not your grandma’s pleated skirt tutorial

PLEATED SKIRT TUTORIALI’m participating in Kelly’s 12 Skirts of Christmas today! I always love a good excuse to make myself something to wear so this series is really fun! Check out Sewing In No Man’s Land for more skirts!

I’ve had this purple matte jersey laying around forever. I love the color and the drape is really fun. Since it is matte, it kinda has that grandma skirt feel, so I pleated it. I think it looks like something you might find at a thrift store.

pleated skirt tutorial

// Heart tights: Forever 21 // shoes: Modcloth //
// top (it’s actually a dress, tucked in): Asian iCandy // bag: vintage // skirt: handmade!

Since there is some give to the fabric, I didn’t need closures. I sewed the hem by hand. Winter makes me crave hand sewing. I also had to catch up with some TMNT with my kiddo. You know.

pleated skirt

It was SUPER duper windy and freezing when we took these photos. But I kinda love how it shows the movement of the fabric!

Want to make one for yourself? It’s easier than you might think!

click below for instructions!


pleated skirt tutorial

Let’s start with the waistband.

1. Measure you waist or hip (wherever you want the skirt to sit). Divide by 2 and then add 1 inch. That will be the top of the pattern piece. Taper the sides out 1″. The piece will be (waist/2) + 1″ by 5″ tall. Cut 4 from your fabric.
2. Cut 2 from interfacing.
3. Fuse interfacing to the backside of  two waistband pieces.
4. Pin waistband pieces right sides together at the top. Sew and repeat with other waistbands.
5. Open and press.
6. Now pin pieces together with right sides together and sew.

pleated skirt tutorialStep 7: Fold over the waistband and match up the bottom edges.
Step 8: Cut 2 pieces rectangles for your skirt. They should be about 2.8 times your halved waist measurement and as long as you want.
Step 9: Pleat the skirt to fit your waistband.
Step 10: Match right sides of waistband with right sides of skirt and sew. Hem bottom.




    • kate says

      Thank you! I think it would look good in another color, too! Maybe light pink or green.

    • kate says

      Thank you! I love the tights also, my favorite ones! Yes, this would be a good first tutorial!

  1. says

    I just loooove pleated skirts! Thanks for this tutorial! Last time I tried to sew a pleatet skirt from an old curtain I didn’t use any tutorial and that was a mistake :D haha :D if you are interested you can see this not very perfect skirt here:

    And I love your hearty tights – I have very very similar ones, just with smaller hearts! :))
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    • kate says

      I think that is really cute!! I love the shape of it.

  2. calinai says

    That’s your color…did you use a pleat foot on your machine or just pin the pleats?