the ZIPPY top is here!

the ZIPPY top sewing pattern

Looking for a quick top to sew? The new ZIPPY top is super fast, super cute and only requires like a yard of fabric! You might already have something in your stash you could use! (But you should plan another fabric trip anyways, for good measure!)

The ZIPPY top pattern‘s name has a double meaning. It’s a super fast sew, you can make it in 30 minutes. And it also has a cute exposed zipper on the back. You can choose a short or long zipper. I like to choose a bright color to contrast with my fabric.

This shirt is simple to make, doesn’t require fancy sewing technique and will leave you feeling accomplished!

I’ve already made….over 10! Hah! I will show you more soon, including more details about the crop top variation.

This top is perfect for lightweight materials such as cotton voile, lawn, chiffon, lace and anything else with a nice soft drape. You can also make it in your favorite quilting cotton for a stiffer fit!

the ZIPPY top sewing pattern the ZIPPY top sewing pattern  the ZIPPY top sewing pattern zippy-top2

Here is the crop top version with a long zipper in the back!

the ZIPPY top sewing pattern the ZIPPY top sewing pattern top2 the ZIPPY top sewing pattern the ZIPPY top sewing pattern

Fabric sources:
dog fabric: fabricworm (sold out)
florals: purchased locally

More ZIPPYs coming soon! Purchase the pattern here to make your own! Have a zippy weekend!



  1. says

    EEP! love it! You really should stop with the cute patterns! do you not know how little time I have??!! haha. very cute!

  2. Whitney says

    Looks great! Two questions… are there bust darts? and do you need the zipper to get this over your head? Thanks!!

    • kate says

      Hi Whitney! No bust darts, it’s really easy to make and wear! I never unzip the zipper and it fits over my head.

      • Whitney says

        Fabulous. I’ll have to grade it up, but it sounds like a fun project!!

  3. Sm says

    This is so great! Love the top. Can I also ask you about your cute skinnies? Those are a super flattering fit! Where are they from?

    • kate says

      Thank you!! They are all from Forever 21. They are less than $11 a pair, I love them!

  4. says

    I love this.
    Think I can tell from the picture but the front and back are all one piece right??
    Need to sew for myself very soon!