sunglasses case tutorial with a pleather bow!

Written by Jessica of The Ladyette.


Today I have a super useful DIY project for you…a sunglasses case with an outside pocket. It’s perfect for taking along your sunglasses and a few small things like lip gloss and a credit card or ID. It will fit in your purse or you can carry it around itself because it’s so cute.

sunglasses case tutorial

Supplies Needed: cotton fabric, faux leather fabric, thread (possibly in multiple colors), a needle, scissors, measuring tape, a few pins, and a sewing machine (which is optional, because you could also hand stitch this).


Step 1: Cut the cotton fabric into rectangle 9.5″ X 5 3/4″. Cut the faux leather into a rectangle 8.5″ X 7″. Then cut two small pieces of leather that will be used for the bow, one about 4″ X 2″ and one 4″ X 0.5″.case02

Step 2: To begin sewing, start with the cotton fabric and sew a seam around what will be the top edge. You want to fold the edge over about 1/4″ and then fold it again the same width so no unfinished edges are showing along the top. Sew all the way across the top along the edge of the folded seam.


Step 3: Lay the cotton fabric down, wrong side up. Lay the faux leather down on top of it, wrong side up. You want the faux leather to be several inches taller than the cotton fabric. There should be 1/2″ of cotton fabric on either side of the leather and about 1/4″ cotton fabric on the bottom. Fold the cotton fabric over the bottom edge of the faux leather and pin it to keep it snug. Then fold the entire thing in half lengthwise (the wrong side of the leather should be the outermost layer) and pin. You will sew it together and then turn it right side out.

Step 4: On the side of the case where the edges meet, cut a rounded corner in the leather just to finish things off.

Step 5: Sew a seam on the bottom edge of the case and the side where the edges meet. You want to start at the corner where the bottom meets the folded side, sew across the bottom, and then without stopping, sew up the side until you reach the beginning of the rounded corner. Two things are very important during this process: 1) make sure the top edge of the cotton fabric lines up with each other on the front and back side 2) allow a little more slack in the cotton fabric than in the faux leather fabric, because when you flip this right side out, you want the cotton pocket to be slightly wider than the leather so that it lays nicely.


Step 6: When the edges have been sewn, leaving an opening at the top, tie off all the ends and cut the lose strings. You can also trim down any extra cotton fabric on the inside seam. Now you can turn the case right side out (it helps to scrunch it up a little because the faux leather will not stretch). If needed, you can use the eraser end of a pencil to push the corners out.

case05 case06

Step 7: Time to create the faux leather bow! Start with the larger piece and fold it like an accordion, starting in the middle and folding out with three folds total. With a needle and thread, sew the fold in the middle (lengthwise) to create the main bow structure. Then, use the small piece to wrap around the center of the bow for a more finished look. Overlap the ends in the back and stitch them together to hold it in place. Then, hand stitch the bow to the case, above the pocket and in the middle of the exposed faux leather.


And, ta-da! A cute little case for your sunnies and a few accessory items.

case09 case11 case10

Stay tuned for a fun sunglasses refashion coming your way!



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