
19. Leopard sequin clutch
20. Gold dipped knot bag
21. Biased bib
22. Bath bomb bag
23. Metallic gem zipper case
24. See through zipper bag
25. Emoji Zipper Pouch
26. Zipper book clutch
27. Ruffle Clutch
28. Floral trucker hat
29. Maternity bow belt
30. Double bow tie for boys
31. Knot bow
32. Hexagon coin pouch
33. Coffee cozy
34. Sunglasses case with pleather bow
35. Bucket of burpees
36. Ruffle flats
37. Floral yoke top
38. Boat shoe embellishment
39. Ruffle button onesie
40. Vintage lady onesie
41. Stuffed Bear Toy



STYLED// pink penelope peplum


I’m so excited for spring sewing so I thought I’d start on my spring wardrobe a little early. This top is a pink Penelope Peplum with a cap sleeve. The fabric is a tri-blend from Girl Charlee, it looks like they a sold out of this color(Chalk Red), but there are a few others to choose from. Tri-blend knits are SUPER soft.

I used 1/4″ elastic to gather the skirt on this top, which was really easy. Anyways, it’s my new favorite top!

Penelope Peplum pattern!


rePenelope Peplum pattern Penelope Peplum pattern Penelope Peplum pattern Penelope Peplum pattern Penelope Peplum pattern

What is on your spring sewing list? (I need ideas!)

pattern fusion // zippy top turned DIY jumpsuit

I made this jumpsuit a few weeks ago and I have been living in it. It’s soooo comfortable! I guess I never thought about how comfortable a jumper would be! And since it is made out of knit, it’s extra comfy. I’m thinking I will get a lot of use out of this jumpsuit in the summer. It almost feels like a maxi dress in how cool and lightweight it is, if that makes sense.

DIY jumpsuit

DIY jumpsuit  DIY jumpsuit DIY jumpsuit

DIY jumpsuitDIY jumpsuit

This is another Pattern Fusion, which means it’s super easy to make! The two patterns are my Zippy Top pattern and the Go To Patterns Go To Knit Pants, which are, consequently, two of my favorite patterns to sew and wear! It only makes sense to sew them together!

So let’s make a jumpsuit!

DIY jumpsuit tutorial

-2-3 yards of knit fabric
-one 16″ zipper (or longer)


1. Sew up view B of the Go To Knit Pants. The only modification we are making is to the waistband. Instead of cutting the waistband on the fold, cut 4, adding seam allowance where the fold would be. Sew waistband pieces together at the short ends and press seam allowance open. Then stack waistband pieces with wrong sides together and sew to top of pants. The top of the waistband will still be open. This is where you will insert your elastic later.


2. Cut the Zippy Top pieces from fabric. Drop the front neckline into a V-neck and make new facings.

3. The back facing will be the one in the pattern with the zipper extension removed.

4. The new front facing should be made by drawing down 1.5″ on either side of the neckline. Round the bottom and cut on the fold.


5. Sew up zippy top normally, but insert zipper into the front.

6. Do not hem zippy top.

7. Now is a good time to try on the zippy top and pants together to find the right length. You will have to trim the zippy top into a curve, as shown below.

8. Sew waistband and zippy hem together with right sides together. Leave a small opening so you can insert elastic.


9. Close the casing and you’re done!

DIY jumpsuit
Photos Copyright Megan Weaver

Fine Art Print Giveaway with Lysha Cole!


I’m really excited to introduce you to this gorgeous art shop today! Lysha Cole is an online art gallery full of pretty things!


Alysha creates colorful abstract art canvases and prints! I pretty much love all of them, the colors are perfect and I can think of a million places to hang them in my house!

So much eye candy!!

I think this one below is my favorite, it’s just so interesting and pretty!

But this one is a close second!



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paper bag skirt tutorial

Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial

I’ve made a few paper bag skirts before, but never one in the same color as a paper bag! I found the right fabric and made this simple, comfy skirt in about a half an hour. The paper bag effect is made with elastic to cinch it up like a crumbled paper bag. It creates a ruffle at the top and is so pretty.

So let’s make this!

Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial

Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial


-2 yards Kona Cotton Bisque
-1″ elastic

Pattern pieces:
-pockets, cut 4: 10″ by 8″

Draft your skirt pieces using your measurements.
Width= waist X 1.7
Length= waist to knee(or desired length) + 3


Cut fabric piece based on above calculations. Cut in the width in half.

Paper Bag Skirt

Sew pockets to skirt sides with right sides together 5″ from the top.


Press open.


Paper Bag Skirt

Sew skirt together along side seams, pivoting at the pockets.

Paper Bag Skirt

Sew pockets together 1″ at the top and about 3″ at the bottom.

Paper Bag Skirt

Finish seam allowances, and top and bottom of skirt.

Press under 2.5″at the top of the skirt and sew a casing. For the casing, sew 1″ below the top fold of the skirt and then again at 2.25″. Leave a small opening on the lower stitch to thread elastic through. Use 1″ elastic as long as your waist measurement – 1-2″ and thread it through using a safety pin.

Paper Bag Skirt

Sew elastic ends together and finish casing. Hem skirt and you’re done!

Paper Bag Skirt

Paper Bag Skirt Tutorial

Measure Twice, Cut Once Tee (order 1 or 2 sizes up!)

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