miss matatabi fabric giveaway!


I know I’ve been taunting you with all the gorgeous Japanese fabric from Miss Matatabi fabric this week! There are just so many great fabrics at Miss Matatabi that are perfect for the zippy top! So today is your chance to WIN some for yourself!

I picked out some of my favorites from Miss Matatabi that would work well with the Zippy Top!


FLORALS! // These are all florals in lightweight cotton fabrics. Aren’t they gorgeous? I have a top made with the fabric forest fabric to show you next week!

1. Monotone woodland purple
2. Fabric forest cotton lawn
3. nani iro sen ritsu double gauze
4. kei vintage time cotton/linen
5. Melimba tiny dancer cotton 
6. Monotone woodland pink


DOUBLE GAUZE // Double Gauze is SUCH a nice fabric to sew with! I’ve only sewn with it a handful of times because it is hard to source. But Miss Matatabi has a lot of options, even a whole section of them! Trust me, you need to try this fabric!

1. white on minty blue
2. white on off white
3. Pink solid double gauze
4. Reversible dots and gingham
5. Chartreuse double gauze
6. beige with silver dots


FUN PRINTS // You can find some really unique and fun prints from Miss Matatabi. I love tiny little animals and fun shapes.

1. Watercolor Heart Cats cotton lawn
2. Japanese Fabric Kokka Nani Iro Pierre Pocho double gauze
3. Geese linen voile
4. Hungry Polar bear seersucker
5. Nani Iro shine double gauze
6. Elephant seersucker


OTHER // This is a random selection that aren’t necessarily the best fabrics for the Zippy Top, but they are super cute! These include unique knits, a few twills and some more gauze! The Zippy Top does work with knits though and I used another colorway of the twill here, a little boxy but it’s my new favorite top!

1. Quilted Polka Dot Knit

2. Japanese fabric flower garden

3. Neon floral stretch twill 

4. Nani Iro Kokka Fuccra double guaze

5. Corsage Kosa-jyu double guaze

6. Herringbone painting knit fabric

Enter to win a $30 gift card to Miss Matatabi in the rafflecopter widget below!

Miss Matatabi fabric giveaway!

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zippy dress hack tutorial + a goose dress



Yesterday I shared my pink dress that I made from the zippy top pattern. Today I’m sharing another dress, the geese dress, plus a zippy dress hack tutorial. It’s a loose dress, so you can either wear it loose, put elastic in the waist or cinch it up with a belt. 

This fabric is c/o Miss Matatabi on etsy. It’s a linen blend voile fabric with little geese all over it. It feels a lot like gauze, lightweight but really strong! t’s so soft and has a nice drape! I love the colors in this dress, almost a Neapolitan color palette, but it also comes in a few other colorways.


zippy-dress-tutorial zippy-dress-tutorial3

To make your zippy top into a dress, make the crop top version but don’t hem it. You can cut off an inch or two from the bottom if you’d like.  The babydoll dress version is about 3-4 inches shorter at the bodice, so it depends what look you’re going for!step1

Cut two skirt pieces. Use the measurements below. step2

Sew skirt pieces together at the side seams. Finish seam allowance.


Fold under 1/4″ at the hem and press. Fold under another 1/4″ and press. Then stitch hem in place.step4

Sew two rows of baste stitches at the top of each skirt panel. Stop and start again at the side seams, it is tough to gather fabric over seams, so this will make it easier.step5

Pull stitches to gather skirt panels.step6

Flip skirt up and pin to bodice, matching side seams. Adjust your gathers so they match up.step7

Stitch and finish seam allowance.step8

Turn right side out and you’re done!



You can also make the skirt a little shorter if you want a short dress that you can pair with leggings.  



  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Come back tomorrow for a giveaway of the FABRIC variety!!!


maxi skirt + curtain dress mashup // my pink ALT dress

I’m so excited to share this Zippy Top dress hack today! I first made myself a dress with the Zippy Top pattern for ALT Summit (a design conference), way back in January when the pattern was still in production. I had a maxi skirt with a stain on it that was craving a refashion. I also had a lot of extra curtains laying around because I had cut them too short. So I mashed them together. I used a light pink fabric underneath the lace so it wouldn’t be see-though.

I didn’t put a zipper in the back of this one, mostly because I was rushing to get it done the night before ALT. But also, the neckline is wide enough that the zipper is more of a design element than a necessity.

This dress has a babydoll silhouette shape. It’s a little bit playful and maybe a little too “young” for me. But I don’t care, it’s fun to wear! I tried to grow it up a little with a pair of heels and a feather bracelet. Simple and easy to wear is my style these days.

I paired it with floral leggings because it was just a tad too short, another thing that happens when I’m rushing! I wore this to the mini-parties the last night of ALT. I honestly haven’t worn it since then (until this photoshoot!), but it also looks cute belted. The ALT dress code is played up on the internet more than it should be, but it is still fun to play dress-up while you’re there.





That’s for reading! I have another dress to show you tomorrow, plus the tutorial for this hack! Get yer Zippy Top pattern here for 15% off with code ZIPPY!

zippy top hack: front zipper tutorial

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

Happy Monday Friends! If you participated in ZIPPY TOP WEEKEND, you have a brand new top to wear today! If not, there is still time to sew up this seriously fast top for yourself! The sewalong goes until April 30. This week and next I’ll be sharing inspiration and and easy hacks to customize your Zippy Top even more! I’ll be featuring lots of fabrics from Miss Matatabi fabrics. You might not know this but I have a serious weakness for Japanese design. The colors, the patterns, the prints, everything is just so cute! So I’m excited to share some this week! Miss Matatabi has a lot of great lightweight fabrics that are perfect for the Zippy Top.

Today I’m sharing this front zippy top hack! I made it with this Japanese neon floral stretch twill. This fabric is a little thicker than the fabric I recommend for the Zippy Top. I just loved it too much to not make myself a top with. Isn’t it pretty? Since it is a little bit sturdier, I switched the zipper feature to the front of the shirt, so I can wear the top over a tank and wear it unzipped a little. It’s just a fun way to switch it up!

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

Thanks for helping me decide which color zipper to use, by the way! (I posted a few options on instagram.) I think the final tally winner was pink…but I went with white. I thought white would look really cute with white pants. I’ve never had white pants before, this is kinda monumental! How long do you think they will stay white?

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

The tutorial for this hack is very simple, it’s all in the patternwork. First, cut off the bottom portion of of the back facing, rounding off the facing. Then, take the portion you just cut off and tape it to the front facing. There will be a little extra at the top that you can clip off, but you just need the basic shape. Now the facing is all ready for your front zipper! Follow the rest of the instructions as written.



the ZIPPY top // front zipper hack instructions seekatesew.com


I’m loving my front zipper top! Having the zipper in the front really changes the whole thing.

The Zippy Top is still on sale for 15% off, use code ZIPPY.

floral zippy top with front zipper hack tutorial

zippy top weekend day 3: finish the top!


Last day! You are almost done with your Zippy Top! Today is the last day of zippy top weekend. If you missed DAY 1 or DAY 2, check those out.

Today we will finish the top in 3 steps:

1. Finish armscye (step 3-4)

2. Sew side seams (step 5-6)

3. Hem bottom (step 15)

Good work! Be sure to share your zippy top with hashtag #zippy top on instagram, post it to my facebook wall, or add it to my flickr group!

See you tomorrow for a zippy hack!