ruffle 101: 7 ways to make a ruffle

7 ways to make a ruffle

7 ways to make a ruffle:
1. Basic fold-over ruffle: Fold over strip and gather the top.
2. Basic hemmed ruffle: Hem the bottom by folding over 1/4″ twice. Press and stitch. Gather the top.
3. Serged ruffle: Serge the bottom edge, gather the top edge.
4. Tube ruffle: Create a tube by folding a strip in half, sewing and turning it right side out. Gather in the middle of the strip.
5. Two-tone ruffle technique: sew two different color strips together, press the seam open and fold wrong sides together. Press again and gather the top.
6. Bias ruffle: Cut a strip out on the bias. Gather at the top or the middle for ruffle that won’t fray (too much!).
7. Knit ruffles: Make a ruffle with a strip of knit fabric, since it’s a knit you don’t need to finish the edges!

There are 7 ways! There are lots more, too!


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    LOVE this. Actually, I love everything I’m seeing on your blog (I’m a newish follower). I pinned this (& credited to you!) Thanks for the great resource…and all things ruffles!

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    Did you use your ruffler foot with the knit? CAN one run knit/jersey through a ruffler foot? If so, how?
    PS: I wore one of your flower headbands in my hair yesterday. All. Day. Long. I ordered it for my daughter, but hey, it’s important that she learns to share, right?

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    what a cool blog i have stumbled upon … and this post’s title has the Paul Simon song stuck in my head …

    slip out the back, jack … make a new plan, stan

    there must be 7 ways to make a ruffle!

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    Do you have suggestions on how to attach these ruffles to another piece of fabric? For example, making a pillow. I find my sewing machine has a hard time running both pieces a through.


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    Do you have any suggestions on how to run the ruffled fabric and another piece of fabric through the sewing machine? For example, like making a pillow. My sewing machine has a hard time doing all the fabric.


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    I’ve recently started branching out to more than straight lines! Maybe I’ll try a ruffle!
    Thanks for sharing!
    New follower!

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    cute ruffle ideas. To get a smoother ruffle, you should sew 2 basting lines about 1/8″ apart and pull both strings (either top or bottom) this will give you a flat even edge to sew to your other part.

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    I was inspired to purchase a ruffler foot, but the lady at the machine shop refused to sell it to me! She said that for a gadget that costs R600.00 (±$75) it doesn’t do a good job at all, BUT that she would show me HER secret for gathering/ruffling. Sew a zig-zag stitch (4mm stitch length & 4mm width) over a length of crochet thread, securing the crochet thread at the starting end. As opposed to the traditional long straight stitch method the thread wont break at some point, and it goes much quicker. I’ve tried it – super easy, fast and virtually foolproof! JS