the posey blouse tutorial

I was totally jealous of the 3 year old I made the vanilla frosting dress for, so I made one for myself, in blouse form. I used a blouse pattern that I drafted (and have used here and here) and added a bib of ruffle on the front. This time with serged ruffles.

I used serged ruffles and serged unfinished seams to give this blouse a little bit of a deconstruction look. You might be cringing at my serged edge, but I like a little deconstruction fashion once in a while! 

-Basic blouse pattern
-1 yard fabric (I used a voile by Anna Maria Horner)

To make a serged edge ruffle, just serge all the edges before you gather it. 
Then gather the top edge.
Pin one ruffle on the top of your bodice piece, matching the edges. Pin it on and sew it on. Then remove the pins and serge the whole neckline on the front piece. 
Then continue layering two more layers underneath and sew them on. You may have to pin the other ruffles out of the way while you stitch them on.
When you have three rows,  sew the front of your bodice to the back and add some sleeves.

After trying my blouse on, the sleeves looked a little “t-shirty.” You know what I mean, not feminine enough. So I ruched the top middle of each one. To ruche fabric, cut a strip of elastic and pin one side to your sleeve, about 1/4″ in from the edge.
Sew it on. As you go stretch and hold the elastic. 
When you finish and let go of the elastic it will gather the fabric and add a feminine touch.

I also added a ruffle on the bottom to use up my yard of fabric.  


  1. says

    So cute!! Have you used your serger to ruffle? That’s how I made my anthro knockoff shower curtain! Also I totally think you should do a post on how to take a picture of yourself haha!! Seriously you make it look so good, I avoid it cause #1 I only have one smiling face and my husband complains the whole time/doesn’t zoom in enough haha!! And your poses are flattering! Ahh teach me’

  2. says

    Adorable! It’s just beautiful. Nicely done. What a lovely spring top. I just adore the ruched sleeves.

  3. says

    This is really adorable! Could you show us your blouse pattern so I could get and idea of how to make super simple shirts like this?

  4. says

    What a darling shirt (and pictures)! I want one, just have to get a serger one of these years b/c I’m too lazy to hem all of those ruffles. . . .

  5. says

    So cute, I’m loving the serged edges. Also, you look gorgeous in these pictures!

  6. says

    AW, i love this top!! so cute!! And you are just adorable!! love the blog dear!!

    love K

  7. says

    I am LOVING this, Kate! I want it in the same fabric! That’s ok right? I mean, we decided we were almost the same person at SNAP, so same bag and top shouldn’t matter much…lol!

  8. Angela says

    This shirt is so cute! But since the fabric isn’t stretchy, do you have to add a zipper on one side of the blouse? Thank you!