envelope clutch pattern

It’s clutch-a-long time! I’m so excited to share this free pattern and to see all of your creativity with it! Before you start, feel free to do something awesome to your fabric first, print it, stamp it, dye it, pleat it, stitch it to make it your OWN! Or choose a killer fabric combo and button! 

When you’re done, upload it to the flickr group so we can all see and comment! If you missed the sew-a-long details, click here! I also rounded-up some cute envelope clutches if you need some inspiration.

Are you ready?!

1/2 yard fabric (or 1 fat quarter)
1/2 yard lining (or 1 fat quarter)
1/2 yard midweight fusible interfacing
1 button, any size
Envelope Clutch Pattern Download

Additional supplies:
-needle & thread for closing
pinking shears(optional)

*Use 3/8″ seam allowance
*seam allowance included in the pattern

Print pattern piece and tape together. The pages will overlap and fit together like so: (Use the grey lines and boxes to line up the pages.)

Cut it out and cut out 1 each from your main fabric, lining and interfacing.

Fuse interfacing to back of main fabric piece.

Set the main piece (with interfacing on the bottom) with the top flap away from you. The edge you see in this photo is the bottom edge of the clutch. 

Fold the sides up at the notch and pin them.

When both are pinned, it will look like this. The piece that is sticking up in the air is the top flap piece. 

Sew up the two sides you just pinned.
Repeat with the lining piece, but this time leave a 3-4″ opening while sewing one of the sides to the bottom. Backstitch at both ends.
Press the seam allowances up.
Turn the lining right sides out and slip into the main piece. The main piece will still be turned wrong sides out so the right side of the lining will match up to the the right side of the main piece.
Pin all the way around.
When pinning the top flap, pull the lining out and extra 1/8″ to 1/4″. This is a little trick that will help the lining stay on the inside of your clutch, so it doesn’t peek out.
Sew all the edges, then trim the straight edges and trim/clip (or pink) the curved edge.


Find the hole you left in the lining and use that to pull your clutch right sides out.

 Press the clutch and turn the lining to the outside.

Sew it up using a slip stitch.
Add a buttonhole. (Tutorial coming tomorrow!) Sew on your button and you’re done!




Fabrics used in this post:
jegging material from joann
constellations by lizzy house
mermaid lining by ann kelle
b/w triangles by ann kelle
solid pink from robert kaufman

Don’t forget to add your clutch the flickr group, share your blog post on the facebook page and hashtag #februaryclutchalong on instagram!

Have fun! I can’t wait to see them! 












  1. says

    Oh, I’m so excited. This will be my first ever sewn bag. Quick question… when I click to get the pattern, it says I have to request access. I’ve sent the request, so will I just get an e-mail when the pattern is available? Thanks Kate!

  2. says

    Ooh it’s so cute! Thank you for the pattern and easy instructions – really lovely of you! I’m making mine this week :)

  3. says

    So cute! I’m excited but my printer is out of ink……………thinking fast: I can just draw up the dimensions on poster board, right?

  4. says

    Have four fabrics already picked out! But…it will be mid-March before I can post as I am moving household this weekend ;)

  5. says

    Just printed and am excited to get started – it looks bigger than I thought… what are the finished clutch measurements? Thanks!!

  6. says

    Ive just finished my first attempt!! I was surprised how easy it is but I completely screwed up the button whole!! God damn. Glad that i thought more material than i needed, I’ll try again tomorrow!!


  7. says

    I realized I purchased a regular quarter of fabric not a fat quarter. I’ll have to parse 2 pieces together and possibly shrink the template

  8. says

    Love it! If you make it a bit bigger it could be used as a pouch to store lingerie.

  9. says

    I made mine yesterday, but I had alittle trouble with the front. I sewed it just as you said, but had trouble getting that middle flap piece between the sides. It is bunched up at the top. I did clip the seam and all to help it lay flat. Any tips or suggestions? Thanks for a great pattern and tutorial!

  10. says

    I love your pink version. I may have to admit to myself I have girlier preferences then I think… Printing the pattern now!

  11. says

    Cute clutch. My only question is… so since all the seams are turned inside… can this clutch be reversible? I’m thinking that all you would have to do is add another button on the other side. What do you think?
    Jean C.

  12. says

    Hello, Hello Mrs. Kate!!! I can’t believe it has been such a long time since I have been here. You are obviously NOT pregnant anymore, so I need to go and search for the Baby announcement and pictures.. Can’t wait to see your Sweet little one :) Love the purse :)

  13. says

    Just found your blog through ‘Sisters, Sisters’. Love the envelope clutch and may make one for myself out of silk for a wedding. I balk at paying £100.00 for one that matches my shoes. This could be the answer.

  14. says

    Oh, I love this!! I have to make some items for a Pay It Forward event I held on my blog recently and think I am going to make some of these!! Can’t wait :)

  15. says

    I have just finished making one! :) I will link back to you when I blog about it. My printer jammed on the last page so mine is a little topsy turvy due to my attempt at drawing the last piece. I chose to use a clasp closure because it was what was in my challenge bundle.

  16. says

    I seriously can’t handle how cute all of these are, Kate.
    Like I want to go sew, and it’s almost 1 AM.
    Way to go on the pattern, on your fabric choices and on your photo styling. LOVELOVELOVE.

  17. Beth says

    This is adorable! I’ve been needing to buy/make myself a cute clutch, I have some ADORABLE hot pink chevron fabric, and I have some really sweet old school SLR camera fabric, I should make 2 of these. I think I’ll try it with a snap instead of a button, and maybe add a strap that would easily be hidden on the inside so if I need to hang it from something (most likely a stroller), it’ll be a snap! Thanks so much for this pattern. I can’t wait to get myself some medium interfacing now.

  18. Beth says

    P.s. Do you think it would work if I shrunk the pattern a little and made some for my daughters for Easter? I know my oldest would be so excited (as long as I make a matching one for her friend), and my youngest would love putting things in and out of it.

    • kate says

      Yes, definitely! A few people have done that and they were really cute!

  19. says

    I love the constellations fabric you used!
    Your tutorials are always thee best!

    • kate says

      Thanks Chloe!! That fabric is one of my favorites, too!

  20. Marta says

    OMG!! this clutch is exactly what I was looking for to make!
    But I’ve been trying to open the pattern and it doesn’t work :(
    Could you send me the pattern??

  21. Evelyn says

    Hi Kate

    Just found your tutorial while searching on pinterest and it is so cute so I will try and make one for myself. I do have a question – what size paper is the pattern set to print on because it looks bigger than 8″ x 11″.


  22. says

    This looks like a nice project beginner sewers could do with felt. It’s also a nice simple base for quilting, embroidery, or screen printing.