win a leather hide from Leather Hide Store!

A whole cow hide?! Imagine all the things you could make with it! Leather Hide Store recently sent me a leather hide to play around with and I’m having so much fun with it! I have a free pattern using leather ready for Wednesday, but until then, you can enter to win your own leather hide!

Each hide is about 10-15 or more square feet of leather, which makes it very affordable! I’ve already made a few projects with my hide and have barely made a dent in the square footage.

win a leather hide from leather hide store!

Leather Hide Store has leather remnants in over 25 different colors! I chose Copper Mountain Saddle, but I want them all!

The prize is for $50 to which can be used for a whole leather hide!

Open to US and Canada. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Enter in Rafflecopter widget below! Also: sneak peek of my leather project below!

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  1. Megan says

    I’m not sure exactly, but a clothing item of some sort.

  2. Meriel says

    I like Ruby Red Slipper – I’d love to make a nice bag!

  3. Kathy Laird says

    I love the ruby red slipper! I would make slippers for my grand daughter!

  4. Sheila Shapley says

    I liked Copper Mountain Saddle would like to make some purses.

  5. laura says

    Hi! I love Gold Rush! I would definitely make some sort of clutch/handbag with my newly won leather! Hope I win!!

  6. Mindy Merenghi says

    I like Copper Mountain Saddle and I would make a bag!

  7. Ashley Spencer says

    I like Gold Rush and I would make a fringe purse or some shoes.

  8. jennifer says

    wow – gorgeous! i love shagreen copper spice and would make matching bags for me and my dear 5 year old daughter – or gifts!

  9. AmieJo says

    ohmygoodness! Ruby red slipper! I love red leather! I would SO make a handbag with it, or wallet. I have been wanting to make a zippered clutch for myself so this would be perfect! :)

  10. Marnie Halliday says

    I love Outlaw and Dallas Black. I would use it to make handmade art journals and notebooks! I would be in heaven if I won!

  11. Becky Amshoff says

    I love the Copper Mountain Saddle and Dark Gold Rush. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Hannah M says

    I think goldrush or outlaw…so hard to choose! I’d make some baby mocs!

  13. Becky Amshoff says

    Forgot to say — I’d add it as an accent on some children’s clothing items…maybe at the shoulders or elbows:)

  14. Sarah Mullen says

    I love the gold rush! I’d use it to make clutches for all my friends (and myself).

  15. Theresa Brooks says

    Red Distress is the one I love best. I would love to make myself a purse!

  16. Carol F. says

    I am fascinated by the Dark Sierra Brown!!! All of your hides are Lovely!!! :)

  17. Chacoy says

    LOVE Auburn Blaze and I’d love to make me a pair of moccasins!

  18. Brittany R says

    I would love to make a bag with the dark copper!

  19. Danielle M. says

    I love the ORLANDO ORANGE CRUSH!! I would love to make a bag out of it!

  20. says

    The Ozark Brown, a fabulous long-lasting, gorgeous, awe worthy bag of course!

  21. Melissa says

    I’ve wanted to try to sew with leather for a while now, just don’t have a good place around me to learn the differences. I would probably may a hat and shoes for my wee one!

  22. Allison C says

    I like eclipse black and I would attempt to make a hobo bag

  23. Barbara Martin says

    The Golden Saddle is beautiful. So many pretty colors. So many projects come to mine. Great giveaway. Unusual too!

  24. Joelle says

    Pennsylvania Chocolate! I’d make toddler shoes first.

  25. says

    Pennsylvania Chocolate caught my eye. I think I’d try to make some moccasins and then use leftovers on things like accessories and elbow patches. :)

  26. Karen A says

    I like the Pennsylvania Chocolate. I would probably make a tote or purse.

  27. Rebecca Pelletier says

    O my! I would be ecstatic to win a hide! Best gift ever!

  28. jonquil says

    Autumn Blaze is especially lovely. I would make a clutch or a tote :)

  29. Kelly T says

    I’d start with a pair of baby shoes, and also try a small clutch purse. :)

  30. Katie says

    I love Auburn Blaze! I’d love to make a bag out of it. :)

  31. says

    I recently stumbled across some Alexander Henry Zen Chic fabric and have been wanting to make a bag out of it with a leather bottom and leather handles. I think the Dallas Black would be perfect! (Although I’m madly in love with the Auburn Blaze!!)

  32. says

    There were three I really liked, but I think Mustang is my favorite. I’ve been wanting to make a messenger bag. The Mustang colored hide would be perfect!
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  33. Casey says

    Oh I love outlaw color, but really there are so many that I love. I’ve been dreaming of working with leather lately. Dreaming!

  34. Kelly says

    I love gold rush. First thing I would make would be a headband bow.

  35. Gwen W says

    I would use either Outlaw or Eclipse Black to make a bag for my hubby! He wants a rough and rugged messenger bag. :P

  36. alyssa p says

    I’d go with Mustang…And I’d start with elbow patches for my son and maybe a bag for me!

  37. says

    I love the brown and red together. I want to make my hubby a brown wallet w red hidden inside for fun. Then he needs a kindle case.

  38. says

    I just ordered a swatch from them a couple days ago! Loving the red &purple leathers. I want to try making a bag so bad with these gorgeous hides!

  39. Patti says

    I love Dark Copper Mountain Saddle! I would love to make a bag and maybe some smaller pouches with it!

  40. Melissa says

    I love the Orlando Orange Crush! I have never made anything with leather, so I will probably start small. Maybe a belt. For my daughter. Ooooh. Or a bracelet!

  41. Monique says

    I love the classic Eclipse Black! I’d made leather mens wallets as I am opening an online store for wallets and purses soon :)

  42. Emily says

    Wow, I love outlaw! I’d love to make a worn-in looking big tote!

  43. says

    Love the Austin sage green. I want to make a tablet holder and trim on a jacket. But I loved that cream they had as well for winter jacket.

  44. Jess says

    dark ale pecan is beautiful. i would love to make a bag and some baby shoes!

  45. Sue S. says

    The Plantation Moss Wax is beautiful.. So is the Austin sage green. So hard to choose. I would make myself a purse.

  46. says

    My favorite color is Pennsylvania Chocolate or Dallas Black
    I’d probably use bits and pieces to make (another) Weekender bag, a Super tote, some leggings for my little girl… and go from there!:)

  47. Chelsea says

    I’d love that sierra brown…. dying to make a leather tote!!!

  48. Amy says

    I would make a purse with a leather bottom with the outlaw color!

  49. Mary M says

    You can’t go wrong with black. Dallas black. :)

  50. Sandra Brown says

    Would LOVE to make a corset type bodice with some nice buckles out of that RUSTIC CROC leather. yum.

  51. Ann says

    A luscious leather backpack – Bag’n'tell has the perfect pattern! Any leftovers will trim some of my Silks With Attitude!

  52. Deron Spencer says

    I like Dark Copper Mountain Saddle and I would probably make a belt or other accessories.