pom pom necklace tutorial

Written by Jessica of The Ladyette.

Jessica is one of my new DIY contributors! I’m thrilled to have her because she is full of fun ideas! You can follow her blog The Ladyette for fashion and DIY projects and also catch her on instagram! pom necklace 16 pom necklace 12 pom necklace 11 DIY pom pom necklace tutorial

Hi, Jessica, here to share with you a DIY Pom Pom Necklace that is my newest favorite accessory.  It’s great for adding on layers and textures, and the tie back straps make it easy to adjust to any desired length.  This would make the perfect gift because the colors of the pom poms and the ribbon are completely customizable.

pom necklace 01

Supplies: 1.5 yards of pom trim, ribbon (about 5/8″ or 15mm wide), 2 jumprings (25mm wide, which can be found in the jewelry making section of most craft stores), thread to match the pom trim and ribbon, a needle for sewing, scissors, and either a lighter or a sealers such as Aleene’s Stop Fraying to prevent the ends from unraveling.

pom necklace 02 pom necklace 03

Step 1: Use mirror figure out about how long you want the bottom layer of the pom trim to be.  Play around with each of the layers until you find what works for you.

pom necklace 04 pom necklace 05 pom necklace 06

Step 2: Lay the necklace out in this pattern on your workspace.  Slide the jumprings into the folds.  Make sure the the pom trim is coming from behind the jumpring to the front and that none of the layers are twisted.  It’s easiest to work with everything laying in place first.  If there is an any excess pom trim, cut it off at the jumpring.  I had about two extra inches cut from 1.5 yards of trim, but it was a generous 1.5 yards.

Step 3: Now that the ends are cut to the appropriate lengths, they need to be sealed so they do not unravel.  You can paste on Aleene’s Stop Fraying glue, or use a lighter to melt the ends (take all precautions if you choose the latter option).

pom necklace 07

Step 4: Now that the ends are in place, it’s time to sew everything together.  Start with the left side, sew together the pom trim on each side of the jumpring so that it won’t slide down.  Then sew on the sealed end behind the other layers of trim and just under the jumpring so it will stay hidden.  Repeat these steps on the right side.

pom necklace 08 pom necklace 09

Step 5: To add the ribbon, cut two pieces, each about 15 inches long.  On each piece, cut one end at an angle and seal the other end the same as you sealed the pom trim.  Sew the ribbon on by threading it from the front of the jumpring to the back and overlapping the back by about half an inch.  Repeat this on the other side.

Step 6:  To finish it off, trim all the threads.  Check each of the poms for a couple extra long strands, trim those as well.

pom necklace 13

Ta-da! Now tie a little bow behind your neck and wear your new pretty little layered pom pom necklace!pom necklace 15pom necklace 14