just add KNIT FABRIC!

This post is sponsored by Girl Charlee. Check out GirlCharlee.com for fresh and modern knits!

Our new collection, JUST ADD JEANS, is a little play on outfit-making! Buy the collection and just add jeans! You know like the pancake mix that says “Just add water!”. Most require eggs and milk, too, which is a bummer if you’re out of those. Our collection also requires FABRIC! No brainer, right! You also need some thread and things like that. But it is not a bummer if you need more fabric, right? I take any excuse to buy more fabric!

We specifically made this collection with patterns that require knit fabric. Knits are just so playfun and fun right now. You can wear them anywhere, dress them up or down. I sometimes find myself cozying up in my handmade knit tops for bedtime and lounging around the house. They are just versatile and everyday pieces.

So let’s add some knit fabric! These are my knit recommendations and favorites for the Just Add Jeans collection:

city girl knit fabrics!

Let’s start with the City Girl. Since I made it, I have all the dirt on what works best with this pattern. The City Girl looks really great in sturdier knits that hold their shape a little bit. The swingy silhouette and thick cowl collar look extra cozy, too! Interfacing and Ponte De Roma are super great fabrics to choose and you’ll love working with them! They are a little thicker and easier to sew.

1 persimmon orange mums interlock
2 sherbet orange chevron interlock
3 black on mauve polka dot ponte
4 mint stripe ponte
5 black on charcoal polka dot ponte
6 solid mustard ponte
7 white pepper chevron cotton interlock



The Wildflower can be made with a contrast lace band, so be sure to think about that if you’d like to add that option! I can see myself wearing this top a ton in the summer so I picked some lightweight cottons for comfort!

1 black houndstooth
2 pink lemonade solid jersey
3 anchors away blue
4 candy plaid purple navy
5 white and grey half inch stripe
6 solid grey
7 red and white polka dot

girl charlee knit fabrics!

The Daytripper is such a casual top that pretty much anything goes! I love some of the florals and stripes that Girl Charlee has.

1 heather pink grey solid
2 black and white stripe jersey blend
3 blue bow tie and dots
4 brown houndstooth
5 navy peach birds
6 pink rosy vines
7 yellow mums interlock


The Parisian is a little bit sophisticated! I love this top in solids with a contrast collar!

1 radiant orchid solid
2 coral aqua plaid
3 fawn silhouette
4 charcoal black jersey
5 fuchsia grey burnout cotton
6 peach parfait solid cotton
7 hot pink and black ethnic pattern


We’re thrilled to have Girl Charlee as our fabric sponsor! They are the best source for cute and trendy knit fabrics! Click over to Melly Sews to see her Wildflower top, Shwin and Shwin to see her City Girl and Andrea’s Notebook to check out a Daytripper.


  1. Bethany Holtet says

    I have sewn with several of these knits from Girl Charlee and love them!

  2. Desiree says

    I just ordered #5 that you listed for your top to make it last night :)

  3. says

    Love this! I actually was shopping their website and picked up 5 of the ones you mentioned here lol super excited to sew some of these up! Great job Kate!!

  4. says

    Do you know what the Parisian sample was made with? It looks heavier than a Jersey — sweatshirt knit maybe? I always have a hard time finding a nice weight solid knit. I’ve never sewn for myself but I think this collection may be a perfect start. Love them all!

  5. says

    do you know what the Parisian sample was made with? It looks heavier than a Jersey — I always have a hard time finding a nice weight solid knit online. I haven’t ever sewn for myself before — this collection is perfect for a start!

  6. says

    I’ve been looking for some good knit inspiration- that wasn’t just my fall back stripe- thanks for the links!

  7. says

    this post is SO useful!!!! thank you!!I am loving the peach color for the parisian (well, being french I think I have my word to say!!:=)

  8. Connie says

    I tried to sign up for her email updates and the link doesn’t work. Hope she gets it fixed, because I tend to forget about this great fabric source.

  9. says

    WOW, what an amazing post! I cannot wait to get sewing up on my own Pattern Anthology Collection. Thank you Kate!


  10. Jess says

    that’s hilarious-I made my city girl in that charcoal with black polka dot! great minds…. ;)

    • kate says

      Awesome!! I can’t wait to see it! I need some of that polka dot!


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