EASY cat costumes


cat-costumecat-costume-4 easy-cat-costume

My kids requested cats this year. I was pretty thrilled with that. I think we all just knew they would be cats, since they are obsessed. They even have alter-egos as cats, it’s weird and amazing at the same time. I went the easy route with these costumes, mostly store bought with ears and a tail! We wanted black since our cat is black, but H&M didn’t have black sweatsuits so we went with grey.

They both were thrilled with these simple costumes. And as a bonus, the outfit will last beyond Halloween. Just remove the tail (which is just attached with a safety pin) and you have a normal sweatsuit with ears.

Better face makeup will make this costume even better. I brought eyeliner to draw on whiskers and a nose but it was all dry and didn’t really work.

I just sewed on ears and pinned on a tail. Getting photos was harder than actually making the costumes!



This is the last project for CATOBER! I hope you enjoyed this little series!

Create the Perfect Fit BOOK GIVEAWAY!


I’m excited to give away a book from one of my sewing friends this morning! I met Joi Mahon at a Babylock event this summer, and she was really adorable. I loved her overall style and she is such a fun person! So, I’m excited to tell you a little about her new book, Create the Perfect Fit: Measuring and Pattern Fitting for Real Sewing Solutions. First of all, this book nailed the cover, the colors are just pretty!

If you’ve been sewing for yourself a little and are having a hard time getting the patterns to fit you just right, this is the book for you! Inside you’ll find photographs, diagrams and illustrations to make sure you get the perfect fit when sewing with patterns! You’ll learn SO much about patternmaking and clothing from this book. I am so impressed with how simply everything is explained!

Here are some peeks inside:

perfect-fit-2 perfect-fit-3  perfect-fit-giveaway perfect-fit perfect-fit4

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No Sew Cat Mask Tutorial

Written by Jessica of the Ladyette!
mask 21 mask 20 mask 15 mask 14 mask 13

Cats have always been a popular choice as the PURR-fect Halloween costume!  They are super fun, and it’s pretty easy to create a costume.  This no sew cat mask is very simple and very inexpensive to make!  Let’s get started right MEOW!

mask 01

No Sew Cat Mask Tutorial

Supplies Needed: half a sheet of black glitter felt (the stiff kind), scrap pieces of gray and pink felt (the soft kind), scissors, Mod Podge, a brush, a pair of glasses or sunglasses (for measuring), and some sparkly ribbon

mask 02 mask 03

Step 1: Use the glasses as template for cutting the mask.  Fold the black felt in half before cutting to make both sides symmetrical.  Round the bottom edge, which will be the cheeks, and don’t cut the nose indention as far as the glasses (because you won’t want your entire nose exposed!).

mask 04 mask 05

Step 2: Continue to use the glasses as a guide and cut out the ears and top of the head for the cat.  Depending on your face size, or if the mask is for an adult or child, you may need to trim the sides down.  Do not cut the sides the same width as the glasses because the mask should wrap slightly around the sides of your face.

mask 06 mask 07

Step 3: You may also use the glasses to determine the appropriate placement for eye holes.  Remember to cut small openings in the beginning and continue to cut larger openings as needed.  To begin, cut a cross (one vertical slit and one horizontal slit) then you can maneuver the scissors to cut cat eye shaped openings for your own eyes!  Try the mask on every now and then to make sure your openings are correctly aligned and sized.  Make adjustments as needed.

mask 08 mask 09

Step 4: Using the gray and pink felt, cut small triangles for the ears and nose.  For the ears, you can cut the felt the same size as the black part of the ears and then trim down until the gray felt is proportionally smaller.  For the nose, snip off a corner of the pink felt and round the top edges. Using the brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of the tiny felt pieces and attach them to the mask.  For the nose, only apply it to the top edges so the nose hangs over the mask edge.

mask 10 mask 11

Step 5: To create a way to tie the mask on your head, apply Mod Podge to the ends of two long pieces of ribbon.  Once all the glue has dried, try the mask on and trim the ribbon as needed.mask 12

Ta-da!  Happy Catober!


mask 13 mask 22

Cat Tablet Case Tutorial

Written by Vivian of Vivileen.

1cat tablet case tutorial

10 cat tgablet tutorial

When Kate told me she was doing a Catober series I knew I wanted to join in! I’m a crazy cat lady at heart.  Today I have a super simple cat tablet case tutorial for you.


grey felt for the body of the case (the thicker the better)

scraps of white, black, and pink felt

needle and thread

tacky glue

2 cat tablet

First cut the felt one inch larger than your tablet on all four sides.

4 cat tablet

Cut a second piece of felt two inches taller than the first.

5 cat tablet

Cut two triangles on each end of the larger piece of felt.  These will make the ears of the cat.

6 cat tablet

 Cut two white triangles for the center of the ears, one pink triangle for the nose, and two black crescents for the eyes.  Glue on using tacky glue.

7 cat tablet

Stitch the case closed, leaving the top open.

8 cat tablet tutorial

Now show off your cute new case!

11 cat tablet tutorial

12 cat tablet tutorial



sweater knit dreamer tee + a leather cat necklace tutorial

the Dreamer Top

(Before I was Blonde!)

This is my favorite Dreamer Top so far. I’ve made quite a few but this one is in a really loose sweater knit. I LOVE SWEATER KNIT! It’s so comfy and so nice. I was a little nervous to sew with it, but I just used a wide zig zag stitch and it was actually really easy, not any different than any other knit. I picked up this seafoam green fabric locally and it has become my new favorite top. I paired this with lots of black for a cool fall look.

the Dreamer Top DIY cat necklace   the Dreamer Top


Outfit details:

Top: Dreamer Top in seafoam sweater knit
Pants: F21
Boots: Blowfish

Bag: see kate sew shop
necklace: tutorial below with leather c/o The Leather Hide Store


DIY Leather Cat Necklace


-scrap leather, mine is a metallic from  The Leather Hide Store
-jewelry chain
-hot glue gun
-free template download

First tape on your whiskers where you want them to go. The tape will make it easier to glue them without shifting.

Leather Cat Necklace

Lift up the whiskers and tape and put a little bit of glue under the each whisker. You don’t want too much so be careful. Let it cool and remove tape.

Leather Cat Necklace


Glue chain to back of necklace.

Leather Cat Necklace

DIY cat necklace