Penelope Peplum Sew-a-long Day 6: Skirt + done!

penelope peplum sew-a-long


Today’s task will finish the shirt! If you’ve been sewing along, you have 5 days under your belt with a belly shirt to show for it! Let’s finish that shirt with a skirt! Follow steps 8-12 to finish the skirt or use one of the NEW add-on skirts with a circle version, circle dress version, or gathered dress version! Check out the release post here!

And you’re done…CONGRATULATIONS!

If you missed any days or are just starting, here are the other sew-a-long posts!

Sew-a-long Schedule
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Day 2: Print Pattern
Day 3: Cut Fabric
Day 4: Bodice and Sleeves
Day 5: Neckline

The pattern tour with some of my favorite sewing blogger friends starts tomorrow! See you then!



  1. says

    On step 12, the pattern is missing the end of a sentence – “OPTIONAL: Use elastic thread for this seam to give your shirt”

    I was hoping for some discussion of this as part of the sew along. Where do I buy it? Is it both the bobbin and top thread? Is this if I am using a straight stitch on a regular sewing machine? Does this not apply if I am sewing the skirt to the top with a serger? Thanks in advance for any clarification you can give!

  2. tathra says

    I have the same questions as Heather.. Is it similar to a shirring technique? Does the elastic work with the stretch stitch on my sewing machine?