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We introduced a new sewing themed tee in the shop this week: The SCISSOR HAPPY TEE! Plus, scroll down to see the SECOND brand new tee!

The Scissor Happy Tee is perfect for any crafter and scissor lover (and even great for hair stylists, hah!).


These shirts are white and light grey striped tees made of 100% cotton. The design is 2 colors of pink ink with a cute little scissor graphic. They are so comfy and soft and 100% made in the USA!





The Make Do & Mend Tee is the second tee, that I’ve been giving peeks of this week! It is a super soft navy tee with sparkly GOLD ink! This custom calligraphy design is so swirly and pretty and is printed with water based gold ink, so it’s soft, too!

Today only, buy the SCISSOR HAPPY tee with the Make Do & Mend tee for just $40! (Bundle is available under size selection on the Make Do & Mend page)


MAKE DO & MEND tee // $24 MAKE DO & MEND tee // $24 MAKE DO & MEND tee // $24 MAKE DO & MEND tee // $24 MAKE DO & MEND tee // $24

See all the sewing tees HERE.

Happy Weekend!


sherbet doll quilt tutorial & ruched corner binding technique!

DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners

Ever since I released the doll fabric panels, my kids have been playing with them constantly. They especially like to put them in our little doll bed, so I’ve been making doll blankets for them! This cute quilt is really simple and can be upsized for larger quilts. It’s also the most basic kind of quilt I can think of–just a whole bunch of squares arranged in a diagonal pattern.

I’m also sharing a technique I made up to avoid mitering corners! I’ll show you how to round the corners and then use 1″ (METALLIC!) binding with basting to gather around the edges.

DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners

DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners

DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners

Sherbet Doll Quilt

DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners


So let’s go!

Sherbet Doll Quilt Tutorial //


-1/4 yard each of 4 cotton solid colors and 1 cotton stripe print
-1/2 yard fabric for backing
1″ bias tape or quilt binding for binding
DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners

Helpful tools:
Wonder Clips
Spray Baste
-Rotary Cutter + Ruler
-Disappearing ink pen
-15oz Soup Can


You need 63 squares for this project, they should measure 2.5″ by 2.5″. I like to cut 2.5″ strips and then stack them up and create squares quickly with a rotary cutter.

Here is the breakdown:
Pink: 16
Purple: 11
Coral: 6
Stripe: 14



Next, create your design. Lay out all your squares in the pattern of your choice.



To copy this pattern exactly, use this chart.


DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners


Sew the squares together in rows. Pair each square with the square to its right and chain stitch them together. *Chain stitching is a method of piecing where you don’t stop to clip the thread before starting the next fabric. It makes the process a little quicker since you can clip all the threads at the end.

Use 1/4″ seam allowance.



When they are all paired up line them back up and sew together to complete the row.



Finished row:



When all your rows are done, sew the rows together. Match up the seams with pins to help make sure all the points and seams match up correctly.



When you have 9 rows of 7 sewn together, cut batting and a backing, a bit larger than your finished pieced quilt.



Use Spray N Bond to baste the quilt top to the batting and the batting to the quilt back.



Use a soup can to draw a rounded corner with a disappearing ink pen.





Trim corners.



Time to bind!



Clip the binding to a straight edge of the quilt sandwich. When you get about 2″ from the corner, sew a line of baste stitching (a long stitch length) on both sides of the bias tape. Gather the corner binding tape and curve it around the corner. Continue pinning along the next side.



Repeat until you’ve finished all the corners. When your binding meets itself, fold under the top piece and clip in place.



Sew all the way around 1/8″ from edge of binding.

Sherbet Doll Quilt



All done!

DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners

If you decide to use metallic binding like I did (mine is from Hobby Lobby) this post about sewing with metallic thread will be helpful:

How to sew with metallic thread


And to learn more about the doll panel fabric, see this post!

Make Your Own Printed Doll! | See Kate Sew


DIY Doll Quilt with Ruched Corners


NEW PATTERN! The ARLO shorties + knit pants!

ARLO pants


I released a new pattern last month but forgot to post about it here! This is the ARLO shorties + knit pants pattern!

The ARLO pattern has two variations: shorties and knit pants! Make loose knit shorties for a day at the beach or long cozy pants for lounging around!  Your child will love the comfy construction!

-Infant and kids size 3M to 5
-drop crotch knit shorts and pants
-pants have raw folded hem
-Pants have cuffed hem
-Waistband tie optional
-applique gusset for extra style and contrast
-Simple construction
-confident beginners to intermediate sewers
-instant download PDF pattern
-26 page PDF file with full size pattern and illustrated instructions
-Unisex, great for boys and girls!


