SUPERCOMFY // project run and play season 3 reunion


Two years ago at this time, I was stressing myself out with Project Run and Play, an online sewing competition. The weekly themes encourage ridiculous amounts of sewing for one little outfit that will then be ripped apart by judges and voters. And then one year ago I signed on AGAIN for the all-star season, when I had a newborn baby (bad idea). Stressful situations seem to stretch my creativity though and that is why I can’t stop!

Though the competition was fierce and stressful it is fun to keep in touch with my online buddies that were in it with me. So today, we got together to bring you a little reunion (awww!). You can click over to all the season 3 participant’s blogs and be reinspired.


My look today is called SUPERCOMFY, written in all caps and one word. I made this outfit out of the new Flight Collection by Birch Fabrics! It’s not out yet but I got a few advance yards to play with. The fabric is so nice, it’s a knit! With cute little birds printed on it. You can sign up to be notified when the fabric is available and see all the colors here.

The pants are called the TRIANGLE pants, a new pattern I’m almost done with, stayed tuned! They have funky triangular pockets on the sides, a slightly dropped crotch and elastic waistband. The legs are pretty slim fitting, but they can be made in a woven fabric as well!


The hoodie has an assymetrical exposed zipper on the front and band around the hood.

The concept of the outfit is loungewear/activewear with a few unique quirks, such as the zipper and pockets. Doesn’t it just look supercomfy?

Enjoy a photo overload!

supercomfy5supercomfy8 supercomfy6supercomfy7bw

Eyelash envy!

Welp, that’s a wrap, go check out the other looks here:


  1. says

    Love it! Especially the hoodie–that zipper detail is so perfect. And it doesn’t hurt that your little model is so dang cute, too ;-)

  2. says

    I’m in love! How cute is that! I totally want to wear that too (if only I looked this cool in it, I must admit). Can’t wait for the pattern AND the fabric to come out.

    • kate says

      Thank you!! Such a compliment that you’d wear it :)

  3. says

    This outfit does look ooober comfy- can I get one of these in size huge maternity please? :) Can’t wait to go over and see all of the other reunion looks, what a lovely idea!


    • kate says

      Hahah! It would make a nice maternity outfit! With big pockets for snacks, hah! ;) Thanks Mae!

  4. jeanine says

    I LOVE that hoodie!!!!! The side zipper is such a fun touch!

  5. says

    I love everything about this, Kate. The fabric is swoon-y and the comfiness just oozes from the outfit. And, as usual, great photos!!

  6. says

    I LOVE the top with the zipper, so would my 9 year old son, any plans for a full pattern graded to big sizes or a tutorial for adding the zipper? Gorgeous model and love your choice of fabric

    • kate says

      Thanks Tanya!! Glad you like it! There might be a pattern in the works! I don’t usually go up to size 9 but I will note that! Thanks!

  7. says

    you did such a good job! and he is the cutest boy ever! is this weird that i would actually wore it myself? i probably shouldn’t admit that but oh well it’s true! good look with next projects x

  8. says

    It’s knit?!!
    Love love love.
    When are you thinking of releasing the pant pattern? Love those triangle pockets.

    • kate says

      Thanks Jacq! I will probably release the pattern sometime this week! Stay tuned!

  9. says

    He is so gorgeous! I love this whole look. Ollie would flip for those pants. I feel like its rare to see new and different things for boys and this is so cool! Well done. As always :)

  10. says

    So super cute! Hoping you find yourself needing an extra tester :) My son is all about the comfy pants, and these would be a funky addition!

  11. says

    eeep he does look supercomfy indeed! looks like he could just lounge around all day – but both these pieces look like they’d work great as separates, too. fun reuniting with you, kate!!

  12. Caroline says

    Certainly looking SUPERCOMFY! I really like the detailing on both items, but the hoodie is my favourite!


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