reebok skyscape, my homesewn workout hoodie + $120 shoe giveaway!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Reebok Skyscape via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.

reebok skyscape in black/pink

Sometimes all it takes is a new pair of shoes, you know what I mean? Reebok sent me a pair of their new SkyScape Runaround shoes and they inspired me to sew some activewear! Usually new shoes inspire me to do something, whether that is working out or sewing something new. This shoe is kinda the perfect in-between shoe. It works for working out and it works for running around doing errands and things. When I used to work and hit the gym after, I always needed a pair of shoes just like this, one that would transition with me. They are great for my busy lifestyle now because I can go walking and then (fabric) shopping and not look like I was just working out.

They are super comfy and you really forget you even have them on! I find myself wearing them around the house just because they’re so comfy. They only weigh 5 ounces and they aren’t bulky. I haven’t tried washing them yet, but they are machine washable, which is convenient.

reebok skyscape

The thing I love most about these shoes are the colors! Aqua pink and black….love! They came with two sets of laces , black and bright pink. I put in the pink ones, but I might do a double laces thing with the black ones also. Bright laces are just so fun and I can’t get over the secret aqua insides. These are made with the same type of material that bras are made with, that spongy material. It feels like my feet are getting a hug! Seriously comfortable.

reebok skyscape

I found some great knit fabric at a local store that was perfect for a workout hoodie to go with them. Originally I was looking for a pink to match but I’m just a sucker for purple. And the fabric is really nice, a spandex cotton. Activewear is something I’ve never sewn before so it was fun to give it a try. I designed the hoodie with a super big hood that is easy to get on when it starts to downpour. That was probably inspired by last week when I went out walking with a friend and we got soaked 10 minutes in. Easy access rain protection. The neckline is kinda low, meant to be worn with a tank or something underneath.

sewing hoodie

I still want to add a pocket to the hoodie. Or maybe two side pockets?! I’ll keep you updated.

reebok skyscape


I thought a little bow at the neckline would be a cute unexpected detail. Workout gear isn’t always cute, but the Reebok Skyscapes are so cute because of all the color options. The shape is just nice and streamlined as well. I had to update the rest of my workout look to match!


You can customize your own SkyScapes with different patterns and colors. I made some leopard and light blue ones. You can customize everything on this shoe and even personalize it with your name! These say “KATE” down in the right hand corner of this photo below. I didn’t know what to write, maybe I’d put some motivation words instead of my name if I really thought about it.

leopard reebok

reebok skyscape in black

Enter tow in a YourReebok custom card – up to a $120 value for 1 pair of custom SkyScape shoes created by YOU!

Just leave a comment with your email to enter!

And then go enter the Escape with SkyScape Sweepstakes – an all-inclusive spa weekend for two!

Check out my SkyScape inspired Pin board and Reebok on Pinterest for more styling ideas and workout gear!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Reebok Skyscape via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Michele Timms says

    They sound amazing!!! Thanks for the chance!

  2. Tracie S says

    Those are some nice looking shoes! I like your hoodie as well,

  3. Laura Denlinger says

    I am trying to wear shoes around the house on a regular basis, these look like they would work good for that!

  4. Leah Corbin says

    Those are super cute! And just the motivation I need to start working out more!

  5. says

    Thanks for the chance to win – the shoes look really great – as do your activewear – I bet a couple of side pockets in the hoodie would look good and be useful too.

  6. Kelly T says

    Oh my- I’m a sucker for pink, love those pink & black shoes. And your hoodie is really cute too!

  7. Sarah says

    Super cute! I need some new workout shoes and these look amazingly comfy!

  8. Peep says

    Wow, those look extremely comfortable. On the close up of the inside, you can just tell they will feel good. I wonder if they could be used as pillows?

  9. Amy Raymon says

    Super cute, and such lively colors. I need some g to get motivated to get back in shape.

  10. Kate says

    These look awesome! My sneakers are falling apart, and these would make a really cute replacement. And I love love the hoodie, too!

  11. Margaret M says

    Your jacket looks great! And thanks so much for the giveaway- those shoes are so cute!

  12. LISA C says

    The hoodie is very cute! Love the bow. The shoes look very comfy, too.

  13. angie s. says

    Comfortable and cute, that’s how all shoes and clothing should be.

  14. nemiha says

    I was looking at these the other day! So cool. And that hoodie is darling.

  15. says

    I love a good deep v workout shirt. This one looks fantastic. Great job! And next time just add a “go” to your custom text so it’ll say “go Kate” ;)

  16. says

    Oh that would be great to finally Start my workout! Amazing Hoodie btw.
    Greets Monika

  17. Suzanne Winter says

    Oh these would be awesome!!!!!!!!!! Please PLease PLease!!!!!!! (suzannewinterphotography at

  18. Karen Misner says

    Nothing beats a comfortable AND pretty workout shoe!

  19. Desiree says

    How fun! I could totally go for some cute shoes. They always make working out seem more fun :)

  20. says

    I love these Kate….and the hoodie too. I will send you some of our modal french terry knit to sew up, just perfect for activewear. I am currently using the gray for your City Girl Top!


  21. says

    I need to take the time to work with knits. Thanks for sharing what you’ve made and the giveaway, also.

  22. says

    whoa machine-washable shoes? That’s so cool and convenient!I have only done 1 knit sewing project but i’d love to do more!

  23. Michelle G. says

    Those look awesome. They would be a nice treat for myself.

  24. Rebecca says

    Love the shoes! I have been looking for shoes like these!

  25. Suzanne E says

    I love it all! I so need new shoes just like these!

  26. says

    Super cute shoes!! (I assume the giveaway is US only? I can’t see the giveaway box on my iPhone

  27. says

    I hate buying athletic shoes because they never appeal to me, too many bells and whistles. But these actually look pretty cute and I love that they can be customized. I would definitely wear these.

  28. Ashley says

    If I looked half as cute as you in work out clothes, I might actually work out! I love the hoodie and shoes. Cute cute cute!

  29. Beth Long says

    Would love to customize a pair of shoes! Your hoodie is so cute!

  30. Kristen says

    Wow! I love the pink, black and aqua too! What a fun combo! :) Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  31. Dianne says

    Love the shoes and love your hoodie! Pretty color and totally agree with the need for a giant hood.

  32. Leigh says

    Cute shoes and a cute hoodie! I hope a hoodie pattern/tutorial is coming soon!

  33. Teresa says

    sneakers that transition? sign me up!
    optomisticfreak at aol

  34. says

    I love that they’re customizable! So cute. I hope I win, I really need a new pair of sneakers!

  35. tulie says

    I love how it’s inspired you!!!
    Thus shoes look good.

  36. Gracehepburn says

    You even make working out adorable!! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!

  37. Sidney says

    Those are so adorable and right up my alley!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  38. Mariah Baddas says

    Oh my heck I would pass out if I won. To me, running shoes>high heels!! Thanks for the awesome post, and CUTE hoodie!!

  39. Emily Campbell says

    PICK ME PLEASE!!!! I really need some sneaks!

  40. Shannon P says

    Great giveaway! I am all for fun workout shoes.

  41. Mary Johnson says

    I would love to win. They are so cute. Love your hoodie, also.

  42. Rachel says

    I have seriously been looking for new tennis shoes! These sound divine!

  43. Rana says

    These are so cute. I have been wanting a new pair of shoes.

  44. Bree says

    What an awesome giveaway – thanks for the chance!
    Jitterbug1 (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. lauren michele says

    these are incredible! i never say that about workout shoes!

  46. Carole M says

    I could totally use a new pair of shoes! what a fun giveaway!

  47. Alisha Hodges says

    I love your shoes! How cool that you can create your own! I like that these shoes aren’t bulky, because I can’t stand bulky shoes and a lot of athletic-type shoes are bulky, so these make me happy.

  48. Kathy Davis says

    As my 21 month old granddaughter would say…”Cute Shoes”.

  49. Lindsay Thompson says

    I have a pair of Nike’s that have memory foam and I LOVE them. Love that these Reebok’s are stylish and they look really flexible and comfortable. I’ll have to go check them out in person too!

  50. Dawn Renee' says

    WOW…pink and black combo is awesome and your hoodie is perfect.

  51. Amber Tinsley says

    Love these shoes!!! And the fact you can make them your own. This post has the two of my favorite things…hoodies and athletic shoes.

  52. Danielle says

    I would really love to win a custom pair of these shoes!!!!!!!!!! I’d definitely use the hot pink shade in my creation.

  53. Barbara P. says

    love the shoes and your hoodie as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  54. Julie says

    Ooh, lovely! I could really do with some new workout shoes… Holding thumbs :)

  55. Emmie Victor says

    Love the shoes! Love your new activewear too :)

  56. sarah says

    love them especially the leopard print and aqua – very cute

  57. says

    Second blog I’ve read this morning that has these shoes for a giveaway! Reebok must really want to get the word out about these cuties.

  58. Chelle Chapman says

    Perfect timing Kate! The Hubs & I are just getting ready for a “NEW” us! My DD & I are competing w/ each other for weight loss by June! These shoes would be perfect!! Any plans on sharing how you made your hoodie?

  59. Torrie says

    Those sneakers are adorable!! I don’t do a whole lot of working out, but cute runners for doing errands and such are a must. Mine are getting pretty old – a cute pair of these would be a nice replacement ;) Thanks for the great giveaway! And your hoodie turned out so cute – I love the bow!

  60. Brenda says

    I would love to try these shoes. I have a very narrow foot, and I really like the fact that the laces can be tightened and that the top of the shoe runs high upon the foot.

  61. Marti says

    I need some new sneakers and having a pair just for me, perfect! Thanks for the chance to win.

  62. Megan says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I could really use some new shoes and I love that you can personalize these.

  63. says

    I’d love to win these shoes. I’ve been exercising regularly for about a month now and a new pair of shoes to do it in would be awesome!

  64. Christi P says

    I left my Nike Free shoes at a quilting retreat and haven’t replaced them yet.
    This review is making me think these would be a good replacement! Mine were black with hot pink too! Once you wear the lightweight tennis shoes it is hard to wear the big bulky ones again! I feel like I am wearing weights on my feet! Can’t wait to try them on!!

  65. Amanda Sakovitz says

    These are so cute! I love all the different colors!

  66. Shalise Hansen says

    So cute! I love all of the different options.

  67. Erin McSweeney says

    Absolutely love the shoes, what a great prize

  68. Jessica says

    Your hoodie is adorable and those shoes aren’t half-bad! :)

  69. says

    You’re right, that sweet little bow adds just enough to make it extra special. The shoes are great – I mean, who wouldn’t want to run like the wind with those leopard spot shoes! Reebok makes great quality products, too, so you know there’s backbone to the shoes, too.

  70. Connie Cain says

    Just what I need!! My job requires ALOT of walking and my shoes now are just about shot. I am going to need a new pair soon. :)

  71. Ashley Williams says

    I’m not usually a big fan of leopard print but omg those shoes. How could you not want to work out with those?!

  72. Jennai says

    Those leopard skin print shoes are awesome! I need some!