FAUX FUR: trapper hat (free pattern!)

I’ve been having lots of fun with faux fur lately. I only bought 1 yard of the stuff, but that tiny baby vest barely took any of it. So, I made a hat for me! This would be way cuter on a kid, but Cohen hates hats. (Sad, I know!) But if you wanted to adjust this down for a child, print the pieces out at 80-90% (depending on age/head size) instead of 100%.
-Faux fur
-Cotton lining fabric
printable pieces

-Top piece not included in printable, measures 13.5″ by 4″
Sew together the front flap, right sides together. Leave the straight edge open. Flip it right sides out and set aside for later.
Now, pin the side pieces to the top piece, one at a time. The top piece’s long edge should match up to the curved edges of the sides. Since faux fur is sometimes tricky, use lots of pins! 
Sew both sides on and you’ll have a bucket looking hat.

 Now, pin the bottom piece/earflaps around the bottom of the bucket you just made. The earflaps should start where the side piece starts, and wrap around to the back and other side piece.

 The front will be bare for now.

 Repeat all the same steps for the lining piece, then you’ll have two identical hats: the shell and the lining.

 Pin them together, with the right sides together. Slip the front flap in the front. The front will be really thick, so make sure to sew slowly when you get to that point.

 Sew all the way around, leaving an opening at the back.

 Turn the hat and hand stitch the opening closed. Also, hand stitch the front flap to the hat, so it stays in place.

And you’re done!
I’ll share some tips for working with faux fur soon. It’s a little tricky and I always find myself breathing fur for a few days after. 


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    I have some questions for you:
    Do you use a machine to work with faux fur or do you sew by hand?

    I tried working with denim but my machine is incapable of handling it. Maybe because it’s stretchy? Or too thick? Anyway what happens is the upper threading gets all loopy while the bottom thread stays tight, looks really strange. Do I need a special needle for denim?

    Thanks :) I’m a complete newbie and self-teaching myself, haha! Your site helps me out a lot, especially the sewing 101 section!

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      You need to buy a special kind of needle from your machine to work with denim, as it’s a really thick material. I think you can buy them from most craft/sewing stores.

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    so i might have showed holly your blog today. she might just think you’re really famous. i might have just confirmed that fact. :)

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    Whoa the timing is kind of bizarre. I actually need a trapper hat for my Halloween costume. I might have to end up buying one though since I don’t have the materials on hand.


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    This is AWESOME! And you even took the time to make a pattern, you are the best! This is definitely on my to do list. Thank you!

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    adorable! thanks for the pattern. and what’s that sweet top you’re wearing?

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    This is so fab! I bought some faux fur (for no particular reason, the price was just too good to beat) and now I have something to make with it! Yay!!!

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    WooHoo! Thanks for the pattern and tute just in time for me to make this for my granddaughter. She is now going to college where she will need something like this!

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    great tutorial. thank you for the pattern also. i was fearing it might be too big when i was cutting it, but it’s perfect. can’t wait to wear it and thank you again, you are awesome :D

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    For some reason pages 3 and 4 of the pattern pdf aren’t showing up D: Do you have the measurements for the top section of the hat..?

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    Wow, just saw your note about the top piece not being included… disregard this sleep-deprived blogger. *headdesk*

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    I am new to this site, how do i print off the pattern, i cant even find it.

    • kate says

      Hi Sara, it should be at the top of the post in a link. It will take you to a google .doc. :)