DIY Floral Yoke Top

Written by Vivian of Vivileen.

I have another shirt makeover for you this month. This time I thought it would be fun to add a floral yoke to a simple button down shirt! (Do you say button down or button up? It’s a never ending argument between my husband and me if button up or button down is correct.)  This was an easy project and a fun way to customize a plain denim or chambray shirt.

DIY floral yoke shirt

DIY floral yoke shirt


any plain shirt with a yoke

floral fabric


paper and pencil

needle and thread

DIY floral yoke shirt

I used a thrifted denim shirt that had some holes at the seams so it worked out perfect for this project!


First trace the front yoke of the shirt and create a template for cutting the floral fabric.




Trace and cut the yoke template onto your floral fabric.  Add about an extra quarter inch all the way around.

floralchambray5 floralchambray6

Press under 1/4″ all the way around.


Pin the floral yoke in place.


Top stitch all the way around

floralchambray9 floralchambray10

Repeat all steps for the other side of the shirt and show off your new floral yoke!

floralchambray14 floralchambray13 floralchambray12 floralchambray11


more hoodie! // a colorblocked explorer hoodie

Are you sick of hoodies yet? Sheesh! When I was tweaking the pattern I made quite a few of these. I typically like to test my patterns myself over and over just to be sure things are right, but this hoodie was just so fun to make I got hooked! There are also lots of options and ways to change it up and I had to try them all, multiple times of course. I still have one or two hoodies that just need a zipper sitting around. But I have a few more to share here. I hope you don’t mind!

The colors were really fun for me to put together on this one. I love the bold colorblocked feel of this one. Girl Charlee sent me this fabric, it is their new modal french terry. It’s super soft and smooth on one side and then a little rougher on the backside. Such a comfy fabric! I’m jealous! They have this fabric in a few colors including grey and green, check it out!


The other fabrics were just leftovers. It was fun using up some scraps as I made these hoodies. Since the pocket and cuffs require such little yardage, you can get crazy! The yellow is a ponte also from Girl Charlee. I think I bought the grey stuff locally.


I did the half-zip centered option for the front. The angled zipper was the hoodie’s inspiration but I like a traditional straight zipper, too. I used a vintage metal zipper, it’s nice and bulky.


He loves it so it’s a win!

This pattern is available with the MAKE [BELIEVE] collection for just a few more days! ;Snag them now!


LITTLE ZIPPY pattern hack with gleeful fabrics

I’m thrilled to be on the Gleeful Fabrics Tour today with Sew Caroline’s new fabric line for Art Gallery! Gleeful is such a bright and fun collection, it was kinda hard to choose one print. I sorta wish I got the squigglys! But no, this fabric is really gorgeous and we all know my heart belongs to florals. I originally thought I’d make myself something with this fabric, but when I got it I just knew it would be a dress for my girl. You know when some fabric is just telling you what to make with it? MAKE ME A BABY DRESS, is what it said!

So, anyways, I did little hack with the Little Zippy pattern to make it. I used a 4X ratio for the skirt, which felt kinda crazy for me. Since I design for women first, I sometimes forget that girl clothing can be outrageous and frilly. I think the result is really fun. And I’ve said this before, but Art Gallery fabric has a great hand and just feels great for apparel. It’s heavy enough to give this dress the look I wanted but lightweight enough for comfort and movement. I sorta want a skirt out of it now!

gleeful1 gleeful2  gleeful4

I curved the bodice a little and used a straight skirt, so the edges of the skirt curve up just a little at the side seams. Pretty simple to sew and I’m happy with the result!


You can check out the whole Gleeful line at the Art Gallery site! There are some knits and voile, too! Woo!


the explorer hoodie: details!

The Pattern Anthology MAKE [BELIEVE] collection is still for sale! Thanks for all your support with this collection, we were so excited about these patterns and so glad you are too! We love seeing your projects from them, so tag us on Facebook or post to our wall if you have something to share!

Today I wanted to share more details about my contribution to the collection, the Explorer Hoodie. I originally made this hoodie back in February to go with my triangle pants pattern. (You can also get 4 pant patterns including the Triangle Pants in the super bundle!)


There are lots of options with this hoodie! You can make a straight zipper, an angled zipper, add a button tab, or use woven fabrics for the cuffs and hem band. So many ways to make the pattern! I also love that you can mix and match fabrics to create a really unique hoodie!


hoodie4 hoodie5 hoodie6 hoodie7 hoodie8


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