ruffles 2013!

ruffles 2013

Welcome to RUFFLES 2013! Be prepared for some serious ruffle the next few weeks!

I’m excited to announce a new partnership with Babylock that we’re launching with this series! I have been wanting to upgrade my machines for a while now and this was the perfect opportunity. I’m thrilled to promote such a solid brand in the sewing market. I have two new machines to introduce you to soon, Melody and Diana. They’re my new BFFs, it has been so fun figuring out all their cool features the last few weeks! I can’t wait to tell you all about them, these machines will be a big part of the RUFFLES series!

Here’s a little outline of what’s coming!

Guests! Yes, guests! What is a series without fellow ruffle lovers. I’m excited to have a whole lineup of bloggers who have never participated in my ruffle series before!
Cottage Mama
Straight Grain
Sew Caroline
Sew a Straight Line
Frances Suzanne
Melly Sews
Shwin & Shwin
Alida Makes
Sew Like My Mom
Mama Says Sew
Petit a Petit and Family
One Little Minute
Happy Together

Mystery Fabric Ruffle Challenge

Fashionable Fabrics sent me and 4 other bloggers 1 yard of the same fabric! We’re each going to make something ruffly with it and showcase them on August 29th. I can’t wait to see what happens with 5  yards of fabric! Hint: the fabric is pearl bracelet!

Ruffled Apron Sew-a-long


This FREE pattern will be available later today in an upcoming post! It’s a ruffle apron pattern that is suitable and fun for any level of seamstress. I designed the apron to have lots of room for creativity. I even lined up 3 of my most creative blogging friends to remix the apron throughout the series. And who doesn’t need an adorable ruffled apron hanging in their kitchen? Right, no one.

So…get ready for some RUFFLES! And see you later for the sew-a-long signups, FREE pattern and details!

ruffles 2013


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    Oooh, you have to try out Nancy Zieman’s method of ruffling too! The video just expired on (booooo!) but I’ll see if I can explain it. Set your fabric under the needle and take one stitch. Then pull the bobbin thread up through your fabric so it’s on top, and stretch it out as long as the seam you’ll be sewing. Set your machine to a medium zig zag and hold the bobbin thread right at your seam line. Zig zag over the bobbin thread to the end of your seam. Then you can just pull the bobbin thread and the ruffling will happen so easily!

    I made a mini Anthropologie ruffled shower curtain knockoff with this technique (to cover my fabric bookcase) and it made the ruffles so much easier than the double basting line. Just wanted to share, and I am REALLY looking forward to this series! :)

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    This couldn’t have come at a better time! I just bought fabric to make an apron for a friend’s wedding present and haven’t been able to find an apron pattern that I like!

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    This is SO EXCITING! Babylock ROCKS. I remember seeing one at a craft show in Brisbane that threaded the needles with air. WITH AIR. oh my god.


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