cotton + steel velcro wallet tutorial



I finally got my hands on some of the Cotton + Steel spring line! I had to sit and stare at it for a few days before deciding what to do with it, but this is the first project! I made velcro wallet cases that can be used for lots of different things. I made these as little gel pen cases.

Cotton + Steel Wallet Tutorial Cotton + Steel Wallet Tutorial Cotton + Steel Wallet Tutorial   Cotton + Steel Wallet Tutorial

Cotton + Steel Wallet Tutorial Cotton + Steel Wallet Tutorial

Want to make some too? It’s really easy!

Velcro Wallet Tutorial

-Bias Tape
-1/2″ Sew-in Velcro


First cut two rectangles, one from fabric and one from felt.

They should measure 5″ by 10″



Next, press 1/2″ under on both long edges of the fabric.


Pin the fabric to the felt centering it. Sew close to edge.

step4 step5

Pin the bias tape over the short edges and tuck in the sides.


Sew it on. Then place velcro on flap. Fold up bottom of wallet case to find correct velcro placement for the other side. Sew the velcro in place.


Fold the bottom of the case back up and topstitch at 1/4″ with matching thread.


All done! Now make some more!


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Bandana Bib Tutorial

Written by Vivian of Vivileen

bandana bib tutorial // see kate sewbandanabib2

My little man is teething and constantly covered in slobber.  I hate putting him in a bib every day because they cover up his cute clothes.  Instead of putting him in a bib that covered his clothes I decided to make some drool bibs that were part of his outfit.  These bandana bibs are really cute and great for soaking up teething baby drool!

bandana bib tutorial

Bandana Bib Tutorial


-two 12 by 12 in squares of fabric (at least one of the fabrics should be absorbent, like flannel or terrycloth)

-snaps or sew on velcro

1. Cut the fabric into 12″ squares.  This is enough fabric for two bandanas.


2. Cut diagonally from one corner of the square to the opposite corner making an isosceles triangle.


3. Fold the triangle in half along the long edge.


4. Along the top of the triangle (the long side when it’s not folded) cut from the corner down to the folded edge an inch from the top.  This makes the neck of the bib.



5. Unfold the triangle and cut an inch off each of the top corners.


6. Repeat steps 1-5 with the lining fabric.

7. Place fabric right sides together and pin.


8. Sew around the edge with a 1/4th inch seam allowance.  Create a curve when sewing the top corners.  This will make the bib look nicer when it’s turned out.  Leave a 2-3 inch opening for turning the bib.


9. Turn the bib right side out.


10. Iron the bib.


11. Top stitch around the bib with a 1/8th inch seam allowance.


12.  Add the snaps or velcro and put the bib on your drooling baby!


uncommon sewing supplies // frixion erasable pens for sewing


I really enjoyed all the comments on Part 1 of this series! I am planning to do a follow-up post later this week on where to buy “cute” icing spatulas, hah! Since so many of you asked, I don’t quite remember where I got mine since it was quite a few years ago, but I did find some really great ones that I’ll share with you soon! I’m so happy to spread the sewing tip love and here is another tip you have to know about!

FriXion Erasable Pens are useful in sewing because the ink disappears when you apply heat to it! So you can write all over your fabric with a nice ballpoint pen and not worry about it! Isn’t that awesome! There are a few other methods of writing on fabric, but nothing beats a ball point pen for precision. You can mark dart legs and points, pleats, notches, anything really! It’s magical!

Here’s a little demo of how it works:


FriXion Erasable Pens for Sewing

1. Draw on fabric. 2. Press 3. It’s gone, just like that!

There is one caution, however! If you live in a very cold climate, you may not want to use Frixion Pens. In freezing cold weather, the marks can reappear. It might be fun to write secret messages on coat linings for kids that only appear in cold weather, though!

I’m guilty of using real pens on my fabric at times (GASP!) but with Frixion pens you don’t have to live on the edge when you’re trying to mark things! I got mine on Amazon, but they are also available at most office supply stores!

FRIXION PENS FOR SEWINGHope you enjoyed this tip! What’s your favorite way to write on fabric?