Find Joy in the Ordinary Screenprinted Tote Tutorial

Written by Vivian of Vivileen


I’ve been loving graphic tees (and totes), especially when they incorporate bold black and white designs, so I decided to make one myself!  I used this screen printing tutorial from Kate.  Since I purchased the materials for screen printing I’ve been obsessed!  I’ve made onesies, tee shirts, and totes and have a lot more planned.  For full instructions on how screen printing take a look at her tutorial.


So you can make your own tote I provided a Silhouette Cameo cut file.  I also made a matching printable for your craft room or somewhere else in your home!

Download the files here:

find joy in the ordinary pdf printable

Silhouette Studio File




uncommon sewing supplies // cake froster

There are a few sewing supplies I use often that aren’t really sewing supplies at all! I thought I would share a few of them with you over the next few weeks because they are so helpful! The first up is probably the most surprising, a cake froster!

use a cake froster for sewing? Click to find out why you'll need one too!

I guess these are actually called “Icing Spatulas”. This is a handy tool I use when ironing. I have my own dedicated cake froster for my sewing room, it just sits right on my ironing board. It’s helpful when you’re pressing something that has a straight edge. You can stick the spatula right in next to the seam allowance and iron over at the same time. The metal of the spatula also heats up to give you more heat. I don’t use this when pressing absolutely everything, but it really helps with lots of things!

I mentioned straight edges but I also like to push the rounded edge of the cake froster into curved edges as a I press. It helps me get a smooth edge on things like clutches and bags. Pressing well can really help your final product look more professional.


Pretty self-explanatory really! You’ll definitely want to try this trick!


I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet sewing secret! Do you have any pressing tips?

new pattern! The EVERYDAY MAXI dress!

the EVERYDAY MAXI dress //

I’m so excited to release my newest women’s pattern today: the EVERYDAY MAXI dress! I’ve been scheming up this one for a while! A loose-but-not-too-loose knit maxi with sleeves! The short sleeves hug your bicep and the long skirt sweeps the floor! The perfect romantic dress for a date night or long summer day! Transitions perfectly from day to night! Optional pockets included! The waistline is gathered and raised.

This pattern can easily be shortened to any length you want! It actually started as a knee-length smock dress that I made for myself, I’ll share that one soon! The pattern includes pieces for the bodice and skirt measurements for the skirt pieces, so you won’t waste a ton of paper printing out a million pieces.

This dress pattern is available in XXS to XL for busts 30″ to 44″.

Purchase HERE!



Have a great weekend!


Leather Tassel Necklace Tutorial

Written by Jessica of The Ladyette.

DIY tassle necklace

This summer I have practically worn out a black beaded tassel necklace of mine because I love the length and the bulk of it paired with flowly summer outfits.  This got me thinking I needed to add more tassel accessories to my wardrobe.  Today I have a leather tassel necklace tutorial to share with all of you See Kate Sew readers.  My favorite part is the turquoise color.  Turquoise is like a second black for me…it goes with everything.

10 11 tassel necklace 01

Supplies Needed: a small piece of leather about 9″ long and at least 2″ wide (I found this turquoise piece at Michael’s), a sharp pair of scissors, super glue, a large jump ring, two 18″ necklace strands (also can be found at Michael’s).

Step 1: I trimmed off the ends of my leather piece to get rid of the round edges.  Trim one end off by about 3/4″ because it will be used to wrap around the tassel ends later.  Then cut two long strips, each about 1″ wide.  You can easily eyeball the measurements and the piece will turn out imperfectly perfect.

tassel necklace 02

Step 2: Fold each strip in half so you know where the halfway point is, then cut long slits on each side stopping just a little short of the middle.  You can cut the leather folded or in single layers; I chose single layers to give it a more varied and random look.

tassel necklace 03 tassel necklace 04


Step 3: Lay the leather pieces flat, one on top of the other as shown in the picture.  Slide the jump ring on to the middle of the leather and fold the leather in half around it.  You should start to see the tassel taking shape now.

tassel necklace 05 tassel necklace 06


Step 4: Wrap the scrap of leather from Step 1 around the top of the tassel just under the jump ring and trim off any excess.  Super glue one end of the wrap to the tassel body and then glue the other end of the wrap on top of the first end, as shown in the picture.  Hold the leather down for about one minute to allow the glue to dry.

tassel necklace 07

Step 5: Now hook the two necklaces together.  To do this, lay the end out as shown in the picture and clip the two middle pieces together first.  So the clasp of one necklace hooks to the eye of the other necklace and vice versa.  Before clipping the outside ends together, slide the jump ring with tassel onto the chain necklace.  After both ends are hooked, it will easily slide over your head.

tassel necklace 08 9



I love the length of this necklace, it adds a lot of interest to an outfit and could be easily layered with other necklaces.  And, because of using two necklaces to create one extra long necklace, you can always remove one and have just a short necklace if that’s the look you’re going for.  I can just imagine this tassel in so many different colors.  I think a metallic gold would be really lovely.


Happy creating!