universal pacifier clip tutorial

pacifier clip tutorial
The pacifier clip: a total essential for a first-time mom. If she is like I was, she will sterlize every pacifier, bottle and toy after it hits ANY surface and before it touches her new baby! And if it’s flu season- TWICE. It’s stressful. I know. So, enter the pacifier clip. Loop the paci through the ribbon and clip it on your baby. Or you. And then it won’t fall! 
These are pretty simple to make, and make a great accessory for a  baby shower gift. Here is my universal pacifier clip tutorial:
pacifier clips

*Fabric: any kind
*Ribbon, or bias tape: 6 inches for each pacifier clip
*Suspender clips: available in the notions aisle of the craft store, sold in packs of two usually.

Ready? Let’s go!

First, cut your fabric into a rectangle, 3 inches by 10 inches.

pacifier clip
pacifier clip tutorial
1. Fold the fabric in half long ways and sew with 1/2″ seam allowance. 2. Turn it right side out and press the seam in the center. 3. Feed 1 1/2″ of the fabric through the suspender clip, turn under 1/2″ of the end and then pin. Sew with a straight stitch to keep it in place. 4. On the other end, fold over 1/4″ of the fabric and insert 6″ of ribbon, folded in half. Sew close to the edge to close the end and keep the ribbon in place.
That’s it! Now find a pacifier and loop it in!
pacifier clip tutorial
Works with soothies, too! Just loop the ribbon through one of the little holes. You can even loop them around toys and teethers!
easy pacifier clip tutorial
After I made a few for a friend’s baby boy, I decided to make a few really girly versions, complete with bows, ruffles and lace. 
girly pacifier clips
Happy germ-free pacifiers.


  1. says

    I love your site and your projects! I thought I should mention (trying not to sound high-and-mighty or anything) but you’re really not supposed to thread anything through the holes in the soothie. That’s the only paci my son will take and it is SO annoying that they don’t have a place for paci clips! (Those holes are for air flow). What I do though is make a slice in the tab thing on the back with a sharp knife and push the fabric through there.

    Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I’ll to make some for the next baby shower.

  2. says

    I have found the suspender clips in the dollar bins at Target many times.

    They have been packaged as mitten clips, St. Patrick’s Day suspenders, etc. Much cheaper than buying them at the fabric store.

    I recently found some mitten clips on clearance at Walmart in the baby section. The clips on them are pink, blue, or black :) I think I paid $.50 for each set, which was 4 clips.

  3. says

    Great idea! I actually just decided to only let my baby have his binky at nap and bedtime, so I don’t need a strap anymore, but I used your idea and just sewed the ribbon onto the hand of his sock-monkey which is his lovey. It’s like a Wubanub! Just thought I’d share!

  4. says

    Great idea! I actually just sewed the ribbon onto the hand of my baby’s lovey (a sock monkey) so it’s like a Wubanub! My baby only gets his binkie when he’s sleeping so this is a good way to keep it near without losing it.

  5. says

    I love these! I went to buy suspender clips once, and noticed they were right next to the clips you can buy to keep your ironing board covers on – those came in a set of 6 clips for about the same price!

  6. says

    I love these! I went to buy suspender clips once, and noticed they were right next to the clips you can buy to keep your ironing board covers on – those came in a set of 6 clips for about the same price!

  7. says

    I just adore this tutorial. I had actually purchased some suspender clips and had been trying to figure out how to make them when your tutorial came across Pinterest today! I had started making mine a little different. I use a snap clip on the end of the suspender clip so I could switch out the design. I also used all ribbon…why I never thought of fabric…who knows :) I just top stitched 2 2″ ribbon pieces together with another ribbon at the top. I love the elastic idea though. I have a boy, so mine are definitely simpler than your gorgeous ones :) I am going to have to compare yours to mine and see what I think. I will probably still use a snap though. I love posting my projects to my site, so I will come back and let you know when I do so that you know I linked your page on mine :) NOTE: I found my suspender clips in Wal-Mart in between the baby and toddler clothes. They were on a little rack with hats, bows, hair ties, etc. The associate in that area pointed me right to them.

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    I just went looking for some more suspender clips. I found some at JoAnn’s by the buttons and elastic. There were 2 in a pack for about $3. Then I went to Wal-Mart and with the winter season they have mitten clips…same thing only in a pack of 4 for $2. They even had Cars decals on them.

  9. carla says

    Please excuse my ignorance, but how do you attach the pacifier? Do you loop it through? Thanks.