50+ baby sewing tutorials

50+ baby sewing tutorials
I started doing a round-up of all my baby sewing tutorials (there have been a lot of those in the last 8 months or so, have ya noticed?). And then I decided to get crazy and add a bunch of tutorials that I have been meaning to try from sewing friends around the internet. I ended up with a list of over 50 great sewing tutorials that will be the perfect reference for baby gifts, friends’ babies or your baby! I can’t think of too many things more fun and exciting than sewing for a tiny babe that you’ve never met.

1. ruched baby bloomers
2. biased bibs
3. vintage camera onesie
4. vintage lady onesie
5. piped flannel baby blanket
6. bead and knot teething necklace
7. ruffled diaper cover pattern
8. applique onesies
9. ruffled nursing cover
10. chevron diaper clutch
11. onesie onesie
12. jumbo swaddlers
13. suspender bow tie tee
14. burp cloths
15. ruffled baby dress
16. gdiaper cloth inserts
17. silk bow headband
18. modern ombre triangle quilt
19. ruffles and buttons onesie
20. double bow tie tutorial
21. floppy tie onesie
22. universal pacifier clip tutorial
23. little pocket dress tutorial
24. pleat front baby dress
25. bead and knot necklace version 2
26. little fur vest tutorial
27. envelope diaper clutch
28. flower petal tunic
29. little pacifier pouch tutorial
30. boy shark hoodie
31. vintage inspired baby dress
32. pointy kitty pattern
33. super soft burp cloths
34. hooded towel tutorial 
35. crib sheet tutorial
36. boy/girl twin onesies
37. ruffled bloomers
38. nursery pillow
39. mustache bib 
40. tie sun suit
41. baby tights
42. baby bjorn slip cover tutorial
43.  little man bow tie onesies
44. ruched onesies
45. baby shoes tutorial
46. tag dinosaur toy
47. ruffled bonnet tutorial
48. criss cross dress tutorial
49. gauze swaddle blankets
50. vintage ruffled apron
51. mini maxwell shirt
52. stroller cover
53. DIY onesie dress
54. sweater baby cocoon
55. prefold cloth diapers
56. strip baby blanket
57. swaddler tutorial
58. vintage heirloom dress



  1. says

    Wow, I’ve been digging through your round up for the last half hour! Thanks, I pinned it!

  2. Kamela says

    Awesome collection of tuts!!! And I love the zig-zag dress and pink wool coat! Thanks for sharing and inspiring my Sunday evening!

  3. says

    Thank you for including my ruffled apron top in this list hun :) I think I might grab a coffee and checkout all the other links… they might come in handy with this bubby girl due to arrive in a few months!