My favorite part about this pattern is mixing prints in the same pair of pants. Stripes + floral, solid colorblocking, there are so many possibilities!

arlo-pants-1 arlo-shorites-7

shorties2 arlo-shorties-5  arlo-shorties-2  shorties1

These cute little critter shorts are made with fabric from Bloome Copenhagen….and right now I have a giveaway going for 4 yards of their fabric on instagram! Hurry the giveaway ends tomorrow!


the CALLIE TOP SEWALONG // Sleeves, buttons and hem

Today we’re finishing off the Callie Top sewalong!

I have another finished Callie Top to share, too! This one is my current favorite, the fabric is so flowy and I love the black and white cat pattern.

In case you missed it, here are the other sewalong posts:

The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate SewThe CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew  The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew


After finishing the dart/ruffle, sew the back bottom piece to the back bodice top piece. It’s just a straight seam. Be sure the straight side edge is in the center of the top.



If you’re setting in sleeve, do that how you would any other sleeve. Here is a tutorial on ease-stitching to help you out.

If you’re doing a sleeve ruffle, gather it up like you did with the shoulder ruffle in Day 2 of the sewalong.

We’re going to finish the ruffle with bias tape for a nice clean finish. Unfold it and sew it to the armscye 1/8″ from the edge of the fabric. You’ll sew at 3/8″ for the seam allowance, which will end up right in the fold of the bias tape.


Fold the bias tape over to the inside of the top and pin. Stitch along right at the edge of the bias binding. This stitching will show up on the outside of your top, so be careful when picking thread colors.



  • Sew up side seams and finish seam allowance.

Now finish the back seam with a button placket. Fuse interfacing strip to center back, 3/8″ from edge of fabric. Then fold over the extra 3/8″ and press.


Fold the fabric over again to create a 1″ placket. Press, and topstitch 1/8″ from the edge of the placket.





  • Finish the neckline the same way you bound the ruffle sleeves.
  • Hem the bottom.
  • Sew buttons and buttonholes.
  • And you’re done!

Today is the last day to enter to win $100 worth of fabric from Pattern Jam! Enter here!

CALLIE TOP SEWALONG // ruffle + dart sandwich

Welcome to Day 2 of the Callie Top Sewalong!

Today we’re going to tackle the trickiest part of the Callie Top, the ruffle/dart. If you’re sewing the Avery, it’s just a ruffle sandwich, but the methods are pretty similar!

Day 1: Choosing Fabric + $100 fabric giveaway!

This pink Callie top is made from double gauze. It’s a great choice for this pattern, I just love how flowy and soft the ruffles turned out. I bought this fabric from Miss Matatabi, it’s reversible, too!

The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew  The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew

The ruffle goes across the shoulder and eats up both the front and back dart, so you won’t even really know you’re sewing a dart!

The first step is to mark the dart point on your fabric. I used a purple disappearing ink pen for this. This is my favorite way to mark fabric, the ink disappears with air after a while, or you can use water to remove the ink faster. I drew a little ‘x’ on the fabric below. Look closely, it kinda matches the fabric.


To prep the ruffles,fold in half and press.

callie-sewalong-4 callie-sewalong-5


Sew 2 rows of basting along curved edge and pull threads to gather. I like to sew them at 1/4″ and 1/2″ from raw edge. That will give me a nice even ruffle at the 3/8″ seam allowance.

callie-sewalong-6 callie-sewalong-7

Now sew the back pieces to the front along shoulder seam. There are 3 pieces for each side of the shirt, so I will just show you one. It can be confusing, but looking at the neckline and armscye will help you fit them together correctly.

callie-sewalong-8 callie-sewalong-9

Sew shoulder seams with right sides together.


Finish seam allowances.


Mark the point where the ruffle stops at the back on the fabric. Use your pattern piece dot as a guide.

Then pin the ruffle in between the mark on the front and the mark on the back. Baste ruffle on.


At each end of the ruffle, taper the fabric out into the seam allowance so the raw edge is totally sandwiched on the wrong side of the fabric.



Fold the other side of the bodice over and pin the ruffle inside. Now sew the seam! Use 3/8″ seam allowance the whole way, until you get to the dart on the front. At that point you will taper slightly until you get to your dart point, then sew right off the fabric. DO NOT BACKSTITCH. Tie the ends of your thread together in a knot. That way, the dart will lay flat and not have extra stitching to make a weird point.





Finish seam allowance and press toward the middle of the top. Then topstitch along bodice piece next to the ruffle seam at 1/8″ for a clean finish. This stitching will also help keep your ruffle in the right spot!


Repeat on the other side and I’ll see you Friday to finish up the top! You’ve finish the hardest part so the rest will be smooth sailing.

The CALLIE top pattern by See Kate Sew