sewing 101: adding pockets to any skirt pattern!

Sometimes I wonder what the point of a skirt without pockets is. If I’m gonna wear a skirt, I need a place to put my lollipops! (and pacifiers, keys, phone and lipgloss. The essentials.) I think every skirt should have pockets. And that includes the skirts of dresses. 

It’s SO easy to add pockets to skirts and dresses with side seams. I’ve been making a lot of skirts this past week. I think my count is up to 10 now! About half of them I made with pockets. While making another skirt for pleat week, I slowed down to take some photos of the pocket adding part for you.
adding pockets to skirt: Big Pocket Pattern

I made a big pocket pattern piece for you! (free!) Click on the link above to download it. (You don’t have to sign in with facebook to access this pattern.) Print it out, cut 4 and follow these steps:

add pockets to any skirt

If you have an existing skirt or dress, unpick the side seams in a space about 10″ where you want the pocket to go. If you are adding pockets while sewing with a pattern, pin the pocket piece where you want it. I always hold my skirt up to me and pretend to put my hands in my pockets how I normally would. Then I put the pocket just a little bit higher. Pockets that are too low to reach are the worst, so I go an inch or so higher just to be safe.

Then sew each pocket piece on with a normal stitch. The seam allowance should be the same as it was before, or the same as the pattern calls for. Press your pocket flat from the front. 

Now you can pin your front and back pieces together at the side seams.

Sew them (back) together, just how you would normally, but don’t sew straight down. Instead, sew around the pocket.

And now go put some lipgloss/lollipops in there! 

I have a super basic skirt tutorial coming soon! Maybe tomorrow if husband will take some pictures! (hint, hint!) ;)

Thanks for reading! You rock! Just like pockets! 


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    I’m with you on this one. There is NO point to have skirts or dresses without pockets. If it doesn’t have pockets – I’m not going to buy it. But I guess now I should (if it’s perfect in every other way), as I haven’t ever thought of putting them there myself :D

    Ok… Maybe there shouldn’t be pockets in your wedding dress, or evening gown. But those are the only two exceptions I have.

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    Love pockets. Thanks for the tutorial. I am trying to do some more sewing for myself these days. Skirts are next on my list.

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    Thanks for this! I seriously need some skirts with pockets I feel lost without pockets to put my hands/phone/emergency sweeties in!


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    Seriously, especially once you’re a mom, pockets are a MUST! I need to try this out — I always make my hubs carry my stuff for me, and he hates it!


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    I’m not sure if something changed since this was posted, but it will not let me download without paying for a scribd premium account. Just wanted to let you know!