8 days a week // day 2

Happy October! I’m so glad it’s fall, fall is my favorite season for weather and fashion. I’m sharing another outfit today, a simple jeans + tee look. This is becoming my quick uniform these days. Skinny jeans, slouchy tee and sneakers. It’s easy, put-together and comfy.

I made a basic neptune tee, skipping all the triangle insets and cutouts. The basic tee is very fast to sew and just a nice simple knit tshirt that can be used for lots of different occasions. I threw it on for a casual date night last week. I have been wearing this shirt a lot! It’s so comfy!


If you haven’t purchased the 8 Days a Week Bundle you only have a few more days to do so! I have only featured my Neptune Tee but I have all the other pieces ready to share in the next few days, they are so awesome! I just love seeing all the pieces hanging in my closet ready for the fall, I know they will get lots of use! I think my favorite part about this collection is that there are two knit pieces and two woven pieces. I didn’t have to buy any new fabric to sew them all up, I had things in my stash for all of them. (This could be an embarrassing fact since my stash miiiight be too large right now. But I think it is actually because the collection is so versatile!)


These photos also include my new tote bag! These are for sale in my shop, along with matching tees!


DIY Lace Overlay Tee


We at Pattern Anthology thought it might be fun to do a little pattern hack blog hop between our blogs featuring the 8 days a week collection. There are so many simple ways to customize the patterns!

My hack is a simple lace overlay on the front of my tee. I love the colorblocked tee look where 2 different fabrics are used for the front and the back. I made this shirt in all black knit fabric with stretch lace on the front and sleeve bands. It gives it a little something extra and is really simple to do!

For the lace overlay, I simply cut another front piece with stretch lace and layed it right on top of the black fabric. Then I used a loose zig zag stitch to baste the lace to the black fabric before assembling the shirt. I did the same for the sleeve bands. Easy and totally unique!

Purchase the collection HERE!


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the NEPTUNE TEE! more details and why it’s called that!


 △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ THE NEPTUNE TEE!  △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △ △

Today I thought I’d tell you all the details of the Neptune Tee! Since this was my contribution to the 8 Days a Week bundle, I know lots about it! I had such a fun time designing this shirt. It started out entirely different than it is now. I love it when that happens! Sometimes I have one idea that transforms into another, like patternmaking magic.

I was planning to make just a basic slouchy tee (which I did, see yesterday’s post!). But then I watched The Veronica Mars movie (for like the 5th time…..any Marshmallows out there? SO. GOOD.) In one scene, where Mac is at the high school reunion, you get a quick glimse at the back of her shirt! She has a cool triangle cutout on the back. Inspiration is a funny thing that I can’t always explain. But this time, I was directly inspired by that triangle cutout! So I went back into my sewing room and added a little Veronica Mars flair.

Neptune, CA is the fictional town that Veronica Mars takes place in. So I thought it would be the perfect thing to call the pattern. The Neptune Tee was born. If you haven’t watched The Veronica Mars Series, it is free on Amazon Prime and it is so good!


I added a triangle cutout option to the back of the shirt, the front of the shirt and also the sleeves! You can pick and choose where you want the cutouts and what you want to do with them. You can add fabric insets into the triangle space, which is a fun way to use your favorite fabric scraps. You can even use lace! So there are lots of fun options for this tee! The shirt pattern is for knits, but any fabric can be used for the triangle insets. These photos include the blue tee with cutouts at the sleeves and back. And the cream colored tee with floral fabric insets.

If you’re making this shirt with the triangle cutouts, I recommend a sturdier knit fabric. Thin knits won’t work quite as well as a thicker knit will for the bands. But if you’re making a basic tee, any knit fabric will work great!
This is a really quick sew, pick it up in the 8 Days a Week bundle today!

neptune-tee-3 neptune neptune4 neptune6 neptune7



8 days a week// DAY 1


I’m excited to start sharing some looks from the 8 Days a Week collection! Our concept for this collection was patterns that would fill in all the gaps in your wardrobe. We wanted to make versatile patterns for the busy, modern woman (YOU and ME!), that could be dressed up or down for any occasion. The Neptune Tee fills in a basic, the plain slouchy tee. This is a casual, easy tee. You just need one of those, you know? Maybe 10? I’ve been sewing a lot of these. I know I made the pattern, but it’s such a satisfying thing to sew, hah! (Am I even allowed to say that!?) I didn’t include the triangle cutouts for this one, but I will show you more photos with the triangle cutouts tomorrow! If you’re curious you can see more photos here!

Today we have some bloggers sharing their favorite pieces from8 Days a Week! Check ‘em out!


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8 Days a Week // by Pattern Anthology!




The new Pattern Anthology collection “8 Days a Week” is HERE! This collection has 4 brand new women’s patterns! A tee, a dress, a jacket and pants!

The collection is available at 40% off for a limited time only!

The Neptune Tee is my pattern, it is a basic tee with a twist! Add triangle insets at the front back and sleeves for interest! This shirt is great for the gym or dress it up for a night out!


The Go To Knit Pants is THREE patterns in one! Make leggings, slouchy pants or yoga pants to fill your comfy fall wardrobe!


The Marigold Dress pattern includes a top and skirt. It has an elastic waist and button placket at the front!


The McCartney Jacket is super fun! Keep warm this fall with a handmade jacket!




I’ll show you more tomorrow!