glitter tape polka dot votives

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polka dot glitter votives

Glitter is one of those love it or hate it things in crafting, am I right? But this is a glitter-hater-friendly project! This new glitter craft tape from Duck Brand Craft Tapes® tape is perfectly glittery, but the glitter does not budge. It is stuck on there! And it's tape! It comes in four colors, silver, pink, blue and red. There are some other craft tapes that also sound fun, like fabric and patterned tapes. 

It was super fun to play with this glitter tape and I can think of 1 million more things to do with it! This project is really easy and fun! Polka dot candles look great in any room!



-blank candle votives

-craft punch in any shape, I'm using a scalloped circle

Duck Brand Craft Tapes glitter tape

This is a great project that kids can help with because it's so easy! Just roll the tape out a little and punch out some circles. My little 3 year old loved punching them out. I like to make the sticky side on the outside so you can stick it to your finger to get it out of the punch. 

duck tape glitter tape

Make a bunch then start sticking them on your votive in any pattern you want. 

polka dot glitter candles

I think this would be fun with other punched patterns like hearts or stars, too! Follow @TheDuckBrand on Twitter!

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  1. says

    That stuff is awesome! I like how you used it. Is it hard to punch through? Any tricks?

    • kate says

      no, it wasn’t hard to punch at all! The tape is sorta crisp

  2. says

    I love how these turned out! I keep seeing that glitter tape at the store and I want to buy some but I can’t think of how to use it, this is perfect though!