sewing 101: the easiest zipper

If you’ve never sewn an invisible zipper, it might surprise you that it is the easiest kind of zipper to sew in. Yep, the easiest! Plus, it look so nice on your garment, the zipper just looks a like a seam! So neat and clean. Once you do one, you will never go back! Here’s a quick tutorial.

You will need an invisible zipper foot for this and a regular zipper foot is also handy. I have thisinvisible zipper foot
which I got in this 7-piece set(great deal!…comes with a regular zipper foot and a ruffler foot!)

First, unzip your zipper and pin one side to the garment.

Using your regular zipper foot sew the zipper on as close as you can to the teeth.
This is just to keep the zipper in place when you use the invisible zipper foot. Now, change out your feet. The invisible zipper foot has two little grooves. Align your zipper teeth in one groove with the needle on the zipper side of the teeth.

 If you look closely, you’ll see that the zipper teeth are in the right groove and the needle is on the left of the teeth. As you sew, the stitch will be SO close to the zipper feet. Make sure your needle is centered and sew it up. You might be surprised at how easy this is!

Finish sewing to the end and repeat on the other side of your garment. Then zip it up!

Slick! (If your zipper doesn’t go all the way to the bottom of your piece of clothing like this, you’ll have to just sew over the zipper teeth like in the regular zipper tutorial.)

You can find more sewing 101 lessons here, including the centered zipper in a seam tutorial.

What do you think? Ready to try an invisible zipper?


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    Thanks for posting this……zippers are my arch-nemisis! Printing it for next time I have to do one.

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    Awesome!! I love the knowledge I have gained from reading blogs….this one will be in the bank forever!! Thanks Kate

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    Great tutorial! I miss my invisible zipper foot and my industrial sewing machine from when I was a bridal seamstress. When all the dresses in the workline were finished, I’d do repairs on broken zippers in the store, and invisible zippers were my favorite!!


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    I do love how invisible zippers look when inserted properly, but I always have issues with bubbling/rippling at the bottom, where they meet up with the rest of the seam. Could you maybe show that part as well, instead of just ending at the bottom of the scrap?

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    I think they key for eliminating the bubbling/rippling where the seam meets the zipper is to sew the zipper in FIRST and then stitch the seam below the zip. Any unevenness from installing the zip will be eased into the entire lower seam. The sewing directions on an invisible zip recommend this method.

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    Okay, I was with comment 7. I immediately said…”well how about the rest?”
    That is where it always goes wrong with me.

    This last weekend I even said to a friend…”are you sure that you dare to start on a zipper?” why not put an easy peasy elastic in it?” I will give her this tutorial and a link to it.



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    I’ve been wanting to try a zip. Will have to build up to it I think. But this makes it seem so easy!! :D

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    wow, never thought to sew down the zipper before putting on the invis. foot. Can’t wait to try that!!!