Penelope Peplum Sew-a-long Day 3: Cutting Fabric

penelope peplum

Today’s task is pretty straight forward, use your patterns to cut the pieces out in fabric! Simple as that!

Tomorrow we’ll be sewing the bodice and sleeves.

If you need to catch up here are the previous days:

Sew-a-long Schedule
Day 1: Find Fabric
Day 2: Print Pattern


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  1. says

    How do I know if I need to adjust the bodice length? The instructions say to adjust as desired.

    “The Penelope Peplum is designed to flare out at the natural waist. You can adjust the length of the bodice as desired by following these steps below.”

    I am new to women’s sewing, so how do I know if I desire to adjust? What measurement on my body should I compare to the pattern to decide if the pattern is good as is or needs an adjustment? Thanks!