Painted Wood Necklace Tutorial

Written by Vivian of Vivileen and Suz and Viv.
necklace1 necklace2
Today I have a super simple painted wood bead necklace tutorial. This is an easy way to add a pop of color to any outfit!

Painted Wood Necklace Tutorial

cable chain- 34″
8 1/2″ wood beads
lobster clasp
4 jump rings
paint brush
wire cutters
tape (if you want strait lines on your painted beads)
necklace4 necklace5
1. Paint your beads! To paint mine I used the end of a paint brush to polka-dot some of the beads. I taped off half of the rest of my beads and painted the exposed wood a solid color. Be creative! The possibilities are endless.
necklace6 necklace7 necklace8
2. Cut your chain. You will need one 24″ chain and one 10″ chain
2. Add a jump ring to one end of the 24″ chain.
3. String 3 beads onto the the chain.
4. Add a jump ring and lobster clasp to the other end of the chain.
5. Add a jump ring to one end of the 10″ chain and string on 5 wooden beads. Then add a jump ring to the other end of the chain.
6. Line up you chains so the beads are centered on each one. Using the jump rings connect the 10″ chain to the 24″ chain on both sides. I attached my 10″ chain about 4″ up from the bottom of the 24″ chain.
That’s it!
necklace15 necklace17 necklace16


  1. says

    Wow – these looks awesome! I’m always after some low cost effective jewellery to add some pop to staple outfits – going to give our tutorial a try, thank you!