DIY changing pad and diaper clutch for BOYS

Written by Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made.

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Hello friends, it’s Michael Ann again! Do you have a little person in your life that likes to poop in the most inconvenient of circumstances? Then you might be interested in making today’s Changing Pad and Diaper Clutch, haha! I can’t believe that it’s taken me this long to make one of these for my little man, it is so much easier to be able to grab just one diaper thing when we’re running out the door. And it’s so cute in your bag too!

The added bonus of this project is that I used vinyl for both the inside and outside, making it super easy to just wipe off and clean. You can either make your own vinyl, like I did, out of any print fabric you want (this post tells you all about how to do it!) or use any vinyl or oilcloth fabric you can find.

For this project, you will need –

1/2 yard fabric for outside (oilcloth or vinyl)
1/2 yard fabric for inside (oilcloth or vinyl)
1/2 yard of cotton quilt batting
3 yards of double fold bias binding
A hair tie and a button


1-diaper-clutchFirst, we need to cut our fabric.

Cut one 11″ x 24″ rectangle each of the outside, inside and batting fabrics for the pad pieces.
Cut one 6.5″ x 11″ rectangle each of the outside, inside and batting fabrics for the pocket pieces


Using a small round bowl, trim one side of all pocket pieces, and both sides of all pad pieces so they are a gentle curve.


Baste together all the layers for the pocket by placing the outside fabric front side down, then the batting, then the inside fabric right side up. Baste with a 1/4″ seam allowance along all sides. Repeat for the pad pieces, basting the outside, batting, and inside fabric together.


Bind the top straight edge of the pocket (There are photos discussing how to bind below). Then baste the pocket to the pad, also using a 1/4″ seam allowance. You’ll be working with a lot of layers here, but with a sharp needle, and some patience, you’ll be fine!


Cut a hair tie in half and sew it to the center of the lining side of the top of the pad.


Now, to bind the pad! Leaving a tail about 6″ long, sew your binding to the front of the pad. Start about halfway down on one of the long sides of the pad. Open your binding and pin it along the edge of the pad, placing your pins parallel to the fabric so as to not damage the vinyl. Sew along the 1/2″ fold in the binding. Stop about 6″ from where you started and backstitch.


To cleanly finish your binding, cut the one end of your binding a couple inches down from where you stopped sewing, and place a ruler along the cut edge.


Place the other end of the binding on top of the ruler, and cut it along the 2″ mark.


This can seem confusing at first, so play with it until you get it! Fold the bottom right corner of the top binding up 2″ to create a triangle. Place the bottom binding piece on top and pin along that diagonal line created by the little triangle. Sew the bindings together along that diagonal line (you will probably have to scrunch up the pad a little in order to hold the binding out enough to stitch it. Open and press your seam and presto! You have a clean binding finish!

When your binding is connected, finish stitching your binding to the pad along that 1/2″ fold line.


Fold your binding to the other side of the pad and press press press! To finish sewing the binding, I like to stitch in the ditch from the front side. To do this, make sure that the back of the binding hangs over the original stitching line so that you catch it when you sew from the front. Pinning well can help make sure you catch the binding.


You’re almost done! Stuff your pocket with a few diapers to give it some width, and roll up your pad. Mark where the hair tie lands and stitch on a little button. You did it! Throw that little pouch in your bag and head off on fun adventures with your little person!

Thanks for crafting with me today, and I’ll see you back here or at Michael Ann Made!


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    I love this! I made one similarly, but yours is so finished and professional looking!


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