sassy librarian blouse + cement pattern weights tutorial

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the sassy librarian blouse

This was a really fun project to make! The Sassy Librarian Blouse is a pattern by Christine Haynes, that she teaches in a video ecourse on Craftsy. Video courses are really nice because it really feels like you’re in a classroom. The instructor walks you through every single step of the pattern, giving tips and information along the way. I learned a few things about sewing garments and ended up with a really cute top! The course comes with a downloadable pattern and other course materials.

This class is self-paced, so once you sign up you can watch it all at once or little by little. And they never expire! It’s even interactive, you can ask and answer questions and upload photos of your projects. I have really been enjoying learning in this way!

the sassy librarian blouse

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I used a lightweight polka dot cotton for the body and a floral for the collar. I had limited options for the front buttons, since I needed 6, but luckily the bright blue coordinated with the collar. I thought those were a fun extra pop of color!


The top fits great! It is a little shorter than I normally wear tops, but I think it is good to step out of my norm sometimes. It definitely makes me feel sassy! This is View 1 of the Sassy Librarian Blouse, there is also another view that has front pleats, no sleeves and a little tab and bow at the center front. I had a hard time deciding which to choose, but ultimately went for the collar. You can mix and match the features of View 1 and View 2 for more unique variations.


Since I’m sewing with patterns so much, I made some cement pattern weights to use in my sewing room. I wanted a modern industrial feel for them, so I used cement and yogurt cups to make them. It was pretty easy, but took a few days with drying time.

DIY cement pattern weights

DIY cement pattern weights

DIY cement pattern weights

-empty yogurt cups. I’m using Brown cow which has a nice shape. I originally bought yoplait cups for this but they have a little space at the bottom that wouldn’t work for the cement, so I went looking for a cup with a flatter bottom.
-thick paintbrush (that you don’t mind ruining)

Clean out your yogurt cups. I put my extra yogurt in a freezer bag and froze it for smoothies.



Mix the concrete and fill the cups about half way with cement. You have to work quick to get smooth results.



Use another yogurt cup to press down the cement and make it smooth.


Let them dry overnight. When you take the cement out you’ll have pattern weights! You’ll see that some of them are rougher than others. The smooth ones are the first ones I did. I recommend mixing a few different batches so yours don’t turn out rough like mine!

cment3 cement4 cement-pattern-weights

To fill in the cracks, I mixed up some more cement and brushed it on with a thick paintbrush. Then I used my gloves and fingers to smooth them out. You can also sand them down a bit when dry.

smooth cement5

DIY cement pattern weights

I’m excited to have my own pattern weights to help make pattern cutting easier!

DIY cement pattern weights

DIY cement pattern weights


the sassy librarian blouse

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    Nice blouse! I bought that pattern last year and haven’t done anything with it yet. I need to get moving on that. Soon or later . . .