buy + diy: chapstick sampler with see-through zipper bag FREE PATTERN!

see through pouch tutorial  CHAPSTICK SAMPLER triangle see-through pouch

This might sound like a silly gift, but who doesn’t need a few extra cute and tasty chapsticks laying around! Obviously I’ve gone sampler crazy lately. A little sampler of some of your favorite things is the perfect easy gif that you can pick up at Target or order online. PLUS you get to make part of it, so it’s useful and special.

Chapstick is a holiday staple for us, I usually stick a few in the stockings. This is also perfect for teens and tweens. I love chapstick and I have my favorite brands, but I also love trying new flavors. So I picked out some of the prettiest chapsticks I could find and then sewed up a trendy make-up pouch for them. (I’ve also tasted them all, delish all around!) This pouch is cool because it has a vinyl window so you can see what is inside!

Fun, right!

chapstick sampler gift idea

see through zipper bag tutorial
-one 7″ zipper
-vinyl scraps
-see through zipper pouch printable pattern
-fabric scraps
-1 package 1/2″ bias tape
-a selection of your favorite chap sticks
My favorites are: Baby Lips, Burt’s Bees , eos sweet mint, e.l.f., and the little bear chapstick is from Target.


Cut all pieces from fabric.
1. Sew side triangle to vinyl.
2. Fold over, press (with low iron so you don’t melt the vinyl!) and topstitch.
3. Repeat with other side.
4. Sew top of pouch to vinyl triangle with right sides together.
5. Fold over, press and topstitch.
6. Sew zipper pieces to top of pouch front and back.
7. Sew pouch together with right sides together. Make sure zipper is open.
8. Cover seam allowance with binding. Turn right side out.




What’s your favorite chapstick?

Happy sewing! (and tasting!) (But if you’re giving this as a gift you probably shouldn’t taste them!)


  1. Jessica says

    You are killing me with you cute bag patterns and fun backgrounds! I want to sew everything! Keep up the creative posts! I am loving them